Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trey Songz- Brand New Video

Trey Songz - Brand New

Well I must say I wasn't expecting this. It appears Mr Songz has bulked up and the tats on his back are hot.......no further comments needed lol.

Rain Rain Rain

I'm having a bit of a dismal day sitting here listening to Ryan Leslie (five bucks to anyone who can guess what song) surfing the net and twittering away. It's one of those reassess my life days. So I feel like posting cool ish I've come across in the midst of my mood.

If you like the 80's type look
- check out the 80s and 90s re-sale store at 1112 N. Ashland in Chicago, IL. I came across this jacket and immediately flash backed to my childhood. I know you guys remember when the track fits were hot and you could here somebody coming a mile away because of the swish sound they made when they walked..lol

Not Really into Video Games But
The graphics are starting to get ridiculous . I saw this screen shot and thought it was a clip from a real ass football game, not a video game.

Customization in Madden 10

Accelerated clock is in, There is now a “Game Speed” setting with five different levels to choose from, a “Player Speed Differential” which will affect the range of speed between ratings, and “Coach Mode” which will see the CPU taking over control of the QB.

If I had millions of dollars I would
- do like the software designer just did who payed N.A.S.A to go into space on the space shuttle that launched the other week. Seeing pictures like this just really makes me want to go out of this world literally. I owned a telescope when I was younger ( yes I had a telescope) and would go out in my backyard and hopes to catch a glimpse of the stars despite the city light interference.

IMAGE of the Nebulae via National Geographic

On days like this I wish I had....
- My Camera
I found myself looking at some photos online... I like Gordon Park's work ( He has some of the most prolific photos)

I always wanted to play.....
-the saxophone when i was younger but my parents would never buy me one.. definitely still on my list of things to do and will be my next instrument after I master these 1200's and kill xklusive in this battle lol. Well thats all folks for today I've turned the Ryan Leslie off and switched to the Coltrane and Miles Davis, fitting for a rainy day like this. If you've never heard Round Midnight check it out by the Miles Davis Quintet.

Twista- Wetter ( Get It Wet pt 2) Video

Ahh to be in Chicago.. I heard some chick snappin about how a dude insisted upon her calling him daddy as a result of this song.

Jadakiss- Pain and torture

Heres a track off the album The Last Kiss thats to be released April 17th. I had to post it cause I'm definitely Jadakiss fan. I found myself bumping Money Power Respect the other day for old times sake.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Candy Apple

So here is a treat from me to you. Big Pooh’s latest vehicle is a street-LP entitled, Delightful Bars, and there will be four different versions of Delightful Bars made accessible, including a special iTunes only version (referred to as the Candy Apple version), which will be released on 3-24-09 and the North American retail version of Delightful Bars (referred to as the North American Pie Version) will be released on 5-5-09.

Delightful Bars lead-single is the Khrysis produced “The Comeback” and its accompanied by the OhNo produced B-Side “Radio” and is further bolstered by guest spots from Pooh’s Justus League cohorts (Chaundon, Joe Scudda, Jozeemo, Big Dho & Darien Brockington) Jay Rock, Torae and production from Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Jake One, Illmind, Young RJ, The Co-Op and OhNo.

For Pooh, what he initially planned to be a mixtape took on a new life after a few particularly productive studio sessions as he affirms “this is some of my best work to date as a solo artist. I started off recording for a mixtape, but I had a plethora of material that deserved a presentation much larger than a mixtape. Delightful Bars was born from the Dirty Pretty Things, Rapper's Delight, and The Recipe recording sessions. The fans will find that this project serves as the perfect bridge between Sleepers and my upcoming sophomore solo album Dirty Pretty Things.
1.) Intro
2.) The Release (produced by Illmind)
3.) Power f/ O. Dash (produced by Khrysis)
4.) The Comeback (produced by Khrysis)
5.) Radio (produced by OhNo)
6.) Hands Up f/ Chaundon and Roc C (produced by Khrysis)
7.) On The Real f/ Jozeemo and E. Ness (produced by Khrysis)
8.) Nothing Less f/ Ab Soul, Jay Rock and K. Dot (produced by Young RJ)
9.) Move f/ Darien Brockington (produced by Phonix)
10.) Roll Call f/ Jozeemo, Chaundon, and Joe Scudda (produced by The Co-Op)
11.) The Life f/ Mushinah (produced by Khrysis)
12.) Rearview Mirror (produced by 9th Wonder)
13.) OUTRO

