Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ummmmm... WOW

So my friend told me I had to see this video of the kid from Pretty Ricky. And I'm thinkin' to myself... why on earth would I wanna see this video. But then she told me to just watch it... and... I DIED laughin'. I wouldn't usually post anything of this nature... but I couldn't hold back. Shit is hilarious!!

The End of the Puppet Commercials?

So the Cavs lost because they wanted to play like they lost they magic sneakers. Anyway I think this may be the end of the puppet commercials. So in honor of a great puppet commercial run, check out these two.
Kobe Car Jump


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Candi Corner

I know its Saturday and I'm a day late with this but I got detained yesterday and was unable to post. Anywho as usual another week in the books. I was at the Buddha last nite and it actually cracked. I have never seen a line to go into the Buddha. That just goes to show you how people come out when shit is free.I don't really have to much to say so I'mma just get to the meat and say to hell with the potatoes. Oh if any of you has twitter follow me... isissosnewty...
Anywho the Candy of the week. I was thoroughly shocked to taste this and what shocked me even more than it's taste was the fact that it is an all natural fruit snack. These sale for about a dollar at Whole Foods and come in all kinds of flavors. Again people all Natural, none of the stuff that regular candy has that harms our bodies. I was made a believer you guys need to go try it.

Jermaine Depri Presents Ocean's 7 Mixtape Vol 1

1. Intro
2. Ain't I
3. Diddy Skit
4. Too Much Swag
5. I Need That Girl
6. Where's The Love
7. Owe Me Sex
8. It's Amazing
9. Day And Night
10. Vegas Is Our Town
11. Vegas Baby


Birthday Sex Video

Cause I know Isis is gonna eventually post it... Dude is kinda cute! (Heeeeyyyyy)

Is This What Dre Has Been Reduced To?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teyanna Taylor- Complicated

So yesterday on twitter via the liesguystell segement the issue of relationships came into play. One of the lies posted was I don't wanna be in a relationship at the moment I'm focusing on getting myself together. I died laughing when I saw this because it is a typical lie from the female and male perspective. However there are instances when this focusing on self can be the truth.. insert Teyanna Taylor new song Complicated. I like this song for the very fact that Teyanna is laying it out there regarding why. Alot of fellas need to take note and just be honest with females like we are honest for the most part lol.

The-Dream - Jimmy Fallon Show - 5/27/2009

The-Dream - Jimmy Fallon Show - 5/27/2009

So I am a fan of the Dream.. I think he makes some of the dopest sensual tracks around. However the Dream should Never... and I do mean Neverrr perfrom without the aid of a record playing, vocoder , hell something lol we all know he really can;t sing forreal forreal. I;m not hating at all just check out his performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show. I died laughing.

Chi- Town Freestyles

So I know most of you guys from the Chi remeber Bad Boy radio and how every artist that came on the show had to spit a freestlye. Mike Love released a freestly mixtape from the 1997-2007 era. This Twista freestyle over the One in a Million beat.. dope.

Twista Freestyle if you wanna check the mixtape out here you go

Logic ft DayKeeper

Check out my girl Daykeeper going in on this track. I actually dig this and I have a feeling you guys will to, it's that introspective thought provoking kinda music. We def support the independent artist who are doing there thing and get no love from these other blogsites. ( Somebody bogus for putting they hand on the booth then taking this picture lol)

Logic Ft DayKeeper- Different Breed

Real Talk- Do It Too

This track is dope and Real Talk rides the beat very nicely. Its a track off his mixtape and a Pharrell cover. Be on the look out for the Mixtape coming June 16th here to So Snewty.

Do It Too

GLC and Bun B Pt 2

I had to post the part two because my guys in the video justa laughing his ass off. Hey knard!!.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B.O.B- Put Me On

Put Me On

Drake- One More Time

One More Time

Chi- Town Ignorance

Hot Stylz ft Twista- Thik and Fye( lmfao)
This song had me dying at first listen, Twista goes in lmao

Dj Solo- Chicken Wang

Rick Ross- Rich Off Cocaine Video

This song just puts me in a good mood lol.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


With the Powermat, you can put your iPod, your cell phone, and your whatever else you want all on the mat and charge it all at the same time. They’re mats that can be plugged in and will simultaneously charge a whole heap of gadgets, all at the same time, wirelessly.The Powermat uses magnetic induction and, according to the website, “When a Powermat-enabled device is placed on the mat, a “handshake” process synchronizes the mat with the receiver and electric power is generated to meet the specific energy needs of the device.” They’ll then monitor the power in the device and disconnect power to each device once they’ve finished charging.

