Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

I'm having a bit of a dismal day sitting here listening to Ryan Leslie (five bucks to anyone who can guess what song) surfing the net and twittering away. It's one of those reassess my life days. So I feel like posting cool ish I've come across in the midst of my mood.

If you like the 80's type look
- check out the 80s and 90s re-sale store at 1112 N. Ashland in Chicago, IL. I came across this jacket and immediately flash backed to my childhood. I know you guys remember when the track fits were hot and you could here somebody coming a mile away because of the swish sound they made when they walked..lol

Not Really into Video Games But
The graphics are starting to get ridiculous . I saw this screen shot and thought it was a clip from a real ass football game, not a video game.

Customization in Madden 10

Accelerated clock is in, There is now a “Game Speed” setting with five different levels to choose from, a “Player Speed Differential” which will affect the range of speed between ratings, and “Coach Mode” which will see the CPU taking over control of the QB.

If I had millions of dollars I would
- do like the software designer just did who payed N.A.S.A to go into space on the space shuttle that launched the other week. Seeing pictures like this just really makes me want to go out of this world literally. I owned a telescope when I was younger ( yes I had a telescope) and would go out in my backyard and hopes to catch a glimpse of the stars despite the city light interference.

IMAGE of the Nebulae via National Geographic

On days like this I wish I had....
- My Camera
I found myself looking at some photos online... I like Gordon Park's work ( He has some of the most prolific photos)

I always wanted to play.....
-the saxophone when i was younger but my parents would never buy me one.. definitely still on my list of things to do and will be my next instrument after I master these 1200's and kill xklusive in this battle lol. Well thats all folks for today I've turned the Ryan Leslie off and switched to the Coltrane and Miles Davis, fitting for a rainy day like this. If you've never heard Round Midnight check it out by the Miles Davis Quintet.

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