Thursday, September 3, 2009

In the House Maia Campbell Lost and Turned Out

Remember her from In the House, well please pray for her cause she's definitely Lost and turned Out and it's sad to see considering the run the show had. LL you need to help her out come on. I guess this just goes to show you fame today gone 2morrow. 


Angie said...

How is ol' dude gonna get in the car and ask her why she's talking to his "peoples" like that, but yet when his "peoples" talked down to her asking for sexual favors, no one said ANYTHING! Men need to stop looking down on women. Period. It's absolutely out of control in the black community.

Angie said...

A commentary on Maia Campbell's schizophrenia condition. Please read if you watched this video!

Isis said...

Yea Man it was so many things wrong with that but I guess dude was her pimp.. you see how she submitted to him when he came to the car to check her.. smh

Anonymous said...

DAMN! This is a mess! A Huge mess... did she say, "Im gon get my ass whooped" ??? WOW.

Thanks for the info Angie!

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