Saturday, February 28, 2009

As SDot Turns...

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. However this may reach you, I would like to introduce you to myslef... SDot. And welcome to the fascinating episode... or web-isode I should say of “As SDot Turns”... series premiere of course. Yes, yes... it has finally been put into action. For a while now, I would always tell some of my fellow associates that there should be a team of cameras following me in my daily journeys because some of the stuff I see and hear are just ridiculous. My life in general is pretty damn entertaining... if I can say so myself. And every time I would give a life update, I would label it “As SDot Turns”... so there is the history behind the title. Go figure!

Anywho, moving things along... today on “As SDot Turns” (and just imagine some middle-aged white guy that smokes saying that... not so much the movie guy tho). Today I have yet to set out on my journey, even tho it’s just hittin’ 3pm... sad I know. But I figure, I done worked 42.5 hours this past week, I can sit around in my pajamas all day if I damn well please. But since it is 83 degrees outside today... I think I’ll go do some window shopping... run a few errands... take in a few rays. And since this is my first web-isode, I’ll just give a run down on the things to come...

As some of you may know, my birthday will be here in exactly two weeks and six days. So I am trying to plan an eventful weekend. And since times is hard during this whole recession mess... I’ve just decided to keep it simple and just go to dinner and hit a club or lounge. But I’m having trouble with that because all my life I’ve had trouble wit making decisions. I’ve been recommended some suggestions... but then I look at their menu online and I think to myself, “ I don’t wanna eat none of that shit”... so I have yet to make a decision of where to eat dinner. The club/lounge decision shouldn’t be too hard tho... considering I live in L.A. (Los Angeles not Louisiana). Last year I went to Vegas and indulged in lots of alcohol. Just the other day I described it as an escalator of fun. Cause we got to Vegas and we were all like, “Ohhh goody, we’re in Vegas”, then we were like, “Ohhh let’s go here... let’s go there”, “Then we were like, “Ohhh let’s drink...”, then, “Let’s drink some more... and some more!”.... Then on our last night there I drank and drank and finally while on the way back to the condo, the silence in the air of the car was interrupted my the sounds of me regurgitating all of the alcohol I had indulged in that whole weekend... into a lil’ 8 oz. empty water bottle. Yeah, after that it was a wrap. But the highlight of that night was when we were in the drive thru of Mickie D’s and, let’s call her Emcee, turns to me and says, “Here, eat this, it will soak everything up...” and she hands me a french fry. ONE FRENCH FRY!! Not even a regular sized one. It was a small crispy one (even tho those are the best ones). And so I ate the one french fry... and continued my regurgitation out the window. *SIGH* Good times man. I love my friends.

So this year should be interesting... probably won’t beat out Vegas... but I’ll be gone nonetheless. If you have any suggestions of where to celebrate feel free to hit me up. I’m open to suggestions. Well folks, that’s all for today. Stay tuned for next time on AS SDot TURNS... a night out with some NY ladies and the lady Trojans vs. Stanford (shot out to C_Millz).

Song of my day... "The Message" - Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gucci Bicycle

Yo I dont know if you can see the detail on this bike but man I need one of these. As a matter of fact you need to click on this link just to see what I mean. I gotta show some love to Tita for this find cause it truly is fly, especially since my bike got stollen and I'm in need of a new one. If only I could afford this one.

Wa'Jee - Food Clothes and Shelter

Yo I love this track. Give it a listen, something smoothe yet rugged. Big Ups S.O.G.

I'm All about Smoothness

So I like smooth sensual ish so this post is definitely a result of that. Check out these new tracks that have that vibe.

Yung Joc ft Jody Breeze- Thug Love
Rick Ross- Cigar Music
Jagged Edge- Fling
NeYo- Waiting

Ou the group Im definitely feeling that Yung Joc Thug Love. You guys can youtube the songs I didn't feel like z sharing them today lol ..sorry.

