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Ladies, before you get mad, LISTEN (well, READ, but you get my point!). I am a woman, so, I am not talking out the side of my neck. I grew up and was partly raised by my two older brothers. Therefore, I have acquired the ability to objectively look at women AND I am well aware of myself and the mistakes that I have made in my life. So, sit back, shut up and take some constructive criticism!

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Lil Mama BAD…

…. But, what else she got???

My guy Dwayne aka @couplegrand22 and I were having a conversation the other night in which this topic came up, so I want to thank him for the inspiration.

Some females will tell you that they are the baddest look-wise. This type of female believes that there is no one fly-er than her, especially when it comes to other females. A lot of them also think that their looks can get them whatever they want. I come to tell you…Uhn-Uhn Boo-boo, that ain’t how it works. Yeah you’re cute but, fellas want more and all you seem to be bringing is:

Drama. Demands. And the Wrong Mindset.

Before you ladies go thinking that I’ve traded sides or that I’ve flat out lost my mind, LISTEN and let me explain my case, like I always do.

Drama. “Lil mama BAD but she got way too much drama.”

Dudes don’t wanna deal with YOUR drama. Kill that noise and you’ll be much happier in the end.

1. If you got a baby daddy, a man that you are dating has nothing to do with that. So don’t bring him that drama. Whatever the problem between you and YOUR baby daddy is YOUR problem. Unless, baby daddy put his hands on you, he should never come in between AND you shouldn’t bring him into the drama.

2. So what your ex cheated, he ain’t the current, so stop bringing that drama up in to another guy. Men aren’t all the same. Yeah they have similar characteristics (habitual liars, and such… lol), but that doesn’t make them ALL the same. Some are good guys who are taking a bad wrap for all the ones who ain’t ish!

3. Top of the list is YOUR BIG MOUTH. Stop running it all the darn time! Your girl doesn’t need to know all the business. Messing w/the right dude, running your mouth will get you snatched up real quick. My exes can vouch for the fact that I do, as you can probably tell, have a smart mouth. But when he puts his foot down, I be quiet (**looks off** But I be talking later- lol). Or, You always quick to get defensive and jump up bobbing your head on some, “You don’t know me” and ready to fight… Fellas ain’t trying to hear all that!

**Note: Fellas, don’t be tryin to strong-arm a female into being quiet. I don’t do the shushing me, but I’m reasonable. I may be dragging out an issue or something like that, and you want me to stop. Sometimes a female needs to be check-- within reason.  You get what I’m sayin??**

Demands. “Lil mama BAD but she wants too much.”

Ne-yo, Webbie and all them got you thinking that you Ms. Independent, so you walk around with that, I don’t need a figg for ish and when a fella come at you, you got hella demands.

1. Females want a man to take care of them. This is 2009, boo. Get your ish together. That ain’t the way the world is run. Get up and do some ish for yourself. Start by getting a job! You want a man to have a job, car, bling and all and put fresh kicks and clothes on you, but what is he getting? What’s his motivation?

2. Sexually, you want a man to be the one to go all out. He got to lick this, suck that, and all that other ish while you lay there and get yours. Flip back a couple Freaky Fridays and take notes. Throw it back on his ass. Make him remember every stroke. I got plenty to say here but I’m gonna leave that for Your Addiction, haha.

The wrong mindset. “Lil mama BAD but her head all f*d up”

Simple as that. You think that it’s all about you! “You don’t know ME.” “What can you do for ME?” “Buy ME this.” “Buy ME that.” Silly females are walking around thinking that everything is all about them. Say it with me, “Uhn-uhn Boo-Boo, that’s not how it works!” Get over yourself. You’re cute boo boo, but what else you got?

To conclude this slap of reality, I say this. Take care of you before you go trying to deal with a significant other. The relationship itself has problems, so you don’t need to bring outside issues in as well. Also, invest in you; don’t think a man wants to foot your bill when you ain’t doing ish for him in return - reciprocity. He gon be looking at you after a while, like, soooo… what you putting in on this. And lastly, it ain’t all about you! There are over 300 million people in the US alone, and if you think that the other 299,999,999 care about you more than they do themselves, you need to kill thyself, boo!

IDK about ya’ll but I don’t want my man to say none of the above. I prefer him to say “You the f*ckin best…. Best I ever Had.”

Have a good week ya’ll,


QOTWk: If you’re feeling a guy/girl, how long before you smash? Let me know what’s good!

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