Thursday, July 31, 2008

Angela Simmons- Center of Attention Video

The Simmons family continue to get that paper, check out the song and video she made to continue to promote her pastry kicks line.

Big Boi ft Mary J. Blige- Sumthin Gotta Give

Victoria’s Secret Pink University Line to Include HBCU’s

Starting in the fall, five HBCU’s will be featured in the Victoria’s Secret Pink collegiate collection including Howard University, Florida A&M, North Carolina A&T, Hampton University, and Southern University.Initially the line, featuring just over 30 colleges and universities did not include one HBCU… That is until Amelia Reid, a sophomore at Howard University, put the fire under their pink covered bottoms.

Daily Humor- Bert and Ernie cover M.O.P song

Nelly new Underwear model for Sean John

Street Urinals WoW

street urinals are common place throughout Europe and Asia,

T.I. gets back at Shawty Lo Via the government

TI Stopped by Cincinnati’s #1 Night show host Don Juan Fasho of 101.1 The WIZ-FM to talk about all the things he always talks about his album, his artists, his movies, his clothing line….and all of the other things he got going on professionally. Wow I need to get like TI. Then that when he’s asked about Shawty LO. This is what he had to say.

"When you hear him being interviewed, what do you hear him talking about? ME- THAT’S IT!!! I’m all he got to talk about. So, I mean, if you was him… if you put yourself in his position and you saw that the only time people wanted to speak to you was when you was talking about TI what would you do? You would continue talking about TI. But you know what though, dog, you know I ain’t even mad at him you know what I’m saying. At this point I look at it.. it’s a marketing tool. You know what I’m saying. I see that’s the decision he made, you know, he think that that’s gonna get him to where he wanna be in life. So, what I’m looking in to, since I’m the reason for all of his income this year….. since all the shows he’s getting is based off of me and my name… I’m gonna see if I can claim him as a dependent on my taxes. I’m gonna try and write him off on my taxes. And, you know, then I think we’ll be even!”

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Sidekick

The new Sidekick 2008 has been released today and packs a number of new features at a cheaper price. The Sidekick 2008 boosts a 2.0-megapixel camera, 2.6-inch display (400x240), video recording/playback, stereo Bluetooth, spell check, improved browser and IM, custom “shells”, and smaller form factor. The pricing for the phone is $149 with a two-year contract and is available online or at your local T-Mobile store.

Dj Drama and Ludacris- Gangsta Grillz Presents The Preview

01. And Starring... [ 01:44 ] ▐█
│ 02. Still Spittin [ 04:26 ] ▐█
│ 03. Dtp Magic (Feat. Willy NorthPole) [ 04:39 ] ▐█
│ 04. Get Up Get Out (Feat. Block Xchange) [ 04:46 ] ▐█
│ 05. So Thoro [ 02:21 ] ▐█
│ 06. The Vocalizer [ 01:45 ] ▐█
│ 07. Bigg Ass House [ 03:22 ] ▐█
│ 08. 2 Kings (Feat. I-20) [ 03:09 ] ▐█
│ 09. Politics As Usual [ 02:13 ] ▐█
│ 10. Look What I Got (Feat. Playaz Circle) [ 03:06 ] ▐█
│ 11. Pinky Shinin (Feat. Smallworld) [ 03:41 ] ▐█
│ 12. Sho'nuff (Feat. Lil Fate) [ 03:52 ] ▐█
│ 13. Ordinary Negroes [ 02:42 ] ▐█
│ 14. Throw It Up (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Busta Rhymes) [ 04:22 ] ▐█
│ 15. Coogi Down [ 02:58 ] ▐█
│ (Feat. LA The Darkman & Willie The Kid) ▐█
│ 16. I'm A Dog (Feat. Playaz Circle) [ 04:38 ] ▐█
│ 17. Smokin Big Kill (Feat. Shawnna) [ 02:37 ] ▐█
│ 18. Stay Together [ 04:01 ] ▐█
│ 19. We Ain't Worried Bout You [ 03:28 ] ▐█
│ 20. Roll The Credits [ 00:19 ] ▐█
│ 21. Been Puttin On [ 08:46 ] ▐█
│ ▐█
│ ▐█
│ ▐█

