Tuesday, June 30, 2009

REAL T@lK- The Mo' Better Music Mixtape

Mo Better Music Mixtape

2.The Television (Tell-Lie-Vision)
3.Mo' Better Music (Produced by Matcy P)
4.SoulFresh Anthem (Like Me) Produced by Choice Teflon
5.Basment Boogie/UMC/Hot Music
6.R.A.W./Shimmy Shimmy Ya (feat. Point Of View and Add-2)
7. Nerd (Produced by Authentik Made)
8.Let's Go!/GreenLight
9.So Different (Produced by Authentik Made)
10.Sleepwalking (feat. Chris Mathien and DJ Honest Abe) Produced by Chris Mathien
11.Outta My Head (feat. George Jackson III) Produced by Authentik Made
12.Hip-HopPopTop40R&BUrbanContemporaryEasyListeningFunkLove (feat. George Jackson III)
Produced by Authentik Made
13.Meechie Hall Speaks
14.Let Em' Know/You Can Do It Too
15.Wordsworth (feat. Roe) Produced by Authentik Made
16.Addicted (Produced by Authentik Made)
17.DJ D'Loose Speaks
18.A Little Bit (Produced by Authentik Made)
20.Ill Will Speaks
21.Bonus Track...Turn It Up (The Message) Produced by Authentik Made

Solid Production and very impressive effort coming from Real T@lk. My favorite tracks have to be Soul fresh Anthem, Sleep Walking, Outta My Head, and HipHopPopTop40......lol

Chi Town Artistry

So it's Tuesday and I want everybody to go out and Support Jeremih and cop his debut album in stores today or you can get it for $2.99 at Amazon. After you do that go over to Itunes and grab Chicago Piccasso by Naledge.

Pleasure P Under Video

Rapper Big Pooh- RearView Mirror Video

Yo check this video out .. I love this song and am glad he chose this one for a vid.

Trey Songz- Anticipation

This shit is straight heat...this is how you rebound from making asshole Kels statements..you are officially forgiven Trey Songz and thank you for providing "You Can Get the Business" music.


"The creation of ANTICIPATION began after I presented READY to my label the first time. I just started recording on my days off and the music felt great and decided that I'd rather share the music than let it sit and be idle. This is music without politics, without creative boundaries." Trey

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Music Monday

Marsha Ambrosius - Heartbreak

CurT@ins- T0mmorrow ft Tyrese ( Yo this song is dope and this video made me feel good about these guys)

Jeremih Album

Break Up To Make UP
That Body

Jay z, Kanye and Lupe

JayZ D.O.A

Kanye - Streetlghts

Lupe The Lasers Manifesto

Black America WTF

So it wouldn't be right if I didn't weigh in on this. Black America WTF was that shit tonight...I'm speaking on the B.E.T awards. The sad spectacle that was presented before us. So Snewty if you missed the awards then you missed the coonery, the cursing, technical difficulties, and lackluster M.J. tribute. Intially I was gonna go in on this post but I think I will save that for a later date. I'm gonna let what I watched soak in. In the meantime there were some positives, The OJays did their thang, BBD, Maxwell, Keri Hilson, and Tyrese Johnny and Trey to name a few. It was just so many questionable things I saw tonight. I don't have any expectations for B.E.T in the first place because they have been making Blacks look bad for a while now. I did however think that they would be able to pull together and at least deliver a dynamite tribute to M.J. who is afterall one of our own. Sadly they failed and now I'll have t wait till the Grammys for a sufficient kick ass tribute...smh. After the spectacle went off tv I had the pleasure of watching a Charles Barkley clip of him doing his commentating thing but he definitely referred to his producer as a pussy live on air...wtf. Black people please stop. Lastly who the hell thought it would be a good idea for Young Money to perform Every Girl like that song is fit for the occasion. B.E.T let that Baby Boy shit go..you play that damn money every week it seems and that wasn't enough, you had to bring the characters out for the performance.. smh. Wyclef lost some cool points for calling AL Sharpton a hero ..wtf don't say that shit to the nation if thats how u feel brother. Oh and let me not get on the dress attire for the night.. Let me stop... black people just ..just please STOP!!