Gucci!!!!!- Stoppid

Hahaha my guilty pleasure is Gucci Mane. The only Coonery I indulge heavily in.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blame it - Jamie Foxx ft T Pain

This video is hilarious

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mixtape Madness

Check out this mixtape featuring UHB and the Knew Guys track tweaking. Yes Yes these cats are on the mixtape circuit now ,remeber who brought you em first. Oh and big ups to Moon Dawg.
Tracklisting:1. Welcome to Chicago2. L.E.P. Speaks3. L.E.P.-The Introduction4. Marvo-Throw Ya Sets Up (Prod. by Don Cannon)5. 89 Music ft GLC-Take It There6. Count of L.E.P.-Fallback7. Bo Deal-Mafia Music Freestyle8. Count of L.E.P.-I’m ILL9. Block XChange-BXC10. Moonie of L.E.P.-I Love My City11. Blago Gets Busted!12. L.E.P. PSA13. Add 2-Heart of the City Freestyle14. Gemstones-On & On15. Mick Luter-Ashes16. Phil G-G.O.D17. Kanye West ft T-Pain-Flight School18. Vi-Over Here19. Twista ft Busta Rhymes-Billionaire20. Hot 2 Def-Leggins & Heels21. Ivy League-Let’s Go22. Squad One ft Hot 2 Def-Ladies Er’Where23. In The News…24. Count of L.E.P. ft Pac Man-Street Money25. Moonie of L.E.P.-Till I Say26. F.O.C. ft Kontraversy & Young Gifyz-The Boss27. UHB-Tweakin28. L.E.P. Outro29. [Bonus] Count of L.E.P.-One Of Those Days (snippet

The Stick Up Man

Ladies and Gentleman wow...yes yes the kid has been affected by the stick up man and at work on top of that. Allow me to explain. I worked (notice the ed) at the Verizon on 96th and Cicero. This was not a corporate store though so no beef with Verizon here. It was owned by a smaller communications company that resides in the state of KKK(know your history). So anyway Im at work chillin like usual on instant messenger on my phone. The store had been dead most the day and at the time it was only one lady in there and my coworker was helping her. I look up and notice a cat dressed wierd approaching the door and I look over to signal my cowoker thinking in my mind why is this dude...ohhh we finna get robbed. Sure enough in that second the dirt bag ( shoutouts to Oaklawn Police for bringing the phrase dirt bag back)walks in toating his pistol like you get over there. So I politely slid my ass out the chair and followed instructions. Lowkey I personally didnt care what he took as long as he aint take none of my shit. He made my coworker pop the register open, cleaned it out and made me my coworker and the customer all get in the back room before he fled. So after we hear the door slam we come out the back room and look out the door and notice a guy in what looks like the exact same ish the stick up man had on riding on a bike. I of course thought man I know a clown on a bike didnt come in here baring arms at me. Ya girl ended up callin the Boys, who five minutes later swept on the store and made all of us get in the squad car. Oaklawn Police be thirsty for action cause the squad car took us down the street to where they had the guy on the bike heemed up, like five cars surrounding him. (Insert typical racist bullshit ...noww) So one of the officers comes over to the squad car and ask us, is that him. Without hesitation the two pink people in the car with me, my coworker and the customer of course, yell out noo the guy was black that cant be him, he's white...... So I'm thinking how the hell yall know he was black, he had everything covered up and yall aint even get a good look at him...racism I swear. Then i look at the guy they hemmed up and I'm like that guy has a house arrest bracelet on. The Boys say to me yes he does which is why we're asking you guys if your sure thats not him, cause he's a real dirt bag and has a rap sheet thats mighty long. So they ended up containing him anyways and driving us back to the store where they took statements and did all that other CSI shit. Times is hard out here so the stick up man is definitely gonna be making frequent trips to a retail store near you. I just hope that if you work anywhere where the public comes and goes on a daily bases that the proper security measures are being taken for your safety, i.e cameras security guards, shit like that, in which my store had niether of. Yes yes how a store with a dumbass plasma on the wall and thousands of dollars worth of high tech equipment in its inventory had no security baffles me. Hell Mcdonald's employees are safer and they only got bread meat and cheese in they inventory...damn shame. So of course my pro righteous ass took a stance and they pretty much told my ass that they doubt anything security wise will change...letter of resignation only gonna pull a pistol on ya girl Isis once lol. Its gonna take someone getting hurt for them to stop being cheap...won't be me. Oh and to all the stick up men and woman out there learn from the cat that robbed my store, you can get what you want accomplished without going Samuel L Jackson on mofos just try a little tenderness and stick to taking shit from the store and not the people in it. Oh and be on the look out for the stick up man coming to a store near you...It's a recession everybody broke.....shakes head. ( Ya girl is glad to be alive and still blogging.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kevin Durant has a sexy shoe

Nice spring Kicks for the Ladies

I like these, I know most people won't but there kinda wierd in a tasteful way.
Womens OutBreak High Pucci Pack

Exile -Radio

Does his thing on the instrumental album. The coming down track is def a problem.


