Monday, September 28, 2009

Retweet this A Snewtonian Response to Violence in Chicago, Choices For Action

I know I been far and in between with post but I'm in one of those observant mindsets as of lately. I also have been working with the rest of the Snewty team on the launch of what will be the new so keep tune for that. Any who I felt the need to address a few issues via this post. Part of the meaning of being Snewty is being Socially Conscious and well informed on topics that are pertinent to your matriculation in society. Yes you read that sentence right. With that being said I think it is important that I shed light on a few instances, happenings, and tragedies that have plagued me and some of my counterparts and sparked an inkling for working to change these things. I will do my best to preserve the balance. Thus highlighting the positive and the negative. Snewty is based in Chicago and of course as of lately violence has become synonymous with the mention of my city. In particular this violence has targeted our youth.
I hoped on twitter this morning as I usually do and found a host of the individuals who I follow to be involved in passionate rants on the topic of solutions to violence in Chicago. Specifically using the story of Derrion Albert who was brutally beaten as a platform to voice there views and perspectives. Intially I thought about joining them and engaging in banter..but later decided to simply observe and use it as motivation for this post. I felt like Cousins Tyrone Williams, 19, and Percy Day, 17 who were also fatally shot this past week also deserved attention. I wanted to do something more than rant, I wanted to open eyes while providing opportunities to help. So I compiled a list of pertinent articles refelcting what is going on as well as what is being done or has been done. I was always taught the solution to a problem is in the footprints that were intially laid in creating it. So I figure after reading this if you don't want to join a movement already in progress you will collaborate with a group of friends, and put the wheels in motion. Feel free to leave comments if you are looking for someone to help you get started with an idea you have. So here it is people my gift to you information., what you choose to do with it is on you. PEACE

The Problem

-In the City of Chicago a police officer was shot for everyday of the month in July.
-Violence in Chicago has put the blood supply at hospitals at a premium
-Epidemic of Violence : City of chicago Video Montage
-CNN Black Culture of Violence in Chicago

Solutions put in Motion

-CPS 30 million Dollar Plan to Save Schools and Kids

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Founded by former press secretary Jim Brady and his wife after Brady was shot in an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, the Brady Campaign is devoted changing gun legislation through grassroots activism. The website is filled with valuable information including e-mails you can send to congress and instructions on how to organize an anti-violence protest in your neighborhood. Phone: (202) 289-7319

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence web site includes comprehensive and up-to-date information on gun legislation as well as the contact information for elected officials so you can lobby for change. The site also offers a state-by-state list of organizations working on this issue.

Phone: 202-408-0061

CeaseFire, an initiative by the Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, involves residents, clergy, schools, law enforcement and community-based organizations and welcomes volunteers in the fight against gun violence.

Phone: 312-996-8775

Million Mom March

In 1999 a New Jersey mother, horrified by a story of a gunman randomly shooting at children, organize one of the largest marches on Washington. That grassroots effort has blossomed into 75 chapters across the country devoted to keeping families safe from gun violence. Connect with your local chapter through Million Mom March website.

Sudhir Venkatesh proffessor at Columbia University takes a stab at the cause of violence in chicago

Teacher uses Hip Hop to Make Chicago kids look Inward

Send DONATIONS 2: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 7950 S Normal Chicago IL 60620. Write 4 family of #DerrionAlbert on envelope

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