Gucci Mane- Photo Shoot

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jay-Z - "D.O.A." Video [Sneak Peak]

Find more videos like this on Roc4Life

Do you know how excited this just made me!?!?!?! The full version is said to premiere immediately after the BET awards this Sunday. And word on the street is he cut his hair.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Candi Corner

This weeks Candy is Black Forrest Gummy Tarantulas. I took my little cousins to the Shed Aquarium and left with this candy. Definitely thumbs up. I pray that each and everyone of you has a safe weekend. Until next week...peace

North Korea Tryna Wipe Our Asses Out

Haaha check out the white House responded...cocky

Michael Jackson Dies

I know by now you've heard the news. I for one was touched by this tragic event. His music touched millions globally. Music truly is a powerful tool that invokes emotions and engraves memories in your head that last a lifetime. Mike left his mark on us and everyone who was a fan of his music is better for that very reason. Make sure you check out this mix Boolumaster did it is definitely worth the download M.J Tribute Mix

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaq+ Lebron= FInals Trophe?

Belvedere IX Vodka by Andre

Belvedere IX - André from Materialiste on Vimeo.

Belvedere Vodka has officially launched a new product and exciting collaboration with famed Parisian graffiti artist Andre.

Belvedere IX (pronounced One-X) is Belvedere’s first new product in years and epitomizes the natural fusion between art and nightlife.

Produced using a similar methodology to that of gin and not just artificially flavored vodka, Belvedere IX has nine ingredients , ginseng, guarana, acai, ginger, sweet almond, jasmine, eucalyptus, three cinnamon, and black cherry.“These ingredients are individually distilled in micro-batches before being expertly blended with 50% ABV (100 proof) Belvedere Vodka and artesian water, to express the characteristics of the ingredients and deliver a unique drinking experience, mixed with cocktails or as a shot. ”

Pac Div- The Mayor

My guy Knard put me up on these guys a minute ago and this so happened to be one of my favorite tracks.. Check out the video and become a fan.

Erykah Badu Live Version of Ye-Yo

So Badu is releasing a live 2009 album of her performing some of her classics live. I of course snatched the Cd up and had this track on repeat as I procrastinated doing my paper, sidebar... I hate having to do citations in papers ehh.... Anyway check this out.

Ye-Yo Live

The Roots Performing there New Song on Jimmy Fallon Show

I thought this was a dope performance and the song was on point to. I can't wait for the album to drop. The album How I Got Over got pushed back until October.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sa-Ra- Melodee N Mynor

Yo this new Sa-Ra album is that crack. I am going to get my radio and speakers installed asap just to play this album lol. Anywho here is one of the tracks off of it.

Melodee N Mynor

Reflection Eternal- Back again

Talib Kweli + Hi Tek-Reflection Eternal -Back Again-Vid Premiere

Wacky Wednesday

The 2-in-1 Web Cam Built-in USB drive

Stowaway Ultra slim Bluetooth Keyboard- The Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard is a compact, portable keyboard that you can connect to your PDA or Blackberry device for convenient full-size typing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Clipse feat Kanye west- Kinda Like A Big Deal Video

New Music Monday

Happy Monday people and it's a pretty good Monday. What a weekend I had. Oh and I have a suprise for you guys soon to come. In the meantime it looks like a dope music Monday and this is why.

Mixtapes You MUst Have

Wale and 9th Wonder- Welcome to the Feature


Raheem DeVaughn- The Art of Noise

B.O.B Vs. Bobby Ray- No Dj Version

Friday, June 19, 2009

Candi Corner

Thumbs Down

This week I'mma switch it up a bit and highlight a wack Candy that by NO means should you purchase if you tryna enjoy some snack goodness.

WACK CANDY= Starburst GummiBurst

Ewww these things are filled with liquid feeling but unlike gushers it just doesn't mesh well with the Gumminess of the candy.

So thats all I got for you guys, have a good weekend.

Melanie Fiona- Give It To Me Right

Song needs no explanation just listen lol.

Beyonce -Broken Hearted Girl

I had to post this off the fact that Beyonce ain't on her typical dancing in spandex with two females beside her. I also like the lyrics.

Slaughterhouse tracks

So I just has to share these tracks with you. I thought I wasn't gonna post em because the million other blogs on the internet already have but it is a must that the Snewty vsitors listen to these guys lyrics.

