Saturday, June 13, 2009

Q Tip Concert

So last night I had the privilege of attending the Q Tip concert at the House of Blues sponsored by Bacardi. It was a free show if you filled out Bacardi's survey.. shouts out to TiTi for the link and putting me on. I've been plastering this on twitter since last night, hands down any aspiring dj or artist needs to go watch footage from a QTip/Dj Scratch performance, that is how you put on a show. He even hoped off stage and walked through the crowd and enlisted people to help him perform his song " Life is Better". I got my three secs of fame singing in the mic with my boy Darnelle. I think what shocked me more about this performance is that doors opened on time and everything form the opening act to the headlining event was on cue, mad kudos to the event planning agency, thats how you do a concert. Any who just wanted to share these photos with you.

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