Please check out tracks 11 and 12 those have definitely been on repeat for me.
Download Album -http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HWIA3RDJ

Prince drops album

So I'm not sure if you guys have heard about prince dropping a three disc album this year. If the first 2 albums are done and should be at a local store near you. The album is called Lotus Flow3r. I definitely dig the first 2 cds and Prince gets extra points in my book for this dope ass album cover. I'll go ahead and let you guys check the album cover out but I'm not leaking any of his songs on this blog. I don't make enough money to fight that lawsuit lol. But if you interested in the album hit me up .

Twitter teams Up with On Star

So as if the twitter craze wasn't enough already, there has been a proposed OnStar integration.
"Gearlive received quite the interesting survey from OnStar this week, with a paragraph clearly explaining how Twitter integration would work should it come to the in-car alert / communication system. Essentially, the system could be programmed to read back tweets directed at you and convert your voice to text in order to upload new tweets. Envision this: you tweet that you're headed to Forks, Washington, and you ask your thousands of followers to name a good place to buy garlic. Magical, no? (Endgadget)
Considering that Twitter is just like text messaging I think this idea is kind of funny and in some cases would be convenient. Speaking of twitter you can hit your girl up and follow me the name is Isissosnewty.

Jeezy Don't Do It Video

So I am a Jeezy fan but the real reason I saw this video and decided to post it is because I took a walk down memory lane earlier. S Dot, Tk, and I made a snowman in college when there was this nasty snow storm and named him Jeezy. Jeezy wasn't your average snowman he had a blunt in his mouth and a cup in his hand. I had to post the video after remembering that shit.

Elevator Creativity

I am definitely a fan of creative advertising and marketing. This definitely caught my eye. It was a promotional tool used by a Swiss skydiving school. The images of the city skyline make it extremely clear what Swiss Skydive.org can do for you. Check it out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rapper Big Pooh- The Comeback Video

This is his single off his upcoming LP Delightful Bars. I'm a Little Brother fan so of course I mess with Big Pooh.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

OJ Da Juiceman - Make Da Trap Say Ay (feat. Gucci Mane) Video

Juiceman's teeth were killing me this whole video and Gucci looks liked he bulked up a bit while in jail.

Friday, March 27, 2009

GLC ft Kanye West- Big Screen Video

Bobby Valentino ft Gucci Mane and Yung Joc- Drink Up

For some reason Bobby V has become annoying to me as of late but I kinda like this song.

Electrik Red- So Good Remix ft Lil wayne

I like this song lol. Lil Wayne sounds like he was high as shit though when he went in the booth and I expected him to come much better then he did on this.


Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swag Serf Remix

The Ny remix, Fabulous, Juelz Santana, Red Cafe, and Maino

thanks kidlegend

Throwback Thursday

MGTM- Electric Feel

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pacific Division- Shut Up

This song knocks.


Q-Tip We fight We Love remix

Check this out. It's the remix with Kanye and Consequence on it. Personally We Fight We Love was one of my personal favorite songs off the album.


New Mos Def 09

I love it when artist show creativity. This is definitely a dope promo for Mos Def Album.

Sophia Fresh What it Is Video

I been messing with this song for a minute now glad to see a video.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As SDot Turns...

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air... yes his hair is gold... yes he has on that same suit Carlton wears all the time... and yes he has a purse and some moccasins on... you can't see them... but they were burgundy.