Slaughterhouse- Woodstock
Slaughterhouse- D.O.A

Jaime Foxx- Digital Girl Remix ft Drake

So earlier this week I posted the live performance of this track, well here is the CDQ of the track for you guys. Enjoy!!!

Digital Girl Remix

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its a Good Day

So the new Maxwell Album hit my sphere this morning and I couldn't be more estastic and though Blogger may take this post down I had to share a track with you from it. I been needing some RnB in my life and this was just what the doctor ordered and I don't mean that sex powered 808 based type Rnb. I mean that singing from your soul live instrumentation type Rnb.

Fistful of Tears
Playing Possum- listen to the horns on this track towards the end

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sammie Ft Trey Songz- Bedroom G

Bedroom G

DyVineDyalogue 1.7

A.D.I.D.A.S!!! **Adult Eyes Only**

Ppl act like they couldn’t answer the question from last week, so, I’m finna go ham on the nookie!
The question was: Can good or bad sex make or break a relationship? Should it?

So this week, we’re talking about that good, good! That’s a part of relationships, right? I mean, if you're in a relationship and you ain’t getting the sticky aka the nasty… and for the ladies… the supreme king ding and “The D*ck-a-roni” (lol, yes, someone very silly used this term), you’re missing a very vital part of your relationship! **Disclosure** I am not a freak; I am just versed in the pleasures and positions of “life” and my partner is pleased. **With that said, I’ll include a position of the week this week. I’ll try to keep it PG, so no pics but I will explain the position! **
So, we all like sex, so why no love on the question followers?? Well, I’ll answer my d*mn self. Sex is an integral part of a relationship. Why? It is one of the acts that we perform that cements a bond (i.e. consummation in marriage). Fellas and ladies, that’s why when you’re caught out with a “yaundastanme” (Shout out to Breeze and Penn Bannekar for this word), the first thing your girl/guy will ask is “did you f*ck ‘em??" It’s sort of like a “glue” that holds the relationship together and connects the two individuals… Believe me, I know this…date a chick for a while and don’t give up the d*ck on the regular, attitudinal problems will arise! So fellas, to keep a chick happily in stead, give her the lead… lol, I could not resist that one! And ladies, keep him in yo bed with that fiya head… (okay, I’ll stop)
I don’t say this to say that sex is the be all and end all of the relationship, but it is one part of a relationship that must exist to keep going strong. Especially with men. Women want to share their love via kisses and hugs and phone calls and texts and want men to do this, but men are more carnal creatures. A good workout session in the bed, on the couch, or the kitchen countertop will speak volumes about how they feel **All three places will work too** (this is true SOMETIMES- other times, they just wanted to f*ck).
So should good or bad make or break the relationship… Here’s a shorter answer… I can say more but I’ll give a guys perspective... My friend “Manding O. Tongo” (LMAO, it just fits, this is his Facebook name, not his real name ...smh) basically said, you should aim to please your partner in every aspect of the relationship; if the sex is bad then it will affect the relationship. If it’s good then ya’ll straight. I’d have to agree. So, yes, good or bad sex can make or break a relationship. But should it?
Here a hypothetical… you been seeing this new person and they are great! They make you laugh and ya’ll have fun together. The person is all together DOPENESS! But you get them in the bed and beep, beep, beep is more like whomp, whomp, what do you do? There’s only so much educating you’re gonna want to do! Trust me when I say… trying to direct someone on how to eat the yaya is no picnic! I’m gonna have to say that it should affect it, like I said; it’s an integral part of the relationship. But ya’ll let me know what ya’ll think! I’m gonna give ya’ll one more try on this question, ya’ll let me down, and I’mma swag splash on ya’ll whenever I see ya’ll!.

Position of the week! ** The Scissor** (Male and Female)
To keep this PG… lol… Put up the number 2 on both hands and interlock them with the lowest point of the ‘vee’ touching… (any lightbulbs going off yet?? LMAO) A great position and depending on the girth of you or your partner… it can make for some DEEP connections… LMAO!

Peace, Love and Sex to you all,


Kanye Custom Black Out Rolex Watches

Anywhere form $10,000 to 50,000

Pharells Gold encrusted G Shock Watch

The Rpz- Im Popular

Heres Another One

Im Popular

The RPZ (The Replacementz)

Wacky Wednesday

This is weird, its The Eye Dot Me Light. It hangs far above your head, spotlighting where you sit. All the while if you peer above you’ll notice the alarming resemblance to an eye. Giving you that feeling that someone or something is staring down at you from above. This light is a part of the 2009 DMY Berlin Design Festival and was created by Simon Schiessl and Felix Hardwood. It’s, as you can see, powered by a whole lot of high-powered LED lights.

