Friday, September 25, 2009

Special Edition Freaky Friday: READER'S CHOICE

So as I promised last week, this week we were gonna flip
it and let you guys show your inner most freak. This week has been pretty interesting to say the least but as I suspected the people who read Freaky Friday connect with what I write and you better believe go home and try the shit!! YEEESSSS!!!! But enough of me talking here is what you came for..............

Last week we talked about sex in public so lets start with this one:

So, I was out with my guy at the time, we had been to several spots duing the night drinking, so by 3a, we had been pretty drunk. We stumbled into a local bar that we frequented and sat to drink more... lol. We were with our friends... another couple. Somewhere between deciding to order more drinks or order food (since menus had been brought to us), I got the insanely crazy urge to give my boo head. If you can imagine a semi crowded bar and four people sitting at a huge booth, you'll understand that we were quite visible. So, I decided that i wasn't gonna just do it, I wanted to see if my friend would do the same to her guy... so I bet her... "I bet you won't give him head right here, right now..." I don't know if it was the Jose *Muthef*ckin* Curevo or that we were both on the same thing but, my girl goes... "I'll do it if you do it first" With that, II began to unbuckle my boo's pants, to his total surprise, and had him position his menu in such away to obstruct my "activities" from the obvious onlookers and began to give him head in the bar! Of course, I stopped to make sure my girl held up her end of the deal for her guy as well. Needless to say, our guys were happy. My boo damn near had to make me stop when the waiter came to the table! LOL. After that, we took one shot a piece and headed to the nearest exit so that we could get it in! LOL

I gotta do this man, I mean like damn this sounds off the chain, like fuck food, give me head lmao!!

Yea, thats how this week is gonna start, next:
My sophmore year of college I went to this local club with some of my friends and saw this guy and told my friend I was going to get his number by the end of the night, which i did. We talked for a few weeks and he was really cool and fine as hell at the time. He played football for the school so he definitely had a nice body. So one day we are texting and he starts talking about how sexy I am, so I told him that he wasnt ready for all that. He started talking about how he was going to blow my back out and how I couldnt handle what he had, blah, blah, blah. Then he had the nerve to start singing the whisper song (ying yang twins). So i told him to come to my room so I could judge for myself. He must have ran to my dorm because he got my room quick! He knocked on the door and I answered in a black lace bra and black lace thong. BAD! First, he ask me to help him take his jacket off because his arm got stuck, then he needed help with his shirt, went all the way over to the other end of the bed to put the condom on, and was like " I cant". I went off. I told him he talked all that noise about what he was gone do and didnt do anything. I called him every name in the book and told him he had one job and couldnt even do that. I told him to get his stuff and get out of my room and he responded, "cant we just lay here naked and hold each other?" My response, "HELL NAW!"

See I told you guys out there don't be out there bragging on your dick let it speak for itself cause when you don't, this is what happens you get a chance to hit a home run and you end up getting 3stirkes and thrown the fuck out!! lol

Next we got a sex blooper coming from one of my niggas(He didnt mind me saying his name but I would rather not lmao):

For my story I have a mix of 2 topics. I noticed recently that you talk ed about places to have sex. I would like to add a cool place for sex and a "sex blooper" I had there.
Now i set this night up perfectly. A nice EXPENSIVE dinner at Morton steak and a few drinks. After I spent a lot of money on dinner and drinks, nearly 200 bucks, I wanted t o end the night with some ya digg. Don't worry fellas, I wasn't tricking dough for ass, it was my girlfriend. I wont reveal which girlfriend this was because she might not want all her business in the street. I didn't want t o go through the regular routine that night, I wanted something different. As we walked back to the parking garage I think to m y self, "It would be cool as hell to have sex on the ho od of the car on the top of the parking garage. keep in mind I am in down town Chicago so we are surrounded by high rise apartment buildings and skyscrapers so im sure somebody would peep what we were doing. It was also slightly misting outside so that added the ambiance. So when we got in the car, I told her to take her leggings off. After looking at me crazy she did it. I drive up to the top of the parking garage and tell her to get out of the car. She gets out, I g et out and drop my pants. I throw her on the hood and get to it. Now this was a nice spot to have sex at because you are under the stars and surrounded by the great skyline of Chicago. She must have really liked it becaus she was w etter than usual without any foreplay. I guess the spontaneity got to her. Anyway, this is going great, then it starts to rain a little too hard for her liking. You know how black girls get about they hair, even though I was gone sweat it out regardless. So anyway, we decide to take it in the car.
Now, this is where the blooper starts. So, we are getting it in in the car. We sw eating, the windows are fogged up, the whole nine. While she is riding me I'm looking at that ass and it is bou ncing rather nicely. Everyone who knows me know that I'm an ass man. So being the ass man that I am, I get to slapping her on the ass while she is riding me. She got into it and I got into. I got to slapping with both hands like I was beating on a bongo drum. I guess I must have got a little too "slap happy" cus when I went to smack her ass with my right hand ( fellas I know you will feel my pain) I missed her whole ass and slapped myself hard as hell in the balls. Man, this was the worst. She didn't know what happened, she thought she did something. Needless to say, I pushed her off of me and I slightly lost my erection. I told he what happened and she c ouldn't stop laughing. when the pain started to go aw ay after about 5 minutes I had to laugh at it myself. After the pain went away, I had no problem getting it back up and finishing the job. When It was all said and done, it turned out to be one of my top ranking sex experiences because of the combination of atmosphere, spontaneity, and a little bit of comedy mixed in there.
So I killed 2 birds with 1 stone. I gave you a great place to have sex at and gave you something to laugh at. Try it out, see how you like it, the sex on the top of the parking garage part of course (don't go around slapping yourself in the balls thinking it would make the sex better). ahaha.

