Friday, September 18, 2009

Freaky Friday

The week has yet again flew by and behold, look where we are, yes yes it is here FREAKY FRIDAY!!!! But first:

I have a announcement!! Next week, I am going to try something new for Freaky Friday. I talk to a lot of people concerning Freaky Friday, mostly comments and props but recently I have been getting a lot of people giving me advice on what I should talk about next or wanting to contribute. Now, I usually have a good idea of things I want to talk about next( I mean I'm YourAddiction I know what you need before you even get it, lol jk) but I love the input and I have decided to let the readers join in on the fun. So, next week I am going to post you guys tips, stories, suggestions, and topics. I won't display your identity unless you want me too just your contributions to Freaky Friday. You can send them to me at or if you know me hit my phone or personal email , DM on twitter, etc. I will read them all and try to put all that I get if too many I will hold the others til the next time. We will see what happens! NEXT WEEK SEND THEM IN BY 5PM NEXT FRIDAY!!!

Ok, I got that out of the way so should I go into that Freaky talk now? (The crowd screams yea, as everyone else sighs and goes finally!) This week I decided to take it to the streets, you know get you out of your comfort zones and give you that same sensual, wild, and enjoyable sex talk from the streets. Some of you know where I am going with you someone, somewhere, is going "Is he about to talk about hardcore sex, like rugged sex, since he taking it to the streets?" No!! I mean sex in public!! Whoa, jaws drop, those reading this reading with their partners, look at each other like "hmmmm!!!", those reading on their phones, giggle then look around to see if anyone notices, the closet freaks act like they don't know what I am talking about and all of the people who read last week blog and nodded with each word smile and say "YES!!!!"

At this point most people have either been asked the question or asked the question, What is the wildest place you ever had sex? The responses from this point on may vary from in the room with someone else or another couple having sex(typical), cars, balconies, bathrooms at parties, etc. Now for those who have ever asked me this question already know that the list is mad long and it may include some crazy places but hey, I love the shit! Most people like to keep the sex int he bedroom but the fact of the matter is that just like having sex in the positions over and over that can get very boring. Sometimes you really have to take it outside the bedroom. You do not even have to immediately step outside the comfort of your home, try the shower(condoms will lose lubrication so be prepared for that), or better yet fellas make your girl a feast in the kitchen(No, I don't mean cook dummy)! What you will discover is that taking your sexual experience opens the door to not only a different setting but sometimes forces you into different things.

Example: 1)In a kitchen there are no beds which means that all of the positions you perform will either be standing in some form or leaning against things. 2)Even being in the living switches it up because as comfortable as the couch can be that whole laying down thing seems to be all wrong for sex so the girl on top is usually best(I think mostly of anyone would agree with this, cause trying to get a stroke going with one leg on the couch and the other off is wack lol).

Taking it outside the house adds something pretty special to any sexual experience and that is the idea of being free and the idea that someone may be looking or getting caught. Even the "freakiest" person sometimes turns their noses at the whole getting caught thing but the fact of the matter remains that at this point every person has had sex in they cribs with they parents in the crib or somewhere where it is possible someone walks in and sex in public is the same deal so shut it and even more Adam and Eve clearly had sex in the middle of the woods and GOD himself made them(yea i know crazy right!!!lmao) so...... I am here to provide you guys with a few options for those who understand where I am coming from and have a wilder side. *If you are interested in this portion of Freaky Friday might as well add this to last week list because you are a freak! lol*

