Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Special Edition: Tantalizing Tuesday(aka Freaky Friday)

Imagine this Ladies:
It's you, your homegirl and her significant other (guy or girl- -no PAUSE). Let's throw another girl friend into the mix. Y'all are hanging out at the crib, watching youtube videos of people making a plum fool of themselves, and sippin on some Ciroc and lemonade. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, R. Kelly's "Anybody Feelin' Freaky" comes on. Your homegirl looks at her man, and sees his eyes got the right amount of gloss-ation. She asks you if you'd feel comfortable making out with her man. Now you may have been feeling her man low LOW key, or perhaps not at all. Either way, you oblige. So you two start going at it. Total tonsil hockey. Your girl doesn't want your other girl feeling left out, so knowing her man's sensitive spots, she unbuttons his button-up, and instructs her to suck on his nipples. Not wanting to stop the flow of the moment, homegirl of course follows directions. After observing this overwhelming pleasure her man is receiving, ya girl goes for the ultimate and starts giving her man the bombest BJ he's ever had in life (duh! she gotta stunt on y'all!).

Sessions over. Everyone's pleased. You pack up, go home. Will see them either at the next gathering, party, or church. And everything will be all normal. Nothing outside of "getting weird" is weird.
Now this scenario is actually true story non-fiction. Dictated verbatim to me by my girl in Harlem, NY where apparently this craze originated (but not really 'cuz I'm sure folks have been on this for awhile now). However, during a recent visit to LA and a few random conversation with random people, "getting weird" is very well-known and practiced throughout the west (even in Arizona).

Now, do not be deceived. This is not something that is only done under circumstances of inebriation. It takes a certain type of person with a "free" mindset to decide to participate. It usually involves at least 3 people, but is possible with 2 friends. But the key rule is you HAVE to be NORMAL after its over. "Getting weird" fails as an activity if it changes the dynamic of a friendship, relationship, or random-ship once its over.

So what do you think? Too FREAKY for ya?
-Professor G.W.

I know this is not Freaky Fridays but I had to get this up so you guys could see! My homegirl slid this to me cause she felt you guys needed to see this and all I could say when I read it was WOW!!! I mean this is something that we all knew was going on and for some of the ladies and fellas out there probably have done but c'mon really? Who knew that this was a craze!? I never knew this activity had a name! And don't you think that the fact that such a weird activity is called "getting weird" but the whole basis for the activity is for things not to get weird.....hmmmm? I don't know man. Is this too freaky? Would any of my ladies and or fellas be cool with this? Yo meet me and twitter gang on twitter @snewtyaddiction, @malcom_snax, @isissosnewty, @sosnewty, @dyvinesoul, @JhatonJ, J_Nichelle and @SnewtyDyvine and lets talk about this right here!! Til Friday I am Out!!


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