See that fellas, this is what happens when you start going nuts and not payi ng attention instead of tearing her ass up you end up getting your balls slapped and not in a good way! But hey now you get a chance to see just how hard you be smacking her ass!! lmao

Ok stop laughing we bout to get back into that sex talk check out my cousin right here(naw really my cousin, this shit run in the family):


The title explains it all, I love vets! I had my first vet ,older women, cougar, sugar mama, whatever you call it, experience at the age of 22. This woman was drop dead gorgeous! Big phat ass, big country titties, (shout out to Monster from Boyz N the Hood, lol) flat stomach, nice calves, and hella swag, you know everything a man looks for in a woman. When we met, I was working at a school and she was one of the parents. I use to tell her son everyday to tell his mother that I thought she was beautiful just to see if he would really deliver the message, which he did. A few days later his moms saw me studying for my college exam while at work and asked what I was studying for and the conversation just started flowing from their. It was during that conversation she threw it out there that she was 39 years of age. Hell she looked like she was all of 29 so we kept the conversation moving. Toward the end of the convo she gave me her work number and told me to call her if I needed help studying. In my head I was going nuts just thinking about studying the geometrics of her body while trying to figure out a hypothesis on how many licks it would take before she gripped and tried to rip my ears off. Three days later the answer to my curiosity was answered.

I called her while she was at work, she was happy as hell to hear from me which surprised me a little bit. She told me that she thought I wasn’t going to call since three days had passed. I hit her with a little line letting her know that I was busy with school and didn’t have the chance to call at a decent hour but the truth was I didn’t want to look to anxious or desperate even though I really wanted to call her a hour later she gave me the number, ya dig!! Since she knew, I was a stressed with my class load she asked if I wanted to go to the movies with her. I accepted and she told me to be at her place to pick her up around 8 p.m. I was happier than R. Kelly at a high school! On my way to pick her up she called and asked if I wanted to make it a Blockbuster night instead and to pick up a few brews on the way. Ain’t no question bout the answer she got soooo……….When I rang the doorbell with the movie, Mascoto and a 6 pack of beer we went upstairs to her living room and chilled for all of 10 minutes.

Next thing I know she opened a brew and handed it to me while I was sitting on the couch. She told me to relax and have a drink. While I’m drinking she reaches down and unzips my pants. She started stroking my shit with her hand, then decides to continuewith her mouth. The head was insane! I had my own version of Superhead going crazy in my lap. She was getting busy with the head. She gave me that sloppy shit with the flute action. She got her hands nice and wet and went hard no breaks for about a good 20 minutes.

After the head game I picked her up CTC (chest-to-chest) while cuffing her ass, walked her to the bedroom, laid her down on the bed and kissed all over her body till my lips kissed her love below (shout out to Andre 3000). Just like I envisioned she gripped and tried to rip my ears off. We changed positions from 69 to CTC to my favorite position the leg on shoulders, to the right leg on left shoulder, to doggystyle , to the asian cowgirl, to the reverse ride, to side fucking her. After all that, we both came and after some good sex, what’s next? Of course, Round Two!!! She sucked me back on full tilt only for me to get my strength back. I picked that fine motherfucka up and pinned her against the wall and went to work on that ass while standing. She had multiples (she came a lot) which made me happy knowing I was doing my job without having to ask cause if you got to ask chances are you were mediocre.