On this blog-isode of "As SDot Turns..." my birthday came and went, got inebriated, recovered... now back to business. Shot out to all my friends that came out to support the anniversary of my birth. There was like 20 of us hardbody at dinner. I showed up like 40 mins late... but that's allowed since it was my day. After dinner we headed downtown to this one lounge... but found out that racism still exists in this world. They were not tryin' to let my crew in... only bottle service because they were at "capasity". Oh but soon as we turn our backs they let the group of Caucasian people in with no problem. Not only did I have a hook up from a promoter... I had like a group of 20... mostly females... (blank stare) come on now. Word on the street is that they were keeping out asians and blacks... I shake my head. But whatever, I took my party elsewhere. Across the street as a matter of fact. And I'm happy I did. At the end of the night... as we're all walking back to our vehicles, the promoter from the other joint stopped me and apologized and said he was leaving the venue for good. So all in all... I had a good time. Besides the fact that one of my friends attacked another one of my friends... and then tried to fight another... then we proceeded to drop her off at her "boyfriend's" house but he wouldn't answer his phone so she decides to jump through his window. True story. And that's the abridged version. Haven't heard from her since.

Anyway, I got all that I asked for... and more. So I thank you. I especially got to talk to someone VERY special that I haven't talked to in a min... so good lookin'. And to the guy that stopped me on my way out and told me that you'd lick whip cream off of me... you could get it. *Insert Bobby Valentino - "BEEP" here*... but only the remix. Until next time... if nobody loves you... SDot loves you. Next time I wanna hit on the subject of pretenders, swagger jackers (yes you) and simp as simpletons (definitely you).

I'm On a Boat!!!!

This is funny. I'm on a Boat Bitch!!

The Lonely Island- Im on A Boat ft T Pain

Keri Hilson- Knock You Down ft Neyo and Kanye West Video

Ludacris ft Shawna- Everybody Drunk as F***


Ludacris and Shawna are working on an album "Battle of the Sexes". I am looking forward to this.


The Ex-O-Fit returns in a new style from Reebok and some new colorways. First is the white with gum sole, and the black patent leather version. Also included are blue and purple leather. Of course given the name they include the strap. It’s nice to see some simple colorways coming from Reebok.

Boooo!!!! but can't hate on reebok for trying lol

PFD Spyder Table

Fly table= 7500 price tag

Lanvin Sneakers

I like these

I like these!!!

So I've seen these flaoting around the net in orange but I spotted them in green and decided to post them. The shoe has satin and pearls on them. Thats definitely some Snewty shit and these babies pack a pretty hefty price tag fellas.

Monday, March 23, 2009

NEWBO's The Rise Of America's New Black Overclass

Food for thought. This totally changed my perception on Cash Money and Bob Johnson. Check it out.

Ciara ft Justin Timberlake - Love sex and Magic Video

Wow! is all I have to say Ciara is tryna give Beyonce some go..like I'll show you how to put on a bodysuit and get it in.

Fellas Take Notes

Every dude should take notes from this track, Trey Songz " Rockin That Thang". The shit he talkin bout is how it should be forever put down lol.


Real T@lk explains theory on Beautiful Bustdowns

When he hit it he say Burrrr!!!!

So I been running around yelling Nicki Minaj verse all weekend for some odd ass reason and since its stuck in my head why not spread the ignorance. This is one of my favorite Gucci songs for off Nicki Minaj verse alone and I figured hey why not post it to the blog.
Gucci Mane ft Nicki Minaj- Slumber Party

Item for Shoe Feene

So I'm a shoe feene I will admit so this definitely caught my eye and I think it's kinda of a neat twist to the tradition shoe racks. What do you guys think? It is called the Rakku Shoe Wheel.

Fly Luggage Tags

I ran across these and thought they were pretty fly. Im thinking about copping these for when I travel.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Fair 2009

So I don't have any kids but some of my readers might and then some of my readers just may be a big kid like me. I seriously got excited when I saw these toys that are slated to hit the market. Can someone buy me them :)
Fisher-Price My Toon TV Console

My Toon TV lets kids become a toon character and perform on the TV in live cartoons.
Kids can use the built in camera in the My Toon TV console to take a photo and then choose a toon character body to create their customized toon hero. The cartoons shown on My Toon TV are funny dance skits. There are 5 songs pre-loaded, but kids can connect their iPod to play their own songs.
The role play "microphone" lets kids select characters and capture screen grabs.
The Fisher-Price My Toon TV will go on sale in June for $69.99.