Bananas 75 ft shoot

Monday, February 23, 2009

On the Rise

Yo this chick is signed to Motown and is on the rise. She's done some work with Kanye as well. Check out here song Kills Me

Melanie Fiona- Kills Me

Kanye ft T. Pain- flight School

I like this track.. check it out.

The Dream ft Kanye west- Walkin on The Moon

Nice lyrics... it's a cute song
listen here-

Tank- Heaven

Smooth r&B
listen and download here -

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kid Cudi and Kanye Cipher on 106

Wtf is with Kanye's hair

Videos- Watch Meee

Kid Cudi- Day N Nite ( ONe of the dopest video I've seen in a while)

Jeezy- Welcome Back

It's Friday

It's friday hear are treats for your listening pleasure.

Rick ross ft Avery Storm- On Top Of the World-

Ciara ft Justin timberlake- Love Sex and Magic

Rich Boy ft. Supa Villain and Al Myte ( Banger)

Trey Songz- Brand New

This track has me excited about the album. Oh and this is a new track it is not a cover of drake's Brand New as some of you may be thinking.

Thursday, February 19, 2009




Damn shame Chris Breezy.. Damn shame...and maybe it's just me but the cable channels have been playing the hell out of the movie 'This Christmas". If you pay attention Chris exhibits some suspect signs in that movie when talking to the mother.

The Aftermath

My guy Ronnie hit me up earlier today regarding the Padded Room album. It seems we both felt the same way, the beats grow on you. After having this album on repeat I like the production. However I stand behind my previous statements. I know my expectations might have been a little to high , though an album full of "All of Me" beats would have permanent fixated a smile on my face. Anywho cop this album when it drops this Tuesday!!!!.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Charles Hamilton - Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend’s Worse Nightmare [Mixtape]

01. TheVinylPop
02. Esperanza, Keishana and Keana
03. Shayna, Tiffany and Summer
04. Toya
05. Shantel
06. Jenniea, Jamarris and Tricia
07. Brittany
08. Simone
09. Bitter Ex

The Creativity continues

Kanye ft Kid Cudi- Welcome to Heartbreak

More from Drake

Here is the bonus track from Drake called Congratulations

The Leak

So I had to work yesterday and while at work I realized Padded room had leaked. As you all know I'm a big Buddens fan and have been anticipating this album. After hearing it it's not the classic I expected but he definitely doesnt disaappoint lyrical wise. The beats are lackluster though.

Only track I'mma leak off the album

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Buddens Single off Padded Room- In My Sleep

Yeah Buddy!!!

O.J Da Juiceman Make the Trap Say Ay Remix ft camron and Gucci Mane

B.O.B Don't Break My Heart

In My Sleep

I need this padded room forreal. Every now and then music is created that seems to be the chcken noodle soup to all your problems. I have a feeling this album is going to be it for me.

Joe Budden - "In My Sleep" Promo from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.


check out the mixtape by Blu


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day

So I usually don't post over the weekends, but in the spirit of love day Imma share one of the things I'm loving and have on constant rotation since it leaked. The internet is already in a roar talking about this mixtape and everyones whose heard it seems to love it as well. I figured I'd post it though for you guys who look to me for that hotness. It's the tripple threat Drake. Make sure you check this out. " So Far Gone".


Thursday, February 12, 2009

J Hud New Video

If This Isn't Love

Tune of the Day

Yo I love this song and it's been stuck in my head all week, so I figured I'd share it with you guys. Give it a listen you'll love it to, by far my favorite song from Stephen Marley.

Stephen Marley ft Mos Def - Hey Baby

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mixtape Madness

Marsha Ambrosius Yours Truly-

Secret Society?

So I was kickin it tonight with my peoples and was put on game to this secret society of "high society individuals up north in the Chi who call themselves the Murder Club and have tatoos and ride and steal Mopeds. These cats even have a handshake. This is a prime example of when gangbanging goes to far. Watch the video, youll see the tat and them shake up. I hear they bout 130 people deep..I wonder what they gotta do to get initiated and yes thats Hollywood Holt and Million Dollar Mano, the leaders lol.

Young Jeezy - Bang Bang

Videos Videos

Dream- Rockin That Thang
This is def a dope video even though it seems to be shot just like the Young Stef video.

