Monday, August 31, 2009

Advakit- Pour a Little Liquor R.I.P Yummy

This brother is very socially conscious and giving the story of Yummy I thought this was a great move as an artist for him to make this track. Big ups to Fake shore drive for showing the Advakit love

Pour a lil Liquor R.I.P Yummy

Cat Girl Hoody

Align Center
Need I even comment. This is a hoody by Tripp NYC

I love Nerds HAndbag

Align Center
Posted off message alone lol

Real As It Gets and On to the Next One

Fresh off the Blueprint 3

Real As It Gets

On to the Next One

Shwayze- Get U Home

Being Snewty is all about diversifying your music...I dig these guys.

Drake & Trey Songz Successful Video

Make sure you guys go out and cop Ready today... This video was directed by Jake Davis. Check it out and let me know what you think. I also like this version of the song.

#MusicMonday Real T@lk Presents the Weekly Fix- Remember DeJa Vu

Remember Deja Vu

This track right here is that kill. This definitely gets the Snewty seal of approval. Check out his story telling abilities and Authentik Made killed it on the beat.

And if you missed the weekly fix from last week here you go

D.O.A Freestyle

Friday, August 28, 2009

Freaky Friday

This week has been big for Snewty as most of you would know and I would personally like to thank all that are involved in the movement. Thank you!!!!! For those who still sleeping and you happen to cross across Freaky Friday cause you heard it goes hard, well that is what the Snewtonians do, so you need to Lock In before we lock it up! Ok Ok, enough of the Snewty talk it's time, so let the freak talk begin in 5..4..3...2...

What's up my fellow freaks!! Hope all had a good week and if it was anything like mine, then around this time you are anxious to leave your respective jobs and relieve some stress, whether you gonna be drinking or fucking(or both cause that alcohol intensified sex is off the chain!!). This week has not been full of sex talk like most have but it never leaves my mind so I am gonna offer another variety day for you guys starting with a simple word: Squirting!

Oh yes, I certainly did!!!(cause I know some asked just then did I say that) Yes, squirting! So, for all of us out there we know that just like men women can also squirt maybe not as frequent because an orgasm for a man usually involves ejaculation and with women it does not, but it still happens. Now, the thing is that when it happens you better believe she is in Pleasureville USA because to get to this point it takes steady stimulation to her erogenous zones more specifically her Gspot( I'm not explaining this one again) but when it happens it is not only is a total mess but she has to be extremely comfortable because to her it feels like she is about to piss. Naturally, no one wants that happen cause that is totally disgusting and #itsnotgonnawork(for my twitter followers)! It's crazy cause its a lose, win situation; you become the guy that was able to give her an orgasm intense enough that she ejaculated but now all your bed linens are destroyed(shoutouts to T. Rezko)!! Well either way you know I'm gonna provide you with tips on how to pull this off people.

How to cause a Real Sexual Eruption

Step 1:

Slide to fingers inside and find that spongy tissue area, I introduced you to a couple weeks ago.

Step 2:

  • Turn your fingers so that your palm is facing the air and begin to gently massage that area using a simple "come here" motion but as you do this take a third finger and insert that one and place it slightly outside that spongy area and massage that area as well.
  • While you doing this you will or should feel two ducts(little small indentations), one on each side of her urethra(not explaining this either)*These two spots are 2 out of 29 responsible for female ejaculation.
  • It may take a while to locate them but hey practice makes perfect(wink wink) but once you do continue to press and rub.
*Remember that she will feel the urge to have to go to the bathroom but advise her that when a woman is aroused the glands that carry urine swell to prevent urine from exiting the bladder so she will be cool.

Step 3:

Take your other hand and press down on one or more of the ducts from the outside. If you didn't find them on the inside just press down on either side of her urethra while massaging the spongy tissue area and if she is really aroused then you will experience a few jets of liquid.

*It is possible that the glands that help the ejaculation may not be working properly so all of the above work only if they, and because I am not a real doctor I have entirely no idea how to correct that so you might wanna google that!!

* If you wan to speed it up or add an extra ummph, female heightner, its a cream applied to vagina that pretty much makes the vagina more receptive to stimulation.

And there you have it!

Now to continue onto the pleasure road next on the list is a first but I think I may do this from time to time and that's exhibit a sex toy that I put my stamp on recommend, kinda like Candi Corner except its not candy its the Sex Section or Tantalizing Toys(that might work lol).

