Thursday, July 31, 2008

T.I. gets back at Shawty Lo Via the government

TI Stopped by Cincinnati’s #1 Night show host Don Juan Fasho of 101.1 The WIZ-FM to talk about all the things he always talks about his album, his artists, his movies, his clothing line….and all of the other things he got going on professionally. Wow I need to get like TI. Then that when he’s asked about Shawty LO. This is what he had to say.

"When you hear him being interviewed, what do you hear him talking about? ME- THAT’S IT!!! I’m all he got to talk about. So, I mean, if you was him… if you put yourself in his position and you saw that the only time people wanted to speak to you was when you was talking about TI what would you do? You would continue talking about TI. But you know what though, dog, you know I ain’t even mad at him you know what I’m saying. At this point I look at it.. it’s a marketing tool. You know what I’m saying. I see that’s the decision he made, you know, he think that that’s gonna get him to where he wanna be in life. So, what I’m looking in to, since I’m the reason for all of his income this year….. since all the shows he’s getting is based off of me and my name… I’m gonna see if I can claim him as a dependent on my taxes. I’m gonna try and write him off on my taxes. And, you know, then I think we’ll be even!”

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