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic comes with a full QWERTY keyboard for fast messaging and email, where the Homescreen for XpressMusic offers access and dynamic information on music, people, games, email and calendar. You can also enjoy an improved contacts bar with up to 20 friends and family members, while getting direct access to music, N-Gage and other applications (including Facebook, Photos, Ovi Contacts, Maps and messaging among others). Dedicated gaming keys make the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic a true N-Gage gadget, where direct access to the N-Gage Arena community and preloaded N-Gage games will go down well with the competitive types. It will retail for about $400 in quarter three this year.

Nike Gladiator Sandals

So I am a big fan of Nike if you know me and I came across these and had to post them.. Your thoughts?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Candi Corner

Another week in the books people. So whose BBQ'ing for Memorial Day Weekend, I need a plate thankyou. Let's see what transpired this week. Oh yes if you guys haven't wished DyvineDyalogue a happy BDay please do so, she turned the duece tre this past week. Also MzJlyn, became an offical member of the degree club this week, congrats girl. We all hit the Buddha last nite, it was crackin I must say, and I was in rare form. Oh yea your girl is officially a grad student as well, I started school this week.
I had a bit of a mid life crisis today, my little sister goes on Prom tonight, but I'm aight now. Anywho I'mma get out of here. I'll catch you guys Monday of course, unless anything ridiculously dope drops and I think its of value to the So Snewty community over the weekend. Oh you can catch me at Vain possibly tonight and Le Passage 2morrow gettin it crackin. Oh go see Angels and Demons. I thought it was a tight movie but I'm a bit of a nerd so hey,I like history.

This weeks Candy is one of my favorites. Sour Patch Kid Watermelon slices. I love these things so much I'll even buy the 2 for a $1 walgreen/ jewel generic jumpoffs. If you have yet to try these.. smack yourself

GLC and Bun B discuss pimpin

I saw this over at Fakeshoredrive and had to repost it for two reasons. 1) It's hilarious and 2)It is always a treat when my guy KNard hits me up, and his foot makes a special appearance in this video...the Kobe's not the IVO's they was roasting, his shoe game to fresh for that.

Oh YEs Charles Hamilton Is Officially Wack!!!

This video brightened up my day...hahahaha please just watch it. Wtf does Charles Hamilton have on...eww

Thursday, May 21, 2009


What up saddity negroes?! Daykeeper here. I come bearing gifts! Okay, one, but it's biiiiig. lol. Check out the video for Beyoncé's "EGO". A part of me was hoping she'd release the remix and she and Kanyé would share some screen time. But I guess Big Brother (aka Jiggaman aka Joe Camel) and Papa Knowels (aka Joe Jackson 2.0) weren't going for that. But I digress.

Enjoy and stay snewty!

Maino Ft Young Jeezy - All the Above Remix

Drake Best I Ever Had Remix ft R KElly

Yes Kels hoped on the track courtesy of Dj. Skee..and of course he doesn't let us down, he on other as usual. Apparently his album is dropping this September, I can't wait lol.. this nigga is hilarious.

Electrik Red- Shawty

Another dope one.. there album didn't dissappoint me either. It hasn't hit store yet but of course I have it muhahaha.


And the Summer Tracks Begin to Surface

4evermore- Anthony David ft Algebra and Phonte Definitely love Phonte's verse

Oh and if you don't know who Anthony David is... then that means you aint up on one of my fav songs and videos.. see below

Video Thursday

Guerilla style Kanye West Paranoid ft Rhianna...also check out the Dream Walking on the Moon and Fabolous Throw It in the Bags videos as well after you watch the Rhianna joint. Def Jam had an event last nite and Lowkey was generous enough to share this footage with the net

Nike does it again Video 3.. Unstoppable Game Tape

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

It would appear that Wal-Mart is trying to meet the consumers’ needs with video game kiosks.These automated “Video Game Buy Back” kiosks are designed by e-Play, and they will accept a customer’s game by scanning the bar code on the game box. From there, the customer will receive a quote for buying back their game. If the customer accepts the quote, he or she will insert the game discs into the machine. Now I am not certain if there is some sort of scanning process involved to make certain that the game isn’t damaged, but I believe the money for the games will be put back on a credit card in 2-3 days.

Transformer USB.The Ravage Transformers USB Flash Drive comes with 2GB worth of storage, and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and the Mac.

Happy Birthday DyvineSoul.

Nike Slays Me


Lowkey I want one of these lol. They are only $12.99, the Fany pack for your head lol. I can see my nigga Hollywood Snax pulling this off and starting a trend, my boy Darnelle and his brother Chris to.