We had sex from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. without any wasted minutes. I laid there with her butt ass naked till it was time for us to wake only to notice she wasn’t in the bed. I smelled bacon so I went downstairs and she was cooking breakfast with a housecoat on and nothing else under She kissed me on the cheek and told me to hit the shower and she will have breakfast ready by the time I’m out the shower. We ate breakfast in bed I told her I had to get ready to leave. When I left and got in the car I damn near patted myself on the back and made sure we stayed in touch. Even though we stayed in touch, flirted and visited each other from time to time I never had sex with her again because she got engaged maybe 2 months later. It was all good though cause she made my first time with a vet THE BEST SEX I EVER HAD. (Shoutout to R. Kelly, lol) Now tell me can you young girls top that?

WHOOOOOAAAA baby, thats how the older womean get down huh cuz? Shit, this week I need a viewer to answer this question he proposed can any of you young girls top that? If so im sending you to the cousin!! lol naw fucking with you but really can u young ladies top that?

Ok, so next um lets get back to the ladies and after a story like that, I think its only fair to let one of the women show these niggas how they suppose to get it in so.....

I have always loved having sex, even when I didn’t know why. Hopeful for at least 14 times a week, but every week an excuse would arise. Although I “had an appetite for destruction” I could never savor the plate. A sex drive unmatched and unwavering loyalty to every boyfriend w

ithout ever the sensation of an orgasm. Clueless, until this fine brother with some resemblance to a slightly thinner Morris Chestnut caught my attention one day. I was fresh out of a relationship as a result of my man having sex with his ex. I was out for revenge, in this club with my girls slapped off Hennessey Black and Cali Kush.

We were acting a fool when this chocolate brother eased behind me asking to dance. After obliging his offer, he grabbed my waist grinding unto my jeans had faded on his pants from the moisture and sweat. With every move I could feel the thickness of his shaft. Before we knew it we had danced all night. He leaned over my shoulder with the tip of his nose slightly touching

my ear. I could feel light breathes across my neck as he whispered, “Baby come home with me.” With little to no hesitation, I said, “Yes.”

When we got to his house, I began to wonder as he led me to his room. “I never had a one night stand. Two wrongs don’t make a right. So what payback is a bitch! Try some n

ew shit! I don’t wanna be a hoe. Damn I need some dick tho! Fuck it! He just betta be worth it, not no little dick muthafucka or one of dem supa emotional types. Damn this is a nice crib & it smell good.”

He slowly closed the door. I flopped across the bed that felt like it was spinning. He then stood me up and asked, “You ever did this before?” Giggly I said, “No, why?” He then smiled and said, “Just curious…. Do me a favor and trust me like yo man tonight.” I became tense although I said ok.

He then went to get a red tie out his closet. He used it to cover my eyes and began to take my clothes off piece by piece. When I was completely naked, I felt nothing, so I reached for him. Vigorously he said, “Don’t worry baby I’m still here, just be still while I look at how sexy you are.”

I smiled although I couldn’t help feel uncomfortable. Then I felt something shockingly cold. He used it to trace my lips down my chin to my neck, and around my nipples. He began to

lick and suck the trails of water that he left behind arousing me, but continuously stopping in t

he same force. He outlined every crevasse with the ice cube; around my navel down to my thighs and opened my pussy lips with the ice. He inserted the cube up in and out of pussy while he ate me out.

I remember thinking, “Damn this nigga is da shit!” My legs started to shake. I wanted to control them and stand my ground “literally,” but with him squeezing/smacking my ass and sucking my clit I knew they was becoming linguini (LOL). He noticed my lack of strength. Thus

he lifted me wrapping my legs around his neck, placing my back against a wall. At that moment, I had never felt this before. I felt like I had to pee, so I screamed let me down in fear that I was gonna piss all in his face. So he let me down and said, “What’s wrong?” Hastil

y I said, “I have to pee.” He laughed and said, “No you don’t. Tell me the n

ext time you feel that urge.”