Fisher-Price unveiled a cool new interactive TV connected toy dubbed Splatster at the Toy Fair 2009 in New York.
The Splatster lets kids paint with a virtual pen. The Splatster console offers three modes to play. In the first mode kids get to choose to paint with unique brushes in 8 different virtual worlds. The brushes include spaghetti or whipped cream. The 2nd mode lets kids paint colorful works of art that also can be saved on Splatster or printed.
The 3rd mode offers arcade style painting games.
As far as I can see Splatster users a camera to track the movements of the kids in front of the TV. I assume there is also a motion sensor in the paint brush controller as well.
Splatster will go on sale in July for $54.99.

Boxed Water?

Boxed Water is the brand and it is sold in Michigan. They've lowered the carbon footprint by shipping their unfilled recyclable containers flat to the water source, keeping the cargo pollution to a minimum while maximizing the capabilities of the carton, which can be broken down again post-consumption

AT&T Confirms Contract- Free IPhones

AT&T has now confirmed that commitment-free iPhones are going to happen -- soon, in fact. As of next Thursday, you'll be able to waltz into the AT&T store of your choice and pick up an 8GB or 16GB unit for $599 and $699 and not have to worry about a 2 yr contract. Thats really pricey but for all the ballers out there I'm sure this is right up their alley.

Flying Car Word to the Jettsons

As a car, the two-seat Transition is designed to be easy on garages and oncoming traffic--its wings fold up quite snugly. In folded mode, the approximately 19-foot-long vehicle is 80 inches wide, and 6 feet, 9 inches high. As an airplane, it stands a few inches shorter and has a wingspan of 27 feet, 6 inch. The vehicle runs off unleaded fuel from your run-of-the-mill gas station for both terrestrial and aerial travel, cruising at highway speeds on land and better than 115 miles per hour in the air. The company Terrafugia hopes to make the car/plane available in 2011 for $200,000. According to the company, more than forty people have put down the $10,000 deposit for the new aircraft,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's the Weekend!!

It's the weekend technically speaking from a college student perspective. So in lue of this here is my get intoxicated and wild out to track. I'm feeling hood lol.

Mannish Man ft DG Yola- Throw It Up

Pacific Division

So I've always heard this groups name but never took the time to check out any of there music. I like these guys, big ups to Binky and his Chrewd connect for sending me this track and putting me on game. Pacific Division hails from Cali. The group consists of brothers, Like and Mibbs, along with longtime friend BeYoung. In 2006, the unsigned group landed on the pages of many magazines, Vapors, Skope, Urb, Source, XXL, Billboard, Rolling Stones, 944 Magazine, 8.5 and VIBE. The group found a home with Universal Motown Records and readying for their debut release, Grown Kid Syndrome in summer of 2009. Pac Div is crafting their album and focused on making sure their live show is well…live. The group has toured domestically and internationally with heavy hitters and tastemakers alike: Nas, Q-tip, Busta Rhymes, The Cool Kids, ICE- T, and Ludacris.

Listen to there track Mayor-

Cam'ron - Caveman

Ahh Cam back to himself so refreshing I swear.

Listen Hear- http://www.zshare.net/audio/57234317f68d8e0e/

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charles Hamilton Loser

Yea I know this guys all over the net but hey Im posting this video off the shit he talks at the end.. "My names Charles Hamilton and I just proved my point, I'm Nice, if you dont agree with it fuck you" hahaha classic

Wa'Jee FCS has Arrived

So I introduced this artist to the blogging world a little earlier this year, and now his second project is finished. I was definitely surprised when I came home only to find, Food Clothes and Shelter in my email box. This project is definitely worth the wait and download. I get excited when I hear good music from an artist thats on his grind. What's even more impressive is that the production credits on the album belong to another grinding Chi City native, Issues, who definitely did his thing on the beat side. The album cover is also dope. I'm one of those people who buy albums for the artwork. Keep it up Wa'Jee!!

Imma let you hear two of the tracks off FCS and I guarantee you'll download the album.

Rappers Funeral ft Chi City-
See The Sun-

Download Food Clothes and Shelter- http://www.mediafire.com/file/ttmyyy2m5gj/FCS_WAJEE.zip

SB Stefan Janoski

These are dope and I;d love to see them on a guy.