Put On Remix

So Jay hoped on the remix, check it out


Cassie ft Lil Wayne- Official girl
Nice message don't know how I feel about the song overall though, not to big of a fan of Cassie, she's hit or miss with the vocals. Maybe she was talking about diddy in this song.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best Buy trying to compete with Guitar Center

CHICAGO - Hoping to cater to everyone from the garage guitarist to a recording musician, Best Buy Co. Inc. is announcing a massive new initiative that sets aside store space for an array of musical instruments and gear in dozens of sites nationwide.

The nation's largest consumer electronics retailer will announce Tuesday that it plans to open as many as 85 of the music centers inside its stores by the end of the year and could add even more locations in the future, executives told The Associated Press.

Each site will use about 2,500 square feet of retail space and include roughly 1,000 different products with well-known brand names such as Fender, Gibson, Drum Workshop and Roland.

"We're not just extending the shelf space in the store, we're creating a designated area specifically for this experience," said Kevin Balon, the company's vice president of musical instruments. "And we're trying to create an authentic and genuine musical instrument store look and feel inside of Best Buy."

The Richfield, Minn.-based retailer — already an industry leader in sales of everything from digital cameras to video games — will use its headfirst jump into the $8 billion U.S. musical instrument market to carve out new revenue opportunities as sales of CDs and DVDs slow, experts said.

When the rollout is complete, Best Buy — already considered by many investors to be a global powerhouse in the electronics retailing world — will become the second-largest instrument seller in the country based on locations.

But some observers are cautious about whether the expansion efforts will reap big rewards, particularly as the nation's economy slows and consumers become even more particular about spending hard-earned paychecks.

"It's not a high-growth area and it's obviously going to take up a lot of real estate," said Morningstar retail analyst Brady Lemos.

Executives declined to comment on how much the company is investing in the project or how much they expect to gain from the store-within-a-store effort.

So far, ten sites are already open, including five in California, two in Illinois and two in Minnesota.

Best Buy's selection will include everything from accessories — picks, sheet music and cases — to high-end basses, guitars, keyboards and DJ equipment. Instruments will be housed in separate rooms and the company also plans to offer group music lessons.

Acoustic guitars will sell between $89.99 and $3,200 and drum kits will retail for as much as $5,000.

A selection of the offerings will also be available online in early August.

"However you want to play, if play means you're just learning and you want to play with a bunch of buddies, or you want to play on stage, we can support any of that," Balon said.

via yahoo news

Big Pooh- With You

A 9th wonder beat of course and an overall dope song. The video is of course low budget, but you gotta love little brother for doing there thang regardness of the lack of fan support they may get, check out this song.

Snewtiness Gone Wrong

So it's Tuesday and today I'mma post all the out of control stuff that has invaded the culture.

First Up we have Bow Wow and Soulja Boy- Marco Polo
Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are definitely making references to getting head in this song and I quote " last nite your girls forhead was on my abs" .. damn shame but the song is catchy

Next Up we have the Pied Piper himself. Yes ladies and gentleman 12 play 4th quarter has leaked and I'm granting you access to the sex filled album. Kels clearly doesn't give a damn cause this shit is ignant as hell.

01 Wanna Make A Baby 03:31
02 Hair Braider 04:06
03 Skin 03:33
04 Screamer 04:05
05 At the Same Time 04:58
06 Whole Lotta Kisses 04:32
07 Might Be Mine 04:17
08 Son of A bi*ch 02:26
09 Go Low 03:52
10 Freaky Sensation 04:32
11 Two Seater 03:30
12 Playas Get Lonely 04:20
13 Relief 03:31

Finnally we have T-wayne. Yes ladies and gentleman the "Got Money" video is out. T Pain and these damn top hats I swear and do these two have on matching shirts in the video.. he sings...he raps..shaking my head.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Daily Shoe Fix

Zanotti Fall Boot
The blue is def a hot color

Vans Cargo
These are definitely diffrent. I likes different and the khaki color is so refined.