The Rabbit

Here it is the infamous Rabbit. Nicknamed for the fact that the clit stimulator is shaped like rabbit ears, the rabbit provides but penetration and clit stimulation either separately or simultaneously and with various speeds and the fact that the dick portion can do a total 360 spin its every lonely girls dream. Now with that said imagine what happens when you let the toy do its job while you assit in the speeds and use your tongue alongside the clit stimulator.(Ladies, picture it then enjoy the mental picture later on lol).
You can find these all over the web in many different sizes, colors, and materials. They even have one that is made of pearls(showcased on Sex and City for the ladies who remember, pretty good episode.)

Man, its heating up in here right, feel free to remove your clothes whenever you feel like it especially if you reading this with your partners, it will be here when you get back.

The Grand Finale

To end I am going to randomly drop you a few extra tips, enjoy and try they have the Snewty Sex guarantee!!

  • Guys: Try this maneuver if you never have. Instead of giving her a regular licking, get her completely naked and trail ice all across her model, everywhere, but do slide the ice over her pussy instead take a cough drop and slide that inside your mouth. The pleasure of the menthol and the cool ice trails sliding across her body will have her shivering for more than one reason and only ends with the heat you will cause upon entering her.
  • Ladies: If you want to surprise your man with something, while riding him(hopefully in the many ways that explained that you should), take the rotating of the hips to another level by hit him with the "Office chair"(created to give him the business....tweak). But continue to ride him and start rotating your hips and as you do that, push your self onto your feet continuing with the motion and just like an office chair begin twirling on him, in a swivel motion. You can move from one side to the other or fully turn around.
* Remember that during this action keep those kegels working and if you decide to do a full turn around do it slowly rotate back facing him then side, then front and so forth. Sounds weird but it goes hard!!

  • Men: Not sure if you know, but there is a different sensation between 1 leg on your shoulder, 2 legs, legs spread wide and so forth so try "walking her up your chest." While on top slide in her gathering your thrust and while doing so grab her ankles and spread her legs wide continuing your stroke and switching between speeds and depth. As you continue and she gets more into it, guide her feet to your chest, let her feet touch your chest as you slide inside her, still holding her ankles. As you stroke walk her legs down to your stomach and back up continuously. You may not feel the difference(if you paying attention like you should you will) but you will definitely notice that she does!!

Well thats it, hope you learned something and enjoyed! Remember follow me @SnewtyAddiction and the rest of the Snewty crew (@IsisSoSnewty @DyVineSoul @SnewtyDyVine @malcolm_snax @JhatonJ @HiSide_LowEnd @poorichgyrl) and as usual

When you you seek pleasure follow YourAddiction.

Blu- NoSleepForaDay Instrumental EP

While we wait for Blu to release his next LP, enjoy this 8 minute beat tape from HerFavoriteColor. Blu says he did this one day this summer (hence the title) while experimenting with a 2000XL for the first time

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weird Science: Snow Leopard Print

What down people. . . Who could it be but H! Side (the 1 and only wit hi definition vision like Sony), founding member of UHB (U heard BoutUS and if you ain't you are new to the blog so get to know us fool). As you can see, the Snewty Crew is debuting plenty of new sections currently. Consider it our 09-10 upgrade for you Madden and 2K heads out there. In keeping with that theme I felt the need to help my fellow Snewtonians on your path to upgrading the technology in your life. See I'm a geek (but not like them clown ass dudes who dress like revenge of the nerds cuz they think its cool) and I feel like everyone would be if they knew everything you can do with a keyboard, mouse, and screen. But since this is our first time ( and I'm not drunk) I'm not going to jump in too deep too fast because you might not be ready (I'm taking YourAddiction's advice lol).

Since Apple use has exploded in the past few years (even though most people have no idea why Macs are "better" than a PC) and since it releases tommorow, I'm going to let the masses in on Mac OS X 10.6 aka "Snow Leopard" (sounds a hell of a lot better than Windows 7 doesn't it). On the surface it looks almost the same as the 10.5, lacking any major UI (User Interface) updates. The biggest changes are under the hood. Apple rewrote the majority of the the core applications and services in 64-bit code so everything runs much smoother and less space. If 10.5 and 10.6 are installed on the same machine 10.6 actually runs notably faster in almost all aspects which never happens with operating systems (XP and Vista please stand up). Quicktime X (faster video playback) Safari 4 (tied with Chrome as the fastest web browser) and Finder ( much faster search times for files) will make your old Mac feel new and your new Mac feel like Lauren London ( ask Weezy). For you business casual workers out there 10.6 come with Microsoft Exchange Server service integrated in Mail, Calendar, and Address Book so you can bring your work to the Peet's Coffee and Tea (damn hipsters) and still look like you are only on ITunes listening to Hollyweird.