Rapidly he grabbed me bending me over his bed. When he put it in me I had never felt so full. I put my hand on his shaft not only in disbelief, but to make sure this nigga had a rubber on. He stroked that shit and he caressed my nipples with one hand and bounced my

pussy back and forth on his dick harder, harder with the other. I started to get so slippery that it kept slipping out. Then I felt this peeing sensation again. I moaned, “I feel again!” Lightly he inserting his pinky finger in my ass, it wiggled. He took the other hand off my breast and began to pull my hair. In bafflement of what this new sensation was, I snatched the tie offmy face to look back but couldn’t. I got this sudden rush and then a tingling all over my body. He moaned and pulled out. As soon as he did that, I began to squirt backwards out my pussy. My entire my body shook for 2 minutes, and then I collapsed on the floor. He pickedme up and put me on top of his bed. I started to drift off to sleep when I said, “So that’s cumming?” Tenderly he said, “Yea. That’s what’s you compare it to every time.”

See fellas, you peeped my mans hit her with the ice trick, I could have sworn I told nigs to

do that shit weeks ago but whatever. Take notes fellas he even decided to go with a little surprise anal action! Freaky Freaky, but I'm still fucking with his tactics it was all for the sake of her pleasure!!

Alright Alright, now anyone who knows me or even have read Freaky Friday more than three times knows that I am a huge advocate of oral sex, especially with women I feel it

is a lost art that men have either gotten away from or been taught notto do leaving women fully unsatisfied. Its being used more than the past but still a lost art so im gonna let this reader show you guys, how a pro uses his tongue:

Me and my "boo" was out chilling you know the same o same o you will do with your "boo" n out of nowhere he ask me lets get a room (him being an older nigga he may have thoug ht i would be scared cause at the time it was a 8 to 9 years difference between us) i said okay lets go, the look on his face was funny but moving on...when we get to the room of course we bullshitted around for sometime but hey who doesn't (most people like we get it n as soon as we get in the room but we all know people bullshit around b4 they "get it n"). we sitting around talking n he ask me can i eat your pussy outta nowhere me being goofy i said "hell y ea you can eat this pussy" so he pull my pants down nice n slow n kiss my stomach at the same time it was like some shit off a movie ..he told me to sit on the edge of the bed n open those leg (low key i like to be told what to do n the bedroom that shit turn me on a lot) soooo he dive right in the pussy when i tell you he did some shit wit his tongue that to this day nobo dy have not done to me(not on his level) to be honest i really don't know what he was doing cause the nigga never came up for some air he was like the bionic pussy eater or something this was the first n only time i squirted while getting my pussy eaten his tongue was working the hell outta my shit till the point my legs start to shake and get weak the type of weak were it feel like you don't have any legs type weak, I'm talking noodle LEGS!i knew i was about to cum cause it felt like i had to pee n he knew i was bout to cum cause a bitch start moaning real loud so he started to move that tongue real fast and before i knew old faithful happen ... and to me this shit nasty and freaky you know how you at a water fountain in you put you face it the water too cool if off THAT'S WHAT HE DID while i was squirting put his face all in the shit im thinking to myself i know this nigga not letting me squirt all in his face by hey whatever float your boat im talking open mouth too smh .. i squirted soooo heavy that it went thought the damn mattress that spot felt like someone took a bucket of water n just pour it right in that spot.... come to think of it i need to call him up
Damn, damn, Damn!! Standing Ovation to this guy. It was prolly smart not to post this nigs info, sweetheart, cause im sure its a few ladies who reading this like "Damn, where they do that at and can they bring it my way". The Bionic Pussy Eater, crazy!!!!

Now hold on its only one way to end this and that is to show you damn females out here how to suck the dick! This is from another one of my lady readers(where were all my niggas at smh) but she goes on, peep her technique and learn a vaulable lesson if you want to drop him a couple notches:

All my ladies out there to get a man to scream or run like a little bitch here you go(by the way this how I find out I like it too) …. Imma let yall in on ladies that does this already go head keep doing what you doing ….but it started off I was giving my ex some head
you know working the head, deep throat, one head motion, two head motion sucking the balls all that good shit…me I like to suck dick n especially when a guy is standing over me it drive me crazy but moving on so I’m into it he into of course he bust everywhere bottom of the face breast too he was finish but (smh)I wasn’t so after I help him nut by jagging him I began to suck on that dick again I look at his legs they started to shake he started grabbing on shit like a women do when giving her the good good … I swear I wasn’t even two min in and this nigga push me and takes of running like a little girl (BITCH) yelling” I can’t take it I just can’t take it “ (laughing ) I only met one guy who took it like a man but everyone else I did this to ran .. see I get a thrill outta doing that cause nigga be actin like they some g’s in the bedroom but keep sucking on that dick the bitch will come out (just not that one guy).

Yo after all of that I dont have a damn thing to say, not speechless at all but I feel like the readers already proved what Freaky Friday is about so shit:

"When seeking pleasure follow YourAddiction"

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