I dig Shwayze

So usually I don't pay much attention to the reality shows that MTV Vh1 and BET put on the air. Recently they gave Shwayze a reality show. Don't get it twisted I still don't care about the show, but I must say I dig there sound..check out these two songs.

Corona and Lime-

Definitely Riding the Jazmine Sullivan Train

From what I've heard so far her songs are definitely relatable to most females. This is one of my fav tracks.
[URL=]jazmine_sullivan-lions__tigers___bears.mp3 - 4.79MB[/URL]

Llyod- Lessons in Love Album

Overall a pretty good album.

01- Sex Education [03:37]
02- Girls Around the World Feat Lil Wayne [03:50]
03- Treat U Good [04:09]
04- Year of the Lover [04:07]
05- I Can Change Your Life [03:29]
06- Lose Your Love [04:05]
07- Have My Baby [04:16]
08- Love Making 101 [04:04]
09- Party All Over Your Body [03:46]
10- Touched by an Angel [04:10]
11- I'm Wit it [03:05]
12- Heart Attack [03:24]


Spray On Condomn

German Scientist Jan Vinzenz Krause has spent recent years trying to make the world's most common prophylactic available in spray on form, as seen in picture. It works like a miniature car wash, employing a penis chamber lined with jets that distribute liquid latex. The entire process takes 10 seconds, with another 20 to 25 required for drying. But couples who don't want to miss a second will be happy to hear that the inventor is hard at work decreasing that time to 10 seconds. Krause is trying to get approval to put the item in mass production. However that should be one hell of a battle considering medical products, like condomns go through rigorous methods of approval.

It's Monday

Wasup everybody I hope you all had a good weekend, mines was decent. Anywho its the beginning of the week you already know. I think I'll kick the weekoff with some Chi town flavor. So we all know that the boycot of R Kelly has been gaining momentum, well these cats, JapCity from the Chi have made a song going HARD at Kels. Check it out.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trey Songz- Missin You Video

Hip Hop Wedges

Yves Saint Laurent 2008 Fall/ Winter

Def has a Snewty price tag

?uestlove has his own shoe

The Air Questo

Full Song Jazmine Sullivan Bust The Windows in Your Car

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Plies -Please Excuse My Hands video

Murs and 9th Wonder- Sweet Lord
1. The intro
2. Are you ready?
3. Nina Ross
4. Free
5. And I Love It
6. Pusshhhhhh
7. It’s For Real
8. Marry Me
9. Love the Way
10. Murs Inatra

So Sexy

Prada 2008 low leather boot $340 ... I'd love to see a guy in these.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I like to Shoot

If you know me then you know that I like to take pictures. I also like gadgets to. I know its about to only be August but this is definitely going on my Christmas list. Samsung TL34HD has 14.7 mega pixels with a 720p high def movie mode.

Headphones fill Detox void

Legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre, Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine and leading audio/video accessories company Monster, announced today (July 22) via press release that their new Beats by Dr. Dre high definition powered isolation headphones will be available July 25th at Apple retail and online stores, Best Buy retail and online stores, as well as the official website, for a price of $349.95.

Dr. Dre says via press release: "Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound, but people can't really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can't handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line: the music doesn't move you. With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear and listen to the music the way they should - the way I do."

Kid Robot Big Bob Slug

This toy gives me a chuckle for some reason, any who you can cop it over at Kidrobot's site

High Heel Race

Red Square in Moscow, Saturday, July 19, 2008. Participants of the high heel run were challenged to race in stilettos of at least 9 cm (2.54 inches) That's crazy..I know their feet were hurting afterwards.

