Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Snewtiness Gone Wrong

So it's Tuesday and today I'mma post all the out of control stuff that has invaded the culture.

First Up we have Bow Wow and Soulja Boy- Marco Polo
Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are definitely making references to getting head in this song and I quote " last nite your girls forhead was on my abs" .. damn shame but the song is catchy

Next Up we have the Pied Piper himself. Yes ladies and gentleman 12 play 4th quarter has leaked and I'm granting you access to the sex filled album. Kels clearly doesn't give a damn cause this shit is ignant as hell.

01 Wanna Make A Baby 03:31
02 Hair Braider 04:06
03 Skin 03:33
04 Screamer 04:05
05 At the Same Time 04:58
06 Whole Lotta Kisses 04:32
07 Might Be Mine 04:17
08 Son of A bi*ch 02:26
09 Go Low 03:52
10 Freaky Sensation 04:32
11 Two Seater 03:30
12 Playas Get Lonely 04:20
13 Relief 03:31
link- http://link-protector.com/553096/

Finnally we have T-wayne. Yes ladies and gentleman the "Got Money" video is out. T Pain and these damn top hats I swear and do these two have on matching shirts in the video.. he sings...he raps..shaking my head.

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