Ludacris ft Plies- Nasty Girl

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Mood for the Day

So love day is Saturday but I haven't been hearing nothing but stories of boo's leaving and break ups and drama. Even Chris Brown and Rhianna have fell victim. But hey like my girl Jondeezy said Valentines Day historically was that of a Massacre, the opposite of love. Anywho this song is for everybody who may be going through relationship drama, a breakup, or your sweetie had to move to another state to handle they buisness. Take it One Day at a Time.

Tweak Moment of the day

Bel Biv Devoe is back . Here is there ionno bout ya'll but I use to love these dudes back in the day lol. These guys doing that r&b rapping though, but it aint that bad, give it a listen it's decent, not bad. I can't front Iuse to have a crush on my mans to the left in the picture. I especially remeber that episode of Fresh prince of Bel Air.


Trey Songz- don't Wanna Come Down


This is hilarious

Monday, February 9, 2009

He's Fly

A guy would definitely catch my eye in these.... Nike Air Zoom Toki Lux

Classic.. Never Trendy

As usual let me put you on game and introduce you to Chicago's own Wa'Jee. Wa’Jee first garned my attention with his first project entitled Younger Frame, Older Mind. The project received praise and recognition throughout Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene. Younger Frame, Older Mind moved 2000 hard copies and over 500 digital downloads in five months. I suggest you all definitely give this album a listen. I think its dope so you'll definitely be seeing alot of Wa'Jee on this blog. Check out his myspace page as well.

Download the album...Younger Frame, Older Mind-

Young Steff- Slow Jukin

Atlantic this guy is him some radio love.

Weekend Recap

So I has the weekend off for a change, yes the entire weekend Fri- Sun. This blog post is dedicated to the things I heard or experienced this weekend that after review gave me a chuckle.

1) The temperature was 60 degrees this Saturday. The line for the car wash was around the block, niggas and yes I said niggas, were riding around on their rims with their windows down bumping R Kelly and screaming at females..Ya Yah. I understand it hasn't been hoody worthy outside in the Chi in a while, but this does not give you an excuse to act as though it is the summertime. You niggas is Failures.

2) Why is it that fast food establishments are always slow as shit in black neighborhoods. I went to Wendy's today and if I didn't know any better I swear they had to kill the cow just to make my junior bacon cheeseburger. It's like the DMV black folks go in McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's etc with an attitude from jump expecting the establishment to be on bullshit.

3)I took the LSAt this past Saturday morning and will readily admit I was on bullshit. Not only was my mind wandering and I got bored, but I broke all the rules that they read to you via the instructions prior to starting the test. I had my hat on , used a mechanical pencil and was eating an oreo cakester the whole time.

4)I think Im allergic to dudes with kids now. I went to the wild hare for reggae night. Afterwards a guy approached me. We begin to walk down the street and have casual conversation. As I check off things in my head on my "things a guy must have list", Im like okay okay and then he said it... yea I have a child... All kinds of sirens went off and bojangles tapped danced onto the imaginery stage on the sidewalk and caned this nigga out of my vision. ( Cold I know but hey been there done that.. never again)

5) My friend and I went on a mission this weekend. Well she had to curse her guy out and needed me to circle the block since theres no parking downtown. So I found a park of course and killed time. So I'm in Borders downtown reading the Vibe magazine. A guy approaches me sparks up conversation, everythings cool..he seems like a nice guy. We both go back to reading our magazines and he taps me and says hey have you ever tried this sex position and points to a picture in his mens The thoughts that ran thru my mind were as follows. Is this nigga serious, nigga I don't know you, (lowkey I have tried that position but he out his rabbit mind if he think I'll admitt that shit..I'm a lady. He must have saw my right hand cock back in the pimping pre slap flex because he apologized profusely.

6) Chris Brown slapped up rhianna. The new Ike and Tina....Whitney Bobby. Boy is this gonna be interesting if it's true.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Trina ft Shonie- Ain't Shit

Gucci MAne ft Nicki Minaji- Failure

I think you a Failure...pussy nigga.....hahahaha GUcci!!!!

GLC ft Kanye- The Big Screen

Memo Missed?

So I was listening to AOL radio just a few minutes ago and this song Juke slow came on by Young Steff. It was a hot song I must say but apparently I missed the memo on this Young Steff cat, so you guys know I had to track the song down

Slow Jukin-

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trai' D- Sex Pill

Obama Obama Obama

Renown culture jammer Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, created a 2.5 acre sand painting of Obama in Barcelona, Spain. Named "Expectation," the piece is made of 650 tons of sand and gravel and was revealed on the eve of Election Day.