Overall I come away inpressed by this update. Apple could have created some new interface that made you say "Heeeecky Naaaaw Joe" but the instead chose to make your $1200 Youtube player actually run better, allowing you to do more than look at Stephon Marbury eat vaseline. And whats best is its only $30 to upgrade, something Microsoft will never do (How do you think Bill Gates got that rich?). So do yourself a favor: don't go to the club, lounge, or your guy crib you drink and smoke at all the time (T.Rezko) this week, save that dough and STEP YOUR GIGAFLOPS UP DUDE (that makes no sense but you get the point). I'm gone. . .

BXC Feat Ludacris- Open Wide

Open Wide-
This track is pretty dope shout out to DJ MoonDawg

Smoking Section

Peace to all things Snewty.. Which is pretty much everything I do. So.. With that being said. Whats good Snewty Nation?.. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rezko.. First name Tony and I have the esteemed privilege to educate.. Enlighten.. Inform and possibly persuade indulgence to the masses about that Sticky icky,bubble baby (cuz buzzington),stanky leg, Al green, J-spice,etc.. But It wont stop at just that. With the help of Malcom Snax, we will be dropping info regarding proper weed etiquette.. Session behavior.. The Best ways to achieve the most outta your smoke and of course the perfect tunes while lighting the Marley spliff.. Continue to read and enjoy post by my other Snewty affiliates. Right now I'm tryna figure out what day should I drop.. Marijuana Monday.. Weed Wednesday.. or Spliffington Saturday.. I need some help with that. Anyhow In my departure I leave you with a personal fav of mine when I bump my head on the moon... Its from another connoisseur such as myself muhahaha.. Devin the Dude/ Dooby Ashtray

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Foreign Exchange- House Of Cards Video

The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah - "House Of Cards" from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

One of My fav songs off the Leave It All Behind Album

An Overnight Stay...

I can recall many times chillin on campus and seeing girls with hideous overnight bags..(many nights) are some fresh and of course snewty overnight bags..this mix is high end and moderatley priced..Enjoy!!

Vans Weaved Weekender $48

True Religion Stella Weekender Leather $617

LeSportSac Leigh Weekender in Silver Metallic $128

LeSportSac Leigh Weekender in Black Patent $119

Cheap Monday Insane Weekender in Steel Blue $80

Betsey Johnson The Barrel Tote in Black Blingin Lips $98

LavishXpression... she's a MAC

Welcome to the wall of LavishXpression... where creativity, colors, and self-xpression join together to create a SNEWTY art fulfillment. We're talking celebrity pics, underground art, fashion,and beauty of all cultures...anything u can do with a colorful box of crayons mixed together, LMAO! LavishXpression will post a new joint every Thursday... but our 1st post will be now just to give u a taste of what's to come

THIS PIECE IS TAKEN FROM MAC... called Mac Colour Craft
beauty in the making; it pays to be a MAC gryl

U Twitter?: Snewty Does!

The Snewty Crew is all up and through Twitter! If you’re on too, hit us up and follow us all!

@SoSnewty @IsisSoSnewty @DyVineSoul @SnewtyDyVine
@malcolm_snax @SnewtyAddiction @HiSide_LowEnd @JhatonJ
@Daykeepertpoet @poorichgyrl

DyVineDyalogue 2.1

I had an idea about what to write, but at the last second, I changed my mind. So, bear with me….

Follow me & this blog on Twitter @DyVineSoul @SnewtyDyVine

I realized that I have been gearing DyVineDyalogue towards couples, so, I want to make sure that I get the “Single Ladies” and solo fellas in there too! So this week, I’m outing the ladies. Fellas, I present to you four reasons why women say that they are single… AND… why some are a bunch of Grade A Bullsh*t! Haha.

Why are you single?

Ladies, don’t you hate when guys ask you this question as if there is a problem with being single? Haha. I mean, you can be single and happy, no?

Reason #1: I’m focusing on my career.

Pause. I’d like to say that if she works at McDonald’s, the mall or any of the like, please slap yourself for accepting this as an excuse! LMAO.

