Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why are you still here?

The party has moved to! Subscribe2this now serves as the archives for All future post will be made on trust me the party is definitely jumping over's BIGGER.. it's BADDER... it's BETTER!!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snewty 2.0 Explained

Hey Guys Snewty has moved on up to a deluxe apartment sure to check out subscribe2this's new home and check out all the categories and features we have.
New categories include:
Corner of enlightenment- Inspirational Quotes and messages every Monday to jump start your week
Business and Politics
24hr Twilight Dining- A list of all restaurants open 24 hrs in Chicago for your after club pleasure
Beauty- Skin care and tips and tricks for overall healthy hair and skin
Out and about- Movie Reviews, Travel spots to check out
Spoken Word Spotlight- Features a piece of poetry every week from an up and coming artist
The Champagne room- Houses Freaky Friday- All there is to know about sex and Smokers Section- all there is to know about that sticky
Club/Dj- A Section for Djs including new tracks to be played in the club as well as interviews ,mixtapes, and news about and from all up and coming djs

Of course we will still be bringing you the heat with the latest in music, videos, kicks, and technology.. oh and of course every Wednesday Dyvine Dyalogue

Friday, October 9, 2009

BlackBerry Bold 2 (Onyx)

The follow up to one the the dopest choices for CrackBerry addicts is rumored to drop on T-Mobile November 11th and on AT&T soon after. For everyone who text, tweet, and e-mail more than you talk, this is the upgrade you need for that battered keyboard.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Hi Top

Michael Lau 10th Gardener x Nike SB Stefan Janoski

These are Sick!!!!!!!!!!

New Wajee Track

Heres a new track from WaJee called "What You Need". produced by Joe Blow of Cold City Productions- that will supplement promotion for his new project, The Guilty Pleasure, to be released in mid-December. The meaning of The Guilty Pleasure project will somewhat be illustrated through the covers for the leaked tracks and the project. Wa'Jee decided to utilize the covers to illustrate his emotions about his place as an artist in Chicago's tough hip-hop community.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DyVineDyalogue 2.6

Hey all!

Forgive the brevity of this week’s DyVineDyalogue! I’m cooking up some good stuff for you all, but enjoy!


Love in this Club.

We all want love. We all want to love and be loved. So, like all other things that we want, we seek it out. When we want food, we go get it. When we want clothes, we go buy them. When we want love… we, somehow, always seem to end up at the club!

Ever been to a club? It’s crowded, dimly lit and has obnoxiously loud music. So, why, of all places, do we head there to look for Mr./Mrs. Right? I’ve asked people, on numerous occasions, if they’d date someone they met in a club. They always say no but, I find that the majority of the people at clubs don’t like being single and are looking for someone to be with. Soooo, you're looking for love, you head to the place where you’d never want to meet anyone?? That’s like saying I want a dope pair of ALDO heels and going to stand in Payless and watch the shoes… It’s stupid. So it’s either stupid or, deep down, people would date someone they met in the club even though they don't want to admit it!

And truth be told, I don’t think it’s anything wrong with it! Why do I think this? Because I go to clubs and I am an amazing person to meet! (*Sorry fellas, I’ve removed myself from the market!*) But, I do believe that there are some pretty dope people to meet in the club. You just have to be careful.

One of the main reasons why a club may not be conducive to meeting someone is the atmosphere. The fact that it is dimly lit, almost dark at times; and the music is too darn loud! Fellas, you know you’ve run across that female that looked so fine in the club but, at last call when they turned the lights on, you realized that shadows work wonders for her. And Ladies… I know you’ve seen that dude that had the body of Boris Kodjoe with the shades on and when he offers to walk you out the club and takes off the shades, you realize that he must be Gucci Mane’s twin brother. And on top of that, you got a headache from yelling and getting yelled at all night! (In my Ms. Sophia voice) Don’t do it… Don’t do it… it ain’t worth it. LOL. Now you got this “ug-a-boo” that just won’t go away! So my advice… stick to well lit places and chill spot lounges. And wait until last call when the lights come on to see if that “Halle Berry” is truly “Halle Beeeeeeerrrrrrry, Halle Berry!” Hahaha

