Friday, October 2, 2009

A Follower Speaks Out

Hey all,

Normally, I don't post unless it's DyVineDyalogue time, but this morning, I had to. My friend Osahon is pure dopeness and puts on for Snewty so hard but, more importantly, he speaks truth! He wrote this note on Facebook and tagged me, among others. Please read. Be Blessed.


This keeps me up at night...Gotta Make a Change

I usually chill and have a light mood. I don't like to worry about the worlds ills because there are so many. Im sitting here awake at an awkward hour because of my narcoleptic sleeping patterns. I'm looking on snewty and i realized i never saw the whole Derrion Albert video, just clips. I watched the whole thing about 6 times, and couldn't go to sleep. Its true that this happens all the time but I was sooo blowed when I saw it. I have pledged the hardest frat, ("Roo to the Ques") while playing football, the most violent sport and i've been in alot of fights wit ppl and my brothers. I thought i was pretty immune to violence, but when I saw that stuff, I literally had tears in my eyes.

If u make it past 20 in the Chi ur blessed. Being from the whole Chicagoland area there is a diffrent state of mind and thought process, Jo. I'll be the first to rep Naperville (8A FB State Champs/Candace Parker - Sparks Allstar/Owen Daniels-Houston TE/Glenn Earl-Bears DB/Sean Payton-NO-Head Coach/Tayo-All-American HJ Purdue). Not gonna claim nothin else even tho everybody from my school from out west or somewhere in the city. I'm glad I didn't have to dodge bullets to go home. I feel like i'm blessed that I grew up in the Ville and played sports and didn't get sucked into the send off missions. I think that everybody that made it to our age is Blessed in so many ways.

Like Nas said, its not cool to shoot or get shot up and it happens all too much. A lot of people want to say, "just go to church!". And I believe that those values are very important and i am a Confirmed Catholic myself but; especially up north, that doesn't cut it. People r not going to church as soon as their mom can't make them any more and thats just the culture. Down here in Georgia the church has a bigger reach and maybe thats why there isn't 300 teen deaths in a year in the city.

But above all other things to keep kids alive and on the right track, we just have to be there. If dudes put in some of the time and "work" they put in with some of these flusies, juices, and bussas, into fostering a young kids growth then we would see a much stronger future. I am really blown away by the Snewty movement thats going on right now. They are starting a Graduate mentorship program for kids in the City. We all need to pitch in and do our part in making sure these kids have someone to look up to, hold them accountable, and show them the right way. In our society its probably not necessarily going to be a father. But if a mature figure is there for a kid to look up to or look forward to seeing then they are more likely to do good in school or on the block.

Basically what I'm saying is that we need to get involved as mature adults that are in privileged positions. Especially men, we need to hold down the fort and get involved with some afterschool programs. So with that in mind, The Ga.Tech football team and DK Ques are going to restart up a mentoring program for these kids. We have done it before with Blaylock Elementry but the school got shut down. And then Bunie helped us with a day in the summer with the Boys and Girls club, we just need to be constant with it and STOP BEING LAZY! We can and will make a diffrence!

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