Friday, May 8, 2009

Candi Corner

As usual its the end of the week. This week went by fast I must say though. I truly do hope you guys have a good weekend and as usual if some heat leaks over the weekend I'll be sure to post it, other than that I'll catch ya on Monday. Before I get into the candy of the week check out this Trey Songz First Date Sex over the birthday sex beat.. hilarious.

And now for the Candy of the week
Yes Rips these can be purchased at a Walgreens or CVS near you. The best thing about this candy other than taste is that it is not made with gelatin, which contains pork. If you like sour candy then these are definitely a go. My thought of the week is why is it hard for people to keep promises or rather merit there words with actions. It is just a personal petpeeve of mind but I hate when people tell me they are going to do something and don't. I mean I do understand people forget. I know my memory is piss poor, sometimes I can't remember what I did yesterday lol, but when do you draw the line between a slip of the mind and good intentions in a promise and lack of actions to mean a lack of significance as it relates to you. I think repetition of the same action tends to lean to the lack of significance spectrum, especially when people know you have that petpeeve. That said I've found the old colloquies to be rather handy as of lately, " believe half of what you see and none of what you hear ... and expect the worst and hope for the best. Have a good weekend everyone


X said...

and you know who put you on those :-)

L-Bourgies said...

I think that overall, people who make promise after promise and don't keept them should be rendered socially inept. It is one thing to say you're going to do something, but to promise means you've given another person the notion that they can count on you. The word promise encompasses peoples hopes. And I think that people who get peoples hopes up, whether in a relationship or otherwise, should do their best to not dash them. And if it must be done, at least the promise breaker could have the decency to step to the person as an adult and explain the situation that led to the promise being broken.

All in all, if a person keeps making promises, then becomming Mr. Or Ms. Missing In Action when it's time to deliver, they really ain't shit and I wouldn't trust a damn thing that comes out of their mouths. Period.

Isis said...

X- I see your not dead

L-Bourgies- well put now if only yo ass would enlighten the blog world on a regular basis.. these fools need to be educated

L-Bourgies said...

HA! Isis the game is to be sold not told. I accept cash and all major credit cards.

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