This is a huge cop out for a lot of females. They may say this for a multitude of reasons. She may be scared, guarded, or still trying to get her feelings together from a recent break up and doesn’t want to admit that. So this excuse is bull! Nobody’s so focused on a career that they don’t want to have someone to smile with every once in a while. That goes for you men as well! But if she wants to keep up the charade, leave her alone! It’s as simple as that. If she’s that “focused” on her career, then she lacks the balance in her life to be able to handle work and a relationship, and that’s not something you want to deal with any old ways!

Reason #2: I’m just trying to do me.

First of all… what the HELL does that mean?? Do you?!? Sweetie, I thought you were you? And if you are you, then you should be “doing you” 365 days a year. How bout you figure out whom this “you” is that you’re doing, and get back to me. LMAO!

Honestly, I think this female is telling you that she doesn’t want a relationship with YOU. This is a nice way of saying so. Cuz you had better believe if the light-skinned dude with the pretty eyes and dope swag (or whatever her preference -lol) comes along …she’d be too geeked to be “wifed.”

On the other hand, I’ve also heard females say this and use it as a low-key excuse to smash all the dudes she wants… But at the end of it all, this excuse is bull. Outside of having personal issues, the “doing me” excuse isn’t really an excuse cuz it makes no real sense! If a female says this to you… please get fifty feet away from her confused ass! Let her do “her” and you find somebody who knows who they are! Okay?

Reason #3: I’m Happy being single

I think all of us women lie to ourselves and say something along these lines to ourselves at some point. “I’m happy being single” and “I don’t want a man,” or if you got a hood chick…”F*ck a n*gga, Money make me c*m”… LOL!

Sure, you like your alone time or you haven’t found the right person, but women seek out love and comfort whether it be consciously or subconsciously. I, even, make the mistake of saying this from time to time. It’s natural. What I mean to say is… “I’m not actively pursuing a relationship. I’m cool. I’m meeting new people. Should I find someone worthy of my time, I’ll pursue it.” In reality, this issue is much deeper than I can even explore… (on some “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” type ish- lol). This excuse isn’t so much bull as the others. It’s just bull because, females are always scanning the crowd for prospects (prospective boos, dips, smashes… whatever ~~> Oops, giving away too much! =O ). I can safely say that there isn’t a time when a woman isn’t looking for something! Hahaha.

Reason #4: There are no good men!

(Raising hand) I beg to differ! Every man I have ever dated was a good man, with the exception of one. They just weren’t the men for me is all, I’ll say. Women say this to me all the time and I can’t say I agree… Maybe it’s me, I meet all the good ones (::pumps fist in the air:: Yessssss! Sweet!) haha! In fact, I’m pretty sure that there are tons of good men reading this. They’re trying to gain some insight on what the heck all of us crazy women are about. LMAO, but don’t think I’m na├»ve; I know there are some “assholes” out there! So, no further explanation needed. This is a bullshit excuse!

So fellas…. Did you learn something? No? Well just remember this… if she says… “Im just doing me”….RUN! That bisch is confused and will only add DRAMA to your life! Haha!

Have a good week ya’ll! And Answer the QOTWk!


QOTWk: If you’re on a date or out with your boo, how long is too long to look at another person…5 seconds, 10seconds? You tell me!

Jay Z on New XXl Cover

It's One of Those Days

This is currently on repeat for the day

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swagg Team/Jive Records Presents HotStylz A.D.D. the Mixtape hosted by D.J MoonDawg

1. Rob Dis Bitch ft John Blu
2. Bate ft Hot 2 Def
3. Michael Phelps ft Hot 2 Def
4. Auntie Booty
5. Go Looney
6. Go Dutch
7. Dead Beat Skit
8. Ho's N Dis House
9. New Student
10. Heartbeat ft Squad One
11. Hell Naw
12. She's A Freak
13. I Love Pussy Skit
14. Faucet ft Yung Joc
15. Play Your Position ft Bobby Valentino
16. Mrs Pacman
17. Come See About Me
18. Last Word Skit
19. Monkey In A Wig
20. Rollie Pollie ft Yung Joc
21. Thik and Fye ft Twista
22. Cheap Liquor

Download Here

Drake- Killer ft Nipsey Hu$$le


Style P- Pablo Doe ft Norega & Uncle Murder

Pablo Doe

New Beanie Sigel

Tear Drops
Sicker Than Your Average ft Freeway

New Freeway

Freeway is soooo under rated...