Raheem Devaughn Text Messages Video

Rihanna-Disturbia Video


So Here is Buddens spittin Who Pt 3 check it out he spit that real.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ya Girl Gotta Keep Her Shoe Game Up

So here are my next shoe pick ups I figured I'd share them with you guys. I love different shoes, be it heels,kicks, or flats.

Yubz -USB phones

If you find yourself on the internet constantly and you find yourself missing the old school phones that use to be in your moms kitchen or grandma's kitchen that you could craddle on your shoulder, Yubz has the solution. These phones plug into your computer or cellphone. It'll take instant messenger and calling other people form your computer to a whole new level.

Chandeliers with flavor

Check out these custom Chandeliers. It would definitely be dope to have a chandeliers in your crib in the shape of your favorite object...I think I'd do a music note.

Kels Heaven Chose you

With all the songs leaking Im reminded of the Chocolate Factory album that never was properly released. This song is pretty nice though. It has an old school vibe to it and Kels revisits what it is to make a true type love song,with out the freak body overtones... good job kels.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lupe- Commercial

Here is another unreleased Lupe track.. enjoy

I Put On Video- Jeezy

Finnally the video for this song. I'm so thirsty for the Recession album

Beyonce ft Az- New Shoes Remix

Ciara ft Ludacris- High Price

This has been floating around the net for a while in low quality. Here is a good quality version for your ears though.. enjoy.

Gorilla Zoe ft Lil Wayne- Lost

Let me know what you guys think.

New Trey Songz

So aside form his new haircut, Trey also has some new tracks that have hit the net off his new LP. I must say though I'm diggin the new look for Trey, it's about time he got rid of those braids. Here are some pictures floating around. In Ya Phone

Go See the Dark Knight

This movie def lives up to its hype.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Llyod ft Plies- Year of the Lover

Plies actually delivers a verse that doesn' refer to sex or the hood... interesting

Swizz Beatz- That Oprah

New R&B for your Summer

NeYO- Miss Independent ZSHARE =

Jazmine sullivan- In Love with Another Man-

Common- Gladiator

Here is common performing Gladiator another track off this album to drop soemtimes next month, Invincible Summer. The video isn't clear but the audio is pretty decent.

Terminator 4 Trailer

Common is slated to be in this movie check out the trailer. I find it funy that the govenor of California is still doing terminator movies.

Yung Berg's recent comments

“I’m kinda racist … I don’t like dark butts …. You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It’s rare that I do dark butts - that’s what I call dark skinned women … I [don't date women] darker than me."

Shaking my head, leave it to a Chicagoan to say something that will infuriate the public. Apparently Yung Berg has caught alot of static for this comment from the dark sistahs. I don't blame them don't refer to women as "dark butts"

Pharell's Lavin Sunglasses

Pretty Fresh Joints don't you think

In the Studio

Tweet is finishing up her 3rd album Love Tweet. The album will have no guest appearances and is said to be themed as a love letter.

Dr dre's protege Bishop Lamont confirms Eminem is back in the studio working on his next solo album after a 4 year hiatus. The album has no release date as of now.

Kim Porter Gets Reality show on Lifetime

So Kim Porter, the mother of 3 of Diddy's kids is slated to have a reality show on Lifetime. They will gie a reality show to anyone now adays.

Method Man has a Comic

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chi town stand up

U.H.B bringing you that raw and uncut Chi town video. Check it out

Song is straight fiyyah

Thursday Treat

Don't say I ain't never blessed you guys with anything.


and the new MJG album as well


Team Blackout

So heres the single from Team Blackout. This of course is Rev run's sons group. I will say that the beat is definitely dope and the hook kinda catchy, but what do you expect his dad paid for top notch beats I suspect.

Ray J Gifts Remix ft Lil Wayne and the Game

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