Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wasup everybody Happy Belated Mothers Day to all my mother readers. I had a dope weekend that included
-hella fruit snacks; gushers, fruit by the foot, fruit rollups, and walmart smiley faces boxes currently stacked in my room( shout outs to Daykeeper for that and Ant for allowing me to burn his gas and take me to the store in the wee hours of the morning and then coping me a slushy from Sonic)
-Received my Drake tickets in the mail for the show this Friday
-I heard the tracks that are gonna be on that Don Cannon DJ MoonDawg mixtape ( shout outs to MoonDawg that mixtape is gonna be a serious problem and when it drops theres a special treat on there for you Snewty subscribers),
-went to the boat and lost (didn't gamble my money though, so it was a win win lol) but damn insomniacs stay at the boat I swear, I left at 3:30am and people were walking around bright eyed and bushy tailed and it was still juking.
-Solidified my love for DJ's who know how to put it down ..on the turntables of course
-Celebrated with my peoples cause pinky got his degree ( shouts out to BNic) and came up on 5 dollars after running back to the Rock and Roll McDonalds to get DyvineDialogue's blackberry she left. (Some nice girl going on prom picked the blackberry up and a coupon book that had 5 bucks lodged in it and gave it to us, I def was excited when the 5 dollars fell on the ground and about the coupon book until a certain somebody flexed on me and took it from me..cough cough Landon. We all ended up at Leg Room up north getting it crackin and at the McDonalds on Chicago tweaking with the bums. I didn't get in the crib till 5:30 am..good times, Nick, Tasha, Landon, April, BNic, Beau we definitely have to do that again.
- Had a good laugh at the expense of a guy who I guess you can say I dated ha and as of recently is now trying to be my friend (I see right threw the old work the friend angle routine though)and in the midst of a friendly conversation, ya know convos about nothing, he was just like "You know what fuck it i cant front you'd be perfect, I want you to be my girl ( I choked lowkey and was like as in girlfriend)....... FAIL ..moving right along
-Had a good laugh or two at the expense of the Rhianna photo scandal ( she def gets creativity points for the photo with I miss you smeared on the mirror)
-My brother bought a Land Rover( I will be stunting in that this summer yessir)
-took my Mom( pictured above) and Grandma out for Mothers Day and capped my Sunday off by getting HP to fix my laptop for the free ( yessssss)

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