Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oprah Shutsdown Mag Mile for Show Taping Today

Workers set up the stage and erect large video screens on Michigan Avenue Monday for Oprah's Kickoff Party. Michigan Avenue between Ohio and Wacker Drive is closed off and only the sidewalks are available for foot traffic. (Rich Hein/Sun-Times)

I respect Oprah because she's always doing some Snewty shit. Oprah decided that she wants to have the Black Eye Peas and Rascal Flats on her show. However Oprah decided she didn't want the normal studio type show where these artist performed...nope... Oprah wanted to give everyone the chance in the Chi to watch and hear them perform. So Oprah decided to shut the bridge down on the Magnificent Mile, in the heart of the shopping district ,and busiest area in downtown Chicago and have the concert. So if your free today at 5 pm head on down to the bridge and be apart of this. Oh your wondering about who funded all of this... Oprah did of course.

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