Project Fr3sh

So if your anything like me and you live in Chicago, you try to get out to some of the clubs and venues and see what artist are on the rise and capable of giving a quality performance. I will say that this group most definitely caught my eye. Project Fr3sh are three keys hailing from Maywood Il. with styles similar to Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Common, they are a true product of Chicago and it is evident when ever they are on stage. They have worked with artist such as Keisha Cole, Young Berg, RhymeFest,
Brand Nubian and Juelz Santana,to name a few.

Check out there track Addicted. http://www.zshare.net/audio/57210574b3978343/


Also here is there myspace page http://www.myspace.com/projectfreshmuziq. If you are gonna be in the Chi this Thursday make sure to check them out at the Swagger Lounge from 7:00- 10:00pm

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Fabolous and Dream...

"Throw It In The Bag"... check it out


3 more days bitches!!

Real T@lk Basement Boogie


Cody Chesnutt- What Kinda Cool

I know you all saw Block Party and this guy may sound familiar. If you aren't up on Cody please take this time to put yourself on.


Huey ft Trey Songz- No Make Up video

UGK- Still On the Grind


Monday, March 16, 2009

88 Keys - Stay Up Video

Air Yeezy!

I just happened to be on my mans blog www.fashiongeekclothing.net when I saw his entry about these joints. I dont own this shoe. It does look dope tho and I will have it, when is a mystery to me tho. Let me know what you guys think about them.

Weekend Drop

So here are some tracks that I was blessed with over the weekend.

First off the Keri Hilson leaked..yes I'ma just give yall two tracks off that album that I'm feeling. Lowkey I damn there have leaked the whole album over the course of the past few months.
Tell Him the Truth- http://www.zshare.net/audio/57062649ec36c641/ ( sexy track)
Where Did He GO- http://www.zshare.net/audio/571178526b1a2163/

Jadakiss Feat Swiss Beatz& O.J Da Juiceman-

Meedah ft Joe Buddens- Ground Breaking News

Mario- Weather Girl

Yung Joc ft Pleasure P- Meet Me at the Bar (Yung Joc on some other for this album)

and let us not forget that Gucci Mane was released and made this song... shakes head
track is called Fresh Out. some exclusive shit you know how i do..

Apple's First IPhone

I saw this and had to post it haha Apple was even up on game back in 1983..peep the very first Apple IPhone

Nike Blazer High- Nintendo Wii

Nuthin turns me on more then a guy whose kick game, sneakers, casuals, etc are on point. These are hot.

Air Jordan V " Raging Bull"

Hmmmmmm.. thoughts anyone
scheduled to drop May 2009

Budden - In My Sleep Video

I love when directors take an artistic perspective with videos. I like this video but hey I'll admitt I'm biased I'm an official Budden groupie :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Must Be Love

NEw Cassie track featuring her Lowkey lover P Diddy lol. These fools talking bout each other on this track to, shakes head.

Alexxys Tylor "Black Men Were Taught To Be Promiscuous By Slavemasters"

I can't believe it, say it aint so. Is this an actual clip of Alexxys Tylor, she's not cursing and she looks very nice. I see she on her professional tip and shes even dropping that knowledge.

Showing Love

So I'm just waking up, sad I know, but I had a long night. I didn't get in the crib till 4am. I received word that Mr. Birthday Sex, Jeremih got siged to Def Jam and has a Coke endorsement as well. Congratulations again my dude.

Check Out Real T@lk with this nice beat from his producer Authentik Made. He was working on the beat so it's not done yet. You can also check him out performing tonight if you are gonna be in the Chi, at Galleria Unico at 9pm.

Lastly but not least check out this Allen- Ritchey Productions skit called Harriet Tubman. They doing there thing on the comic production side. This is a classic and should tide you over until they send me there new stuff.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chrisette Michele- Ephiphany

Here is her video for her first single off her album Ephiphany due out May 19th

Check out Drake making his video cameo lol

Air Max 95s New Colorways

Gotta love the 95s ahhh

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