Thursday, July 3, 2008

The 3rd in Chicago

So for myself personally it has always been routine for my family to head down to the Taste on the 3rd for the food and the fireworks. I swear the crowd on the 3rd is the biggest and most diverse crowd I've ever seen at a particular event. Well ladies and gentleman it's the 3rd so I'll be downtown along with it seems ever other Chicagoan in the city. Last year was really interesting for myself because I begin to notice a trend, now that I'm older in age. The amount of blacks in attendance has significantly increased and everybody comes geared up to the point where outfits are bought just for tonight. Last year I'll never forget that some Mike's dropped and on the foot of every black person down at the taste were these kicks, even with the typical Mike prices. . Mikes and white tees seemed to be the recurring theme last year. I can't wait to see what it'll be this year. The 3rd has become prime time to stunt for most and for others an opportunity to stack the summer roster with potentials. I will admit though, even with the ridiculous crowd and lack of being able to move as it nears the time for the fireworks to be shot off; the ambiance of the lake, fountain and colorful spectacle in the sky is definitely magical. So if you can get your Betty crocker on and basque in the moment you should take advantage of it.

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