This weeks installment of wacky Wednesday I present to you...The Buffalo USB Hub. Have you ever had a bunch of things that are powered by a usb cord and you get tired of having to unplug them just to cut the power, well heres the answer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dunk Hi Volt Yellow Speckle

The release is set for December 2009.

The Rpz

This track is dope as hell Tec Beatz definitely puts it down on the production.

Global Coolin

The RPZ (The Replacementz)

REAL T@lK- Addicted

So The Mo Better Music Mixtape has been pushed back but Real T@lk hasn't just left you high and dry. Here is a specially leaked tracked for your consumption. Authentic Made goes nuts on this beat and Real T@lk rides it nicely as well. Dope track all together. But definitely check the acapella flow at the end ...he goes in!!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

New Slum Village (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius) - Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Trey Songz- You Belong To Me

Nice Sexy Track

U Belong To Me

NEw Music Monday

So check out this MidWest/ Southern Duo repping Chicago and Atlanta called the RPZ or better know as the Replacementz. The name speaks for itself. "If you don't do your job, you will be replaced!" The duo consist of Ju1ce from Chicago Illinois and Tec Beatz from Gainesville Georgia. This union formed at Clark Atlanta University. They write and produce all of their own tracks.

As artists, The RPZ has numerous underground hits including, We So Fly, In the Trunk, and I'm Hollywood, which has acquired the duo the diverse fan base that they have now. They have independently released two mixtapes, The Panic Room volume 1 and 2, both hosted by DJ Cannon of the Aphilliates, and are currently working on the third installment of the series. Their first cd featured a remix of In the Trunk featuring TI, and they were also featured on Lil Wayne’s song Cannon Remix. A number of their self-produced compositions have been heard on mixtapes released by some of the top DJs in the hip hop world, including DJ Drama, DJ Scream, Mike Love, DJ G-Spot, and Kay Slay. Another one of their songs, That's My Shh, was featured in the movie, Three Can Play That Game, starring Vivica Fox. Various well-known publications have spotlighted The RPZ, including magazines such as Ozone and Vibe, and the internet websites HipHopGame and IAP-TV.

So I have a bunch of tracks to share with you guys so I decided to feature this group and give you a track everyday this week. I figured I'd start off by introducing you to them the same way I was with the track We So Fly.

We So Fly

The RPZ (The Replacementz)

Jamie Foxx- Digital Girl Remix Ft Drake Live

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Q Tip Concert

So last night I had the privilege of attending the Q Tip concert at the House of Blues sponsored by Bacardi. It was a free show if you filled out Bacardi's survey.. shouts out to TiTi for the link and putting me on. I've been plastering this on twitter since last night, hands down any aspiring dj or artist needs to go watch footage from a QTip/Dj Scratch performance, that is how you put on a show. He even hoped off stage and walked through the crowd and enlisted people to help him perform his song " Life is Better". I got my three secs of fame singing in the mic with my boy Darnelle. I think what shocked me more about this performance is that doors opened on time and everything form the opening act to the headlining event was on cue, mad kudos to the event planning agency, thats how you do a concert. Any who just wanted to share these photos with you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Candi Corner

Wasup people as usual it is always a pleasure. Be sure to comment on the QOTW DyvineSoul posted. QOTWk: Can good or bad sex make or break a relationship? Should it? Anywho its been a pretty good week I got a ticket to go see Q tip tonight so I'm excited. I'm also feeling quite liberated as well so who knows what the weekend has in store for me. I been on my twitter as of lately and if your not on there yet your missing out. If you are please do follow me at Isissosnewty.
Oh if you go to the show this weekend please be sure to check out the Hangover... that movie is pur comedy.

The Candy of the Week is Walmart Smiley Face Fruit Snacks. Yes you heard me right. Original Flavor. I have spent many a nights binging on these things.

Clipse- Im Good ft Pharrell

Im Good

Instrumental Of the Week

So I decided to kick off a new section, every week I'll supply an instrumental. I know it is rappers out there tryna get they grind and shine on. Please take the instrumental and do your thang and send me the track and if its tight I'll post it.