Freeway - Love?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Can I Kick It

What Better Way to Start Off Monday then With New Kicks

Lanvin High Trainers Khaki- Gray Fall 09 Winter Line

Nike Womens Air Max 90s- White/Challenge Red medium Grey

Nike Sb Air Force Hybrid- Ms Pacman

Trey Songz- Ready

So I know everyone was expecting a hell of an album after Anticipation and well I will say that while ready isnt what I expected , I like it nonetheless. I guess the label figured Anticipation was the straight sex filled project and they'd focus on more radio friendly cross over songs on Ready. However of course there are still gems on this album to get it in to. I wouldn't be Snewty If I didn't let you hear a track or two.

Say Ahh ft Fabolous
Panty Dropper
Holla If Ya Need Me
Neighbors Know My Name

J. Futuristic 1st Name Last Name Video


Real T@lk Presents the Weekly Fix

Check out this freestyle, word play is sick as usual and he goes in over the D.O.A beat. Real T@lk is slated to drop a track every week until his next project drops. Stay tuned.
The Fix

Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaky Friday

(I really must love yall out there cause I put all of this together in the rain, since my school computer lab closed early on me so I hope you all enjoy!! lol)

Man, this past week went by fast, I still think a ton of you might still be trying to get your foreplay games together lol, nonetheless it is another Friday and as we know the weekend has officially begun. What better way to kick your weekend off than here with Freaky Friday, this is where the action happens (said in his smug MTV Cribs voice)! I usually start Freaky Friday with and air out, where I get some shit off my chest not this week, I’m gonna fall back and thank all those who been reading the post and I hope you continue and tell your friends, cause everyone likes sex and everyone wants the sex to be good.

Shout s out to the Snewty Fam all over twitter, @isissosnewty, @malcom_snax, @dyvinesoul. It is not only a movement it is a lifestyle. (Also, for the hip-hop heads and lovers of fashion we have, the I’m on bullshit tees; hit us on twitter to cop)

Ok, enough of that I know yall came to read that juicy stuff, to see what this freaky dude YourAddiction, was going to say this week. Well……………………………………………...Here we go!

In weeks prior, you know that I been laying down tips for couples to get it in, once they close that bedroom door(or wherever you freaks decide to get it in), but for the most the tips been focused towards the fellas out there. I was talking with one of the readers and they were like” you always going hard on the niggas but keep going they need to know the shit. “Needless to say this was a woman talking, and it got me thinking, she was right so guess what ladies this one is for you! Fellas, you know just like I do that there are some women out there that handles their business in the bed. We also know that if asked how the sex was by one of our boys, or other female friends we are more than likely say” It was straight, nothing special” and that is usually while doing the” kinda sorta” hand gesture. (I see all of my female readers rolling their eyes like here this nigha go!)

Why is this? Are our women complacent out there? Do they expect an all-star sex performance from their man why they offer sex that at best reaches the sixth man on the bench? Maybe they have been so used to hearing guys moan or bust early that they honestly think that they got that come back when in fact they have that “well at least I bust.” Right now I’m getting my male readers back as we think back to the girls that fall into this category and guess what ladies.. MEN DO IN FACT FAKE ORGASMS AND EXCITEMENT!!! (A hush falls over the blog audience as women begin to rethink all the times they guy was moaning and telling them it felt so good, as those few ladies say aloud “I knew that already” lol) Ladies, don’t worry it is not your fault we just don’t want to hurt your feelings we know it’s already a struggle with how your body looks, etc, so why add insult by letting you know that it was a lack luster performance. Lucky for you, you have me! Therefore, this week is some tips to make sure you throw down in the bed as I present:


This will be split into portions oral sex, sex, then variations and extra tips

  1. Oral Sex

Now, I spoke on this previously but I don’t think it sunk into the heads of most ladies. I am sure of it, so I am going to make sure that I break it down:

· Ladies, when it comes to head, you need to get in your head that we can tell if you not into and it is nothing worse than reluctant head, so get into it. If you not into it then just stop or don’t do it and that’s just real; If you doing it, it should be with someone that you care enough to make him feel good and go all out. If that’s not the case with the guy, then STOP SUCKING OFF RANDOM GUYS AND MAYBE YOU WILL APPRECIATE IT MORE FOR YOUR MAN!!

· Once you have realized that you need to be into the head, you need to understand that you will only get b+ and above ratings from us in head if you are able to keep us wet during the length of the head. To put it bluntly, hey you have saliva for a reason, so use it. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and drool over the dick to keep him moist all over. TIP: If you are having trouble creating spit on your own, take him deeper into your mouth and naturally your body will create spit thinking you need it to take down whatever it is in your mouth.