I Slept On This

So it's been a couple of months since the Love vs Money album came out and I must say I was sleeping on this Itunes Bonus track.. Hater... this track is dope. I know I know but hey I don't buy ish off Itunes and Im assuming alot of you are in the same boat so I'm gonna post it for you. I heard it about an hour ago, when a guy dedicated it to me lol ( true story).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women Nike BLazer- Bamboo

I need these!!( pouts lip out) . My would it be Snewty to have a shoe made out of Bamboo.
These just arrived to a sneaker boutique in Atlanta
The Standard 3393 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30326 ( Atlanta ehh..cough cough somebody in Atlanta needs to cop these for me and mail them to me and make my heart smile )

The Empire&Drake The Drought is Over Friends With Money Mixtape

So intially I didn't download this because unlike people who are just now riding Drakes penis. I have been a fan since he was laying tracks with Trey Songz and in 2006 when he dropped his first Mixtape Room For Improvement, so I had already heard most of the tracks on this tracklisting. However there are a few new gems like the Can't hide from love freestyle... ahh check the mixtape out
1.Drake Speaks2.Good Night, Good Luck3.Uptown (Original )4.Drake Speaks5.She Just Wanna Dance6.Overdose On Life7.I Want Dis 4 Eva8.Friends With Money9.President Freestyle10.Get Like Me11.Still Drake12.What Im Thinking Right Now13.Girl Let Me14.Every Girl15.Closer To My Dreams (Original)16.Successful17.Smile18.Can't Hide From Love Freestyle19.Cannon Ball20.Best I Ever Had21.Take You Down Freestyle22.Enjoy Yourself23.November 14th (Chuck Inglish Remix )24.Im Goin In

Jeremih New Tracks


I Don't Usually Do This

I don't usually do this but I was shocked as hell to see this in my inbox. So I had to share with you guys cause I know your just as surprised as me and it's actually a pretty nice album... hmmm totally under the radar I swear

Philadelphia Freeway 2

Monday, May 18, 2009

Electrik Red- Electrik City

I'm anticipating this album, these chicks tell it like it is on there songs. I like them and I like this track.

Trey_Songz- CiCi medley

"Lick that kitty cat till she purrs/ beat it up till she purs" thats what I'm talkin bout Trey. I am definitely excited about his album ( in puppet LeBron voice) Get Excited So Snewty!!.

CiCi Medley

Sanyo Xacti HD2000

Thus is by far the Snewtiest camera I have seen..I need this in my life..oh the fun I could have. Anywho listen to these specs. The HD2000 feature a 8Mpix censor for still pictures and 5.31Mpix for videos, it supports both SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB, and shoots video in a gorgeous full HD at 60fps (1920 x 1080 / 60p), has a 10x optical zoom an ISO range from 50 to 3200 and is Sanyo's first camera with a Reverse Sequential Shot function and a Hi-Speed Video shot mode up to 600fps. Just to show you how dope this camera is thats slated to drop, check out the Hd2000 little brother HD1000 zoom capabilities.

Assume the Position gets a makeover

So I'm sure most of you have heard Assume the Position HotStylz ft T. Pain well it seems the song has been remade with T-Pain out and Bobby Valentino in and changed to Play Your Position... things that make you go hmmmm.

Ripple Headset

The Ripple is a Bluetooth headset which looks much like an earring.The circular black headset with concentric rings on the surface looks extremely stylish and comes equipped with a clasp so you can clip it to your earlobes. The concept wireless headphone was designed by Ilya Fridman can be activated with the talk function via its mic or by pressing the center button

Friday, May 15, 2009

Candi Corner

Another week in the books. I don't really have much for you guys. I'm a little upset at the moment, my albums folder on my external got deleted and unfortunately I got dished the FAIL Whale (somebody give me the origins of this terms please cause niggas got me using it) and let down on recovery efforts (shout outs to Suge for that shit) so I have now begun operation sit at the computer and rebuild which is some bullshit. My laptop is also going to the hospital because it's sick lol..H.P came thru with the health insurance though so I should have it back eventually. Things could be worse though, like that time in college my laptop fried and my external crashed, I was in tears. On a brighter side though I'm going to see Drake tonight and I bought myself some new shoes to cheer myself up.

So this week candy is Black Forrest Gummy Bears I promised my boy Brand Bang of I'd post his favorite candy.