Outkast- Wheelz of Steel Instrumental (the scratching on this track was bananas)

Belly ft Drake- Girl let Me

So this song has been stuck in my head as of lately and I know everyone is on the whole autotune hating kick at the moment (even though I been saying that shit is wack from day 1). However like any annoying trend there are rays of hope every now and then. This song is one of those rays for me. Don't get it twisted people this isn't one of those man this is real music tracks...no this is one of those riding in the whip right before going to get some action, last song at the club, put this on the loud speakers at the crib and have 4 play fun with my guy type songs lol. The beat is sexy

Girl Let Me

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yung L.A Futuristic Love

A couple of comments on this video. Wtf is with Yung L.A and these hair styles and $100 bucks for anyone who can tell me what it means to be Elroy'd

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DyVineDyalogue 1.6

**Do the Titles Matter**
Hey guys. I must admit that I had a bad week (sick and all that ish). Nonetheless, this week’s topic came from the QOTWk of Last week. Do the titles really matter in a relationship? Instead of goin in on the comments, I decided to just make a DyVine Dyalogue on the subject and shed some light.

Most of us like titles. Why? Because that way, we can clearly define what that other person is to us. For example, boyfriend/girlfriend means we’re exclusive- I shouldn’t have to worry about you wildin with anybody else or worry about catching feelings and the love isn’t reciprocated. It’s definite. You know your limits, boundaries, etc. This is why we like titles. This is why we try our best to label most people in life. Our best friends, our roll dogs, our dips, and the like... When we don’t have titles, that’s when things could get iffy in a situation.

Usually, when we meet a person, usually, we spit that good game and talk for a while. At some point we decide that this person is our boyfriend/girlfriend. Right? And that’s perfectly normal. Hell, up until recently, that’s how I thought the world worked. I thought there HAD to be titles. I couldn’t comprehend anything more (and I’m not slow… it’s just all that I had ever known)

On the converse, some people don’t seem to like titles too soon in a relationship (surprisingly, this can go on for months… or years {Yikes}!!) They prefer that there’s some sort of understanding that will then progress towards titles. For these people... there is no: I like you, you like me, let’s give this relationship a go and if we go wrong, oh well. I can say now that I completely understand this. It makes sense not to just jump into titles-which, then, come with “obligations.”

So, I ask this, (hopefully to help everyone understand)…do those titles really matter? If I don’t call my dog “my” dog, won’t he still be mine? In a relationship, so long as you and that other person have the EXACT SAME understanding of what the “relationship” entails, you’ll be fine. The titles won’t/don’t matter. But when you guys have two different ideas of what’s going on…. Then the drama starts. He/She wants to know…”What are we? What is this? What are we doing together?” You dig me? Trust, I didn’t always think this logically. In fact, I have asked those same questions. And I have cried cuz I just didn’t understand.

So here’s my advice… know what you have. Even though it may seem petty at first, sit down with your significant other, dip, lover, or what have you… and ask the pertinent questions. Are we together? Are we exclusive? Is this how we will continue to be? Or will we grow to more? I guarantee that you and that other person will be much happier for it. One less headache.

QOTWk: Can good or bad sex make or break a relationship? Should it?

Wacky Wednesday

Usb Microwave The Beanzawave was developed by Gama Microwave Technology in association with Heinz (yes, the ketchup company) which hopes to pair it with their new snack food line known as “Snap Pots.” The current prototype also gives the option of powering it with lithium ion batteries making it completely portable for camping and outdoor sportsman activities.Cost is projected to be about $150.

Marty McFly ( Back 2 the Future) hat is now available to go with the Hyperunks that were released last year. Hat is only 20 bucks.

Brass Knuckle Soap lol this soap takes the pause out of bathing for the toughest guy

Air Yeezy's paper origami style...lol thats dope.

G.o.D Jewels Glory or Death Mixtape

So in my twitter sphere I came across this dope mixtape from a Chicago emcee by the name of G.o.D Jewels . I like this guys lyrical ability. Check it out and show the brother love.

Glory or Death

Maxwell- Bad Habits

This song is fiyahhhh.. I heard it on my speakers and was like ahhhh Maxwell. I'm waiting on this album man antsy.

Bad Habits

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