Friday, May 22, 2009

Candi Corner

Another week in the books people. So whose BBQ'ing for Memorial Day Weekend, I need a plate thankyou. Let's see what transpired this week. Oh yes if you guys haven't wished DyvineDyalogue a happy BDay please do so, she turned the duece tre this past week. Also MzJlyn, became an offical member of the degree club this week, congrats girl. We all hit the Buddha last nite, it was crackin I must say, and I was in rare form. Oh yea your girl is officially a grad student as well, I started school this week.
I had a bit of a mid life crisis today, my little sister goes on Prom tonight, but I'm aight now. Anywho I'mma get out of here. I'll catch you guys Monday of course, unless anything ridiculously dope drops and I think its of value to the So Snewty community over the weekend. Oh you can catch me at Vain possibly tonight and Le Passage 2morrow gettin it crackin. Oh go see Angels and Demons. I thought it was a tight movie but I'm a bit of a nerd so hey,I like history.

This weeks Candy is one of my favorites. Sour Patch Kid Watermelon slices. I love these things so much I'll even buy the 2 for a $1 walgreen/ jewel generic jumpoffs. If you have yet to try these.. smack yourself

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