So I been boooooooing people who do dumbshit for a while and this song resurfaced earlier today and I had to blog it because it amuses me. 8ball & MJG feat T.I- Boo

Well I hope you guys have a good weekend. As usual I'mma leave you with sound advice to charter your course towards forward progression. Sdot use to always tell me this in college and I'd just blankly stare at her. "Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end" Well SDot I no longer blankly stare I see your point in why you liked to quote this saying so much. Shout outs to Daykeeper to for springing this shit on me not to long ago.

Mrs International

So Blogger better not take this shit down like they removed the Busta Rhymes tracks I leaked dang. Anywho here is a track off the Method Man and Redman album ft Erick Sermon... Enjoy

Mrs International

Ghostface Killah Feat ron Browz- She a Killer

So it kind hurt my heart a bit posting this track because I hate Ron Browz and yes I know hate is a strong word and I meant it. However I love Ghostface Killah and he road this beat nicely. Check it out.

She a Killer

Real T@lk - Speaks on "The Mo Better Mixtape"

Real T@lk has some bars so pay close attention as he walks you thru some tracks and beats from his mixtape slated to drop this summer. Multiple chuckles for the Bowtie ..O.C.

R.O.E- Long Shot ft Colin Muroe

So if you guys are sleep on R.O.E ...wake up. I've seen him do his thing multiple times on stage and every show he improves and consistently brings the heat and leaves the crowds wanting more. R.O.E stands for Rising Over Envy . R.O.E showed me some inbox love with this track and had this to say. "We've all been long shots in our life, but I decided to share my experience on a track. The track is a remake of the Colin Munroe - Piano Lessons. God willin', you guys will give it a listen, feedback, and hopefully post it to share it with your supporters!"

Long Shot

If you dig the track check him out on myspace and twitter.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DyVineDyalogue 1.4

Love does hurt. And not when just when you lose it. I hear, or see a lot on facebook, myspace, YouTube (subscribe BTW... ... ha ha), and from friends... that timeless advice... "Love shouldn't hurt"... That's a lie. If it doesn't hurt... U're probably not doing it right. Or it's probably not love.
In the past few weeks, I've seen hella (yes, hella) statuses and tweets pertaining to love (or whatever). "I'm in Luv" or something of that nature... I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say "NO U Ain't!" You are in deep LIKE! I, in no way, am talking to the ppl who have been in these long loving relationships. I'm talking to the ppl who met someone recently, and the ppl who seem to be walking around with these rose-colored glasses; this warped view of what love is or isn't. So let me state my case....
When you first meet someone... It's magical. U LIKE everything about that person... The way they say your name, or call you Boo; the way they hold your hand or call you just to see what you're doing. U even like the way they snore... lol (which I don't mind at all... do you. LMAO). And that's all perfectly fine... but this is not LOVE... this is LIKE. My guy Chris Michaels said something similar to this before... He basically said, you HAVE to Fall in LIKE first cuz at the end of the day, you have to truly LIKE who that person is in order for it to work. I think this is where a lot of ppl fall head over heels and start changing statuses to say "______ is SoooOO in LuV w/my new BOO". Go on ahead. Tell the world or at least the ppl on your friends list. If that person moves you to speak... do so...(Just call me LOW. You get it... my last name is Key... LOW KEY,LOL... I digress). All in all, I like to call this STAGE 1.
Then the interesting stuff happens... Suddenly, you start to see FLAWS....::insert Law & Order sound effect::Whatever the flaws may be... they begin to flesh themselves out. U get to see the person that they truly are.... No game, no makeup (lol), just the real. It's at this point that you have to decide.... Are these flaws deal-breakers??? can I handle that he has no swag?? Can I handle that he is so close with his baby mama??? Can I handle the fact that she's not the perfect dime I met in the club; more like a regular *ss 7?? Or can I handle the fact that she likes to party??? You have to decide. This is where many of the "things," that I refuse to call relationships, go down hill.... Then the fb relationship status becomes... "It's complicated". Whomp whomp! This is STAGE 2.
Then the **amazing** stuff happens.... You successfully pass stage 2. You like each other and you know each others flaws, but you're still hanging in there..(now that's not to say that you won't discover more flaws along the way).... Congratulations... you have a RELATIONSHIP.... and you've made it to STAGE 3! This is where you build. This is where you grow. This is where you make that decision.... Can this last?? Forever?? More importantly.... What can I do to make this work??? And you fall... IN LOVE.... hard as h*ck! Don't get me wrong, relationships fail here too! Why? because ppl don't wanna put in the EFFORT! They want love to be soooo easy. If it was easy, we'd be able to pick it up at the local store right along with milk and the EASY button... but that ain't the case. Cuz neither exist... Easy Love or that d*rn Easy button....And that's my case....
So... whether love hurts or not... why I say it does....
Emotionally, whether we wear our hearts proudly like our favorite shirts or hide em like the bad underwear you shouldn't have worn when you knew d*rn well you was gettin some tonight, we are fragile. We have expectations that aren't always met in relationships. We get hurt. We find out things that we can't handle. Things happen, ppl change. We love hard. We cry harder. Mostly at stage 2.Speaking from personal experience.... love hurts constantly.... It hurts to be away from the significant other. It hurts to know that this might not last forever. It hurts to know that there are ppl out there that don't want you to be happy in your relationship, so they wanna throw a monkey wrench all up in yo ish. Just being in love hurts... you know... that whole achy feeling in your heart.... That breath-takin, beat-skipping thump. You know what Lauryn Hill said.... When it hurts so bad... why does it feel sooooo goood?? (That's my song, cuz it's sooo tru).
And here's another thing...I know that what ppl really mean to say is... "when someone loves you, they would never intentionally mean to hurt you." but LOVE does hurt!In most cases when this should be said, you have to think logically thru the pain... when they did whatever they did... do you really think they meant to hurt u? Maybe it isn't about U! Maybe it's just about them!!!
Just rantin on love.... let me know what you think.... Plz Comment...
QOTWk: For the fellas... If you like a girl, why are you hesitant to say so???

