Saturday, May 2, 2009

Isis Theme Songs at the Moment ( Best I Ever Had Remix and We F**k You Remix)

So yes I have moments from time to time and I am currently having one of those moments. Drake is talking about me in Best I Ever Had lol... but check out the remix with Nicki Minaj. She is slowly growing on me and I like her verse on this. She gets to jump on everything because at the moment female emcees are scarce. Hollywood Snax where you at man , lets do this lol. Then make sure you check out Electrik red- We Fuck You remix with Ludacris. "Choosey Lover who picks her bones".. need I say more. If this track gets enough exposure it'll definitely blow up because it's a ladies anthem. However I will smack any female I hear singing this song who has no business. You definitely have to qualify, if you've ever given it up for any reason other then your own personal wants, don't sing this. Listen to the tracks via the youtube videos and then if you like I got the dirty versions for download right underneath.

Best I Ever Had Remix- Download

We F**k YOu Remix ft Ludacris- Download

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