· Now that we have spit know that along with your mouth your hand is your best friend. The average females mouth is 4 inches, the average dick is 5.3 inches( 6inches amongst black men) so even on average you have at the least 1 inch left outside your mouth. This means that, you need to cover the excess with your hand especially if you focus mainly on the head like most women. Use your hand to stroke him as you work him in and out of his mouth.

· Once you have that down, remember that it is “sucking dick” for a reason; there should be some sort of suction going on throughout all of this. Even more just because it is sucking dick you can still use your tongue around the head and along the shaft, it makes things a bit more interesting and creates numerous sensations at once.

· Lastly, please please please watch the teeth ladies please!! It does not feel good. It can actually be quite painful, so OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDER!

  1. Sex

· Now here, is where it usually falls apart ladies, now you may know that the in and out motion of sex feels good, but the same way you don’t want a dude going pump crazy inside you with the same stroke dudes don’t want you to just bounce up and down always. Switch the motions up, try rotating your hips as you do this, while you riding try bouncing your ass on just the tip of him.

· This bullet is solely to tell all the women to go to the very first post I made and make sure that you learn the asian cowgirl.

· Also, when you are on your back ladies even though this is usually a position for men to work, that do not mean that you don’t work ladies, hey moving your hips while he sliding inside you or throwing yourself back at him not only makes the sexual experience better.

· Doing the act I know you are in a rush or are focused on getting yours but ummmm, us men are having sex also so maybe want to include us so see if we enjoyin it also or if you should do something different.

· Lastly, don’t be lazy. This is the worst I spoke on when you are on your back but when you are on top that rockin back and forth thing yall like to do is not the best route to go, it can get if done right but other than that it does nothing. And when bent over hey, THROW IT BACK!! We appreciate it more plus it looks wonderful! Lmao!!

  1. Variations and extra tips

· While he is sliding inside you whether you on top, or him on top or from the back or whatever, reach down and graze or lightly squeeze his balls. Not too hard but you will be glad you did when it hit you with the “ooooo” mid stroke.

· While on top, this may not be able to be done with all guys(you will understand why) but as you ride him, try this multitasking: As you ride him up and down, take your hand and stroke him as you do that, it will be a continuous pleasure for him feeling. As you go you your hand follows and so on.

· Remember that just like with you the different depths of him feels different the same for him, so start shallow, then deeper, then back shallow, etc.

· Unless you know for sure that you are putting in that work or he really enjoys everything you are doing , DO NOT TALK SHIT! Please! It just becomes annoying because we are forced to lie to you when in our heads we are thinking, “shut up, so I can cum and this can be over with”

Alright that’s it ladies, don’t get mad at me nor your man we just trying to help and ultimately it is to make the sex better for both of you. To the fellas don’t take this and start talking shit because you will not get any or she could do all of this and bust fast and now you look like an idiot!!!

Til next week , I will talk to you good people later. Check me out on twitter @SnewtyAddiciton. Drop me a twit let me know if you feeling the post and do the same for my twitter family! Viva La Snewty, the movement begins, so join!

And as usual:

When you are looking for pleasure just follow YourAddiction.

Candi Corner

I'm gonna do something different this time around. I'm not gonna highlight a candy exactly. Instead I'm gonna shed some light on this. So I know everyone likes chewing gum and recently I discovered the best gum I've had in ages. It's sugar free which is a plus as well. I present to you Orbit Mist Mango Surf. This gum is very tasty and doesn't get stale like most brands. It is a bit on the costly side but can be purchases at Walgreens, CVS, Jewels... you get the picture.

Central Illinois this is Where You Need To BE

I hope you all enjoyed your week and I hope you have a good weekend. IF your in Central Illinois make sure you check out the Damn There Naked Party in Peoria. My guys Jallen Ransum and Dj Xklusive are sure to shut shit down. I can vouch that there parties are always shake my head worthy. And make sure you check them out at

Ryan leslie- Ice Cold

Ryan Leslie- Ice Cold



Robin Thicke - Dirty It Up

Robin Thicke - Dirty It Up

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Apathy ft Phonte- True Love

Apathy ft Phonte- True Love

Taken from Apathy's sophomore, LP, Wanna Snuggle?, which will be released on 10-6-09

B.O.B Should Have Been The First Album


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