Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pioneer CDJ 2000's

I love shiny new things. They catch my eye and tend to leave me to have that I gotta have it feeling. Upon glancing at these I can say that is definitely what ended up happening. If you know me personally you know Im a music head  first and foremostly and I have mad respect for djs. I've always wanted to dabble a bit in the art and this summer after three -four yrs of playing with a few of my  friends equipment I decided to head there constant growning of get your own equipment and invest in my own. A traditionalist, I of course bought a pair of Technic 1200s Mk2. I have always been pro vinyl, hadn't really came across a pair of CDJ's that gave me that I need them feeling until today.  Behold

Check this link to find out what they do. Price tag on them a piece are about $2,000.

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