YourAddicition's Top Seven Places to Achieve the Perfect Eco-Orgasm
  1. "The Lake"- Now this place may be only be significant to all of those Midwesterners that are surrounded by those Great Lakes but the lake can be any body of water pond, ocean, etc. Believe me it is something about a breeze coming off the water and bodies together in intimacy that sparks a fire. I'm from Chicago, I know!(Shout outs to the Windy, yall need to get this in ASAP, I know its getting cold out there)
  2. Roof- This may be a little trickier than others on here because most rooftops areas are closed off but if you can get the chance, be Nike and Just Do It!! Especially those in cities with skylines or wonderful views because it gives you a cool setting to cuddle/chill afterwards (or before) and adds a sort of sex under the stars feel.
  3. A Ferris Wheel- Yea, I know getting crazy right!? Ok, now this is a bit more difficult and the chances of getting caught greater but its well worth it. More suitable for quickies and best at that high point of the Ferris wheel where the operator usually stops the ride.
  4. Work Office-Most of you prolly don't have your own office where you can pull this off but some of you do, or at least an office that becomes empty at some point. This place gives you that hard at work feeling, makes any work day better, and for those who just don't fuck with their jobs like that it's like a "take that" to the powers to be.
  5. The Movie Theater("The Show")- Everyone has been in the movies during those times where you ended up being the only damn couple there or one of two people there. Or that time that the movie is empty and boring. Guess what this is the solution to that! Just watch out for those too serious or lazy ushers.
  6. Balconies Worldwide- For all of my ladies who love him hitting it from the back and for all of my guys out there who loves to bend your girl over this is the perfect public sex site for you, please believe. She can yell as loud as she wants!
  7. School- Yo its something about sex around books that makes things interesting and it is always so much to use chairs, desk, windows and if you on a college campus you have the many outdoor valleys and things to slide off too!
Alright that's that. There are a ton of other places and please believe they are exciting! But take a step out and try something new.

Ummmm, did you think I would leave you like that? Did you really think that after you read that I would stop? Please I mean you couldn't have been paying attention to Freaky Friday..... Lets end this week with some sexy shit. Next week I am featuring things from the readers so I'm gonna feature Snewty's own DyDivineSoul!!! She posted this a while ago in the comments but I doubt yall was on the shit so..............................

As the female resident freak of the Snewty gang, I felt the need to add a quick tip for the ladies. I was introduced to this idea as… The Peach Gobbler! Ingredients:
  • Peaches (of Course**, 1 will suffice but more if needed)
  • Whip Cream (may substitute w/flavored, edible oil
  • Your Penis of Choice (hee hee!)
  • Ladies, please, gather your peaches. Peel the outside of the peach. Then, slice them in half. Pit each half (remove seeds and such)… Head to your nearest microwave. Warm the peaches up for 10-15 second…. Enuff to make them warm, not hot, as you don’t want to hurt yourself, or your partner.
  • Once heated, fill each half of the peaches with a small amount of Whip Cream and head to your bedroom where you should have tied up and blindfolded your “Penis of Choice” (<~~~ Haha).
  • Ladies, this requires a 2-handed effort, so please don’t be lazy…Take each half in each hand and cup on either side of his penis. The warmth is a sensation that he’ll love.. and the whip cream (oil) is for you…(taste enhancer!)
  • Stroke the penis w/the concoction and add your mouth stroking as well… plus the fact that it tastes sooooo good… you’ll slob like crazy!
  • Lick up all the whip cream (oil) and eat the peaches… I suggest nibbling little pieces as you suck so that you can play w/ the warm pieces around his head! If you love giving head… u should enjoy this all just as much as he does… and don’t forget to follow all of YOUR ADDICTIONS tips in the post!
Happy Gobbling! ~DyVineSoul

Now this is how I expect my email box to look when I check it all of this week people, I was gonna post this some weeks ago but she got to it early but man o man is this a special one, ladies please please please show yo boo some love gobble him up with peaches. Yea, if you were expecting a tweak from me this week you will not get gonna keep it low key..............................Sike here it is:

Best Foods to Eat With Penis(For Ladies)
  • Peaches(duh, look above)
  • Whip Cream
  • Chocolate Syrup(or Strawberry)
  • Ice Cream
  • Caramel
Best Foods to Eat With Pussy(For Fellas)
  • Whip Cream
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
Yea, I did it and what!! Go and eat up! You know the above sounds very tasty! Ok, I'm gonna dip out until next week my people. Hope this week is full of hot and steamy sex(hopefully on the hood of a car parked in a isolated park while the rain covers your body,mmmmmmmmmmmm).

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Isis said...

LMFAo you a fool for this one but dope ass read. Imma have to try that ferris wheel shit..

H! Side said...

"Pretty Pink" and Cherries...I never thought of that. Something new to buy with my Pineapples

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