Throwback of the Day

I love this song!!!I'm a fan of female rappers who go hard. It's the only way go hard or go home.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Letter

Anywho me and my g, daykeeper were talking last nite via instant messenger about your poets favorite subject, love. Shit got real interesting to say the least and before I knew it this is what transpired. ( By the way I lent my pen to this to and tagged in on a couple of lines.. couldnt resist) You may wanna grab your thesaurus and get your read on.

I, her heart, being of unsound mind and broken body do hereby bequeath my contents to the one who's left me bleeding/ all of my worldly possessions/ altruistic acts and good intentions/ are to be left at the feet of the one I intended/ to rock me lovingly/ for eternity/ his ownership of me natural/ my purpose to make his life complete/ his purpose to protect me/ but he's gone/ and my edifice has been vandalized/ by vagabondish lies wandering into his psyche and tagging his mental with graffitti/ colors not of my set and words belonging to another territory/ one with/ locks and prison bars fashioned out of insecurity/ one with balls and chains inscribed with the statement "the baby now please me"/ I am the greener pasture/ the suburb which guarantees drama free living/ he lives here/ and yet he does not think he's earned the right to stay/

how could he when he's been preconditioned to grassless plains and crudy in my newness lies questionability of the unknown/ hed much rather fall back and let the net of safety fixed from previous affairs catch him and rock him in his contentment/because for the first time his stunt went awry/ and the fans paused/ gasping breathes as they layed eyes to unheard of gestures/ intamacy met with I love yous and babe/ kisses goodbye/ lips locking souls tangling in a progress of romantic bliss/ stuntman to scarred to take the risk/

which is a shame/ cuz for all the songs in the world I haven't heard one sweeter than his name/ more popular that his eyes melodically capturing my gaze/ we harmonize with no notes/ but present, also, are violent chords/ that form nooses that are anchored to trees and he slowly and methodically/ picked one leaned a ladder up to the bark slid his neck into the chosen hole and jumped/ and with a snap that held many degrees of finality/ he hung us/ and, I simply cannot survive without him/ so I lay down and compose this/ give him all of me even though he killed it/ hoping that what he couldn't appreciate in a life/ he can appreciate in the space that lies beyond it./ Sincerely, Her Heart.


So I know I been slackin on leaking the singles so enjoy.

Lil Wayne ft Pharrell- Ay Man

Lil Cease ft Fabulous- Talk Go Through Us

O.J Da Juiceman- Baby Gurl
(For Humor Purposes Only.. this nigga be having me dying he makes beats out of his signature noise pretty much.. the song is not all that but its def hilarious)

Day off

So Im currently taking a sick day from work. Yes I am at the library right now. You ever got that feeling like you need to stop everything and get your life together, well thats what I decided to do today. I figure I'll clean my room and work on my school applications as well as some Urban Nerd business. But I guess even on my Day off I'm really not off cause I'm still working. Hey no rest for the weary, we only sleep on December the 32nd. On a sidenote I hate filling out these damn school applications and writing essays ughhh... Anywho I hope you guys enjoy your day I think I'mma go check my guy Versatile out at the studio finally and then Im headed to Sub T tonight for a performance. Hopefully I don't go to the crib and fall asleep. Throwback pic I love this the way cause I definitely was grinding back then.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Hate My Job

Clips From The Show.. All or Nothing

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

What a Weekend!!!

Wasup everybody I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. I know I had an interesting one to boot. I had the pleasure of going to the Foreign Exchange show here in Chicago at the double dooron Friday. The show was definitely dope, Darien Brockington, Yazarah, Nicholay, Phonte and the rest of the Foreign Exchange were all there. If you haven't heard the Leave it All Behind album by now smack yourself. This album definitely has had a major impact on me at this point in my life, so much so that it is currently my facebook picture. After this weekend there is one track in particular I've had in constant rotation "House of Cards". I had a rough Saturday woke up and read some disturbing stuff, had to deal with a funeral (R.I.P Rev.Hill) I didn't get a chance to go to due to unforseen circumstances, then go to work and then to the party I hosted. Thanks to everyone who came thru and showed love at the party as well.

Listen to House of Cards-

Ive posted this video before but F it in lue of ish going on in my life currently I feel like posting it enjoy.

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