Second, and the biggest issue is that people at the club are not their everyday selves! When I go to the club, I put on make-up and dress a certain way that I probably wouldn’t dress if I was going elsewhere. When I’m at the club, I drink; so, I’m a little bit more social than I normally am. If you met me in a club, I’d still be me; I’d just be the version of me that I want to be that night! Hahaha! And I’m sure this is true for everyone, especially females. Fellas, you come to the club too! You all stunt like you’re all ballers with your big shades and your fly guy swag. And at the end of the night, your boy is dropping you back off at your mom’s crib. Everyone is putting up some sort of front. It’s like we’re all playing this game. We all know the rules and no one ever questions it. This problem, however, cannot be overcome. This is just the club. If you talk to someone in the club, you just have to take the risk that they might not be who they fully say they are. I know I’ve been known to go by Arielle and live in Indiana! Haha!

Overall, dating someone you meet in the club can be tricky. But just like when you meet people in other places, you have to talk and get to know them. So, don’t say it can’t be done! And stop discrediting people because they’re at a club. You’re there too! Duh!

Peace & Blessings


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snoop Dogg (Feat. The Dream) - "Gangsta Luv"

Gangsta Luv
Ehhh... I can see this song growing on me.

Foreign Exchange- "I Wanna Know" video

The Foreign Exchange - ''I Wanna Know'' from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

This video just brightened up my day. I absolutely love the Leave It All Behind Album and this is one of my songs off the LP. It is also a good thing to see a video that's definitely representative of the song. I think the conversation that was being had in between the song in the video was true to life especially when it comes down to attempting to sustain an involvement with anyone who is industry affiliated. Nice job Foreign Exchange..well done

The Revolution Draws Nearer..

...And Now For Something Different!

Here in Snewtonia we take great pride in our eclecticism! What better way 2 step outside your comfort zone & experience life from diverse perspectives than by simply listening 2 the music of different eras, genres and cultures?! 2days segment highlights a group that I'm sure you all have heard of... but maybe haven't really heard! (a la "White Men Can't Jump") I'm talking Liverpool's finest, John, Paul, George & Ringo.. The Beatles! Their music is heavily entrenched in 2day's culture & continues 2 influence artists worldwide . I won't bore you w/ the history.. google 'em if necessary, but if you ever get a chance, definitely check out the movie "Across the Universe." (#shoutout @imialexandra) Here are a few tracks off their album Abbey Road & a cover from the above movie by Martin Luther. Indulge... Enjoy!

Because -

Something -

Come Together -

While My Guitar Gently Weeps -

Q Tip ft Norah Jones- Life is Better Video

This video gets kudos for creativity. Love this song and it was even better when he performed it live.

XXL Gives Def Jam the Cover of November Issue

I'm a big Dej Jam fan so this is love

Carmelo Anthony Launches Website

If your a Melo fan you definitely need to check out the website he launched this week. Go check it out here I must say its rather nice.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Usher- Papers


Never heard a song quite in this context before....kanye shrug

Young Jeezy - I Got This

I Got This

The Key Bag

This designer Bag is by Joao Sabina. The Keybag by Joao Sabino, is a handbag created from 393 keys from computer keyboards. Measuring 300mm by 220mm by 50mm, it's interior is black nylon and the keys are ABS plastic. available in one size, but four colors, the bag costs 130 euros or $190.00 USD.

Snewty Champagne Piper Heidsieck x Christian Louboutin

Check out the box set with this champagne ...if this aint Snewty I don't know what is. The show with the crystal heel..killin em. The project has been named Le Rituel after a French ritual popular in the 1880’s where one would drink champagne from a woman’s shoe.The accompanying ice bucket and champagne flutes share a similar illusion, with the flute turning upside down into a cocktail glass
The box set will be exclusively available through colette from October 26th. (luxuo)

Gucci Mane Wasted ft Plies Video

This video is actually not that bad considering some of the other things I;ve seen from Gucci Mane. I will say this though, Plies looks like a clown with all those thick chains around his neck. Also Shawty Lo is in this video like he was finna spit a verse on the song. I do however like how they incorporated the rock band to tie in with the theme of white boy wasted.

