Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mixtape Madness

Check out this mixtape featuring UHB and the Knew Guys track tweaking. Yes Yes these cats are on the mixtape circuit now ,remeber who brought you em first. Oh and big ups to Moon Dawg.
Tracklisting:1. Welcome to Chicago2. L.E.P. Speaks3. L.E.P.-The Introduction4. Marvo-Throw Ya Sets Up (Prod. by Don Cannon)5. 89 Music ft GLC-Take It There6. Count of L.E.P.-Fallback7. Bo Deal-Mafia Music Freestyle8. Count of L.E.P.-I’m ILL9. Block XChange-BXC10. Moonie of L.E.P.-I Love My City11. Blago Gets Busted!12. L.E.P. PSA13. Add 2-Heart of the City Freestyle14. Gemstones-On & On15. Mick Luter-Ashes16. Phil G-G.O.D17. Kanye West ft T-Pain-Flight School18. Vi-Over Here19. Twista ft Busta Rhymes-Billionaire20. Hot 2 Def-Leggins & Heels21. Ivy League-Let’s Go22. Squad One ft Hot 2 Def-Ladies Er’Where23. In The News…24. Count of L.E.P. ft Pac Man-Street Money25. Moonie of L.E.P.-Till I Say26. F.O.C. ft Kontraversy & Young Gifyz-The Boss27. UHB-Tweakin28. L.E.P. Outro29. [Bonus] Count of L.E.P.-One Of Those Days (snippet

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