Spring 2009 Nooka

I need these. The Nooka Spring line introduces Cyan and Magenta as the newest and brightest Aluminums to date; the line also brings a new face to the series- ZENV. Each watch sports matching bright polyurethane bands and aluminum cases. Also unique to the new releases is a subtle three-dimensional design etched into the band which continues seamlessly across the watch’s face.

Budden Getting Inked Up

So Joe Budden is getting a sleeve done. I am a fan of body art myself so I thought I'd share the beginning of his sleeve with you guys. I'm thinking about getting another tat in another random spot. Any ideas guys of what I should get or where I should get it.


Align Center
As promised that new heat from DJ MoonDawg. Oh and the special treat of course ,check the presidential address by yours truly intro and outro and the Shout out to Snewty on the intro to track 7, Lupe Fiasco This is For My Niggas track. This mixtape is heat, download it ASAP and get it into your rotation. Good shit MoonDawg.
1. Presidential Address
2. DJ Drama ft Ludacris, Willie The Kid & Busta Rhymes-My People Will Be Heard
3. Mikkey Halsted-The News pt. 2
4. La The Darkman-Like Thunder
5. Lonnie Mac-Cannon Freestyle
6. Willie The Kid, Marvo, Cory Gunz-A New Day
7. Lupe Fiasco-This Is For My Niggas
8. B.X.C.-Big Screen Freestyle
9. Willie The Kid-What They Wanna Hear
10. Ace Boogie (of F.O.C.)-Higher Than A Priestess
11. Hot 2 Def ft Co-Still-Up & Down
12. Lonnie Mac-Top Chopped Off
13. Twista ft OJ Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane-Walkin On Ice
14. GLC ft Trouble Man-If I Never
15. Infamous Syndicate (Shawnna & Teefa)-Don't Stop
16. Willie The Kid ft SupaNatra-Money In The Bag
17. Bo Deal ft OJ Da Juiceman-My Niggas Love Dough
18. Marvo-Hating Now
19. Napalm Don ft Shawn Boyd-Just Go Back
20. Fly Union-When We
21. Lupe Fiasco-Street Stories
22. Tekh Togo-Time
23. Willie The Kid-Gun Smoke
24. F.O.C.-Money Talks
25. DJ Drama ft The Dream, La The Darkman & Too Short-Stripper Love
26. Stimulus Package Delivered

Download HERE

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Make sure you come check this out if you are in Chicago this Wed, 2morrow. My boys UHB and R.O.E will be performing and I got tickets for you on deck as well for the 10. Just hit the email.

Video Tuesday

Videos you need to check out

I agree with what they say regarding publication credibility and how something gets published and it's etched in stone as readers thinking tis the truth.....thats the ultimate FAIL

By far the funniest commercial.. Nike continues to do there thang on the marketing tip I swear


GLC flow has always been rather peculiar to me but I like this track. The production is nice and his lyrics are on point as well. This is the first track off his up and coming mixtape.

Monday, May 11, 2009

T.K Supra's

I dig these. TK Society Supra Sneakers

Designer FaceMask

Shakes Head lol.. if your interested google Irina Blok

UBIQ eL Crash Hello Kitty

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