Lil Duval Vs. Serius Jones

Lil Duval is a this video...I suspect its a good amount of people who needed a laugh.

Friday, October 2, 2009


time 2move 2the next level

from childhood, celebrations to the next level of something better is often celebrated by a graduation. from pre-school there is a graduation to kindergarten; from eighth grade there is a graduation to high school; from high school there is a graduation to college and from college there is a graduation to a successful career.

with that said, graduations signify growth in one’s life. they tell a story of the past struggles, the perseverance of pushing pass those obstacles, the courage to face the fear of the unknown and the victory of achieving the degree to move forward and advance to better things.

as I reflected on the word ‘graduation’ and all the above, I came to the realization that we as individuals need to throw ourselves a graduation from a few things in life. at some point in life we need to re-evaluate and decide when it is time to move to a higher ground. we must graduate from those people, places, things, actions, thoughts, habits, rituals, that hinder us from achieving that next level. we will never be able to experience full happiness if we don’t work towards the goal of happiness.
When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became an adult, I no longer used childish ways. {1 Corinthians 13:11}

happy graduation!!!
this is your time… it is time for you to put on your superman/superwomen gear and fly pass all the junk that is blocking your blessings; lets count off some things:
1. depression
2. that abusive {mentally, physically, emotionally} relationship
3. using the phrase “I can’t”
4. not taking care of self
5. denial
6. low self-esteem
7. not being faithful to yourself and your luv ones
8. giving others power over you
9. giving away your body
10. being scared to let go and let the universe take its course

remember, what is meant to be will be… we must learn to allow ourselves to do the impossible and that start’s with a positive thought.
it’s your season to clean house and graduate to the next level…
happy graduation followers,

A Follower Speaks Out

Hey all,

Normally, I don't post unless it's DyVineDyalogue time, but this morning, I had to. My friend Osahon is pure dopeness and puts on for Snewty so hard but, more importantly, he speaks truth! He wrote this note on Facebook and tagged me, among others. Please read. Be Blessed.


This keeps me up at night...Gotta Make a Change

I usually chill and have a light mood. I don't like to worry about the worlds ills because there are so many. Im sitting here awake at an awkward hour because of my narcoleptic sleeping patterns. I'm looking on snewty and i realized i never saw the whole Derrion Albert video, just clips. I watched the whole thing about 6 times, and couldn't go to sleep. Its true that this happens all the time but I was sooo blowed when I saw it. I have pledged the hardest frat, ("Roo to the Ques") while playing football, the most violent sport and i've been in alot of fights wit ppl and my brothers. I thought i was pretty immune to violence, but when I saw that stuff, I literally had tears in my eyes.

If u make it past 20 in the Chi ur blessed. Being from the whole Chicagoland area there is a diffrent state of mind and thought process, Jo. I'll be the first to rep Naperville (8A FB State Champs/Candace Parker - Sparks Allstar/Owen Daniels-Houston TE/Glenn Earl-Bears DB/Sean Payton-NO-Head Coach/Tayo-All-American HJ Purdue). Not gonna claim nothin else even tho everybody from my school from out west or somewhere in the city. I'm glad I didn't have to dodge bullets to go home. I feel like i'm blessed that I grew up in the Ville and played sports and didn't get sucked into the send off missions. I think that everybody that made it to our age is Blessed in so many ways.

Like Nas said, its not cool to shoot or get shot up and it happens all too much. A lot of people want to say, "just go to church!". And I believe that those values are very important and i am a Confirmed Catholic myself but; especially up north, that doesn't cut it. People r not going to church as soon as their mom can't make them any more and thats just the culture. Down here in Georgia the church has a bigger reach and maybe thats why there isn't 300 teen deaths in a year in the city.

But above all other things to keep kids alive and on the right track, we just have to be there. If dudes put in some of the time and "work" they put in with some of these flusies, juices, and bussas, into fostering a young kids growth then we would see a much stronger future. I am really blown away by the Snewty movement thats going on right now. They are starting a Graduate mentorship program for kids in the City. We all need to pitch in and do our part in making sure these kids have someone to look up to, hold them accountable, and show them the right way. In our society its probably not necessarily going to be a father. But if a mature figure is there for a kid to look up to or look forward to seeing then they are more likely to do good in school or on the block.

Basically what I'm saying is that we need to get involved as mature adults that are in privileged positions. Especially men, we need to hold down the fort and get involved with some afterschool programs. So with that in mind, The Ga.Tech football team and DK Ques are going to restart up a mentoring program for these kids. We have done it before with Blaylock Elementry but the school got shut down. And then Bunie helped us with a day in the summer with the Boys and Girls club, we just need to be constant with it and STOP BEING LAZY! We can and will make a diffrence!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lost Count : A Love Story

This poem gave me chills and seeing as how the issue of violence in chicago is at the forefront I had to up this and let you guys get two 18 yr old Chicagoans living this reality perspective. 2.0... Are You Ready!

Snewty Got Tracks

As Promised Hella music for your consumption.

TPain- More Careful

Big Boi ft Two Short & George Clinton - For yo Sorrows

Keri Hilson- Heart Attack

Mickey Factz B.O.B- Mind Blowin

Mya Ft Nikki Minaj- Pony Tail

R Kelly Tpain Keyshia Cole Keri Hilson- Number One Remix

Lil Scrappy Titi Boi Oj Da Juiceman- Wall Money

Bobby Creekwater- Business Man

50 Cent Ester Dean- Body Rock

Omarion ft Gucci Mane-I Get it in

Pete Rock- When I Need IT

Shonie- Lights Camera Action

R.L of Next ft Mishon- Put Me ON

P.J Morton ft Tweet- Love You More

Rich Boi- Let You Go

Jagged Edge ft Gucci Mane & Trina- Tip of My Tongue

Hot Stylz ft Yung Joc- Faucet 

Llyod ft Lil Wayne- Pusha Remix

Llyod ft Pusha- Pusha T Remix 2

Hudson Mohawke - Pass the Butter

Stepping from behind the scenes of the Snewty movement is none other than Malcolm Snax, the Architect in the Snewtonian Matrix! Fasten your seat belts & prepare 4 hyperdrive! Im kicking things off w/ a lil' something to broaden your musical palettes. Open your mind and lend your ears to Hudson Mohawke. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland this DJ & producer is definitely pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop overseas. Check out a few tracks from his forthcoming instrumental album Butter..

Mood Music

I think I'll switch it up somewhat and do something new. My I-Pod is basically glued to my head most of the day. Thus music becomes the embodiment of my mood. Sometimes you don't even need to say much to express how your feeling...just play a song. So here are a couple of tracks I've been listening to as of lately. Lets see if you can guess my mood lol.

Skyzoo- For What It's Worth
B.J the Chicago Kid- Skate
J.Cole- Hold It Down
JayZ- So Ambitious
Darren Anthony- Nowhere Fast
Kid Cudi- Hyyerr
Drake- Fear

SKyzoo Presents Saving Our Grace Episode 6 " The Innocence"

RPZ Panic Room Vol 3 MIxtape

I been following these guys since they dropped there first mixtape Panic Room and since Ju1ce was fatured on the Lil Wayne Cannon remix. This is definitely worth the download. If ATL and Chicago had a baby and the baby decided to be a rapper and a producer...The RPZ is what you would get. Also check out there's pretty dope and gives you more info about there movement as well as exposes you to some of there older work. 


Nikki Nikita Performs at the Aids Walk October 3

So heres an event if you guys are in the City of Wind, that you might want to attend.