Friday, October 31, 2008

Hoopers Needed

Just a reminder about the Tournament going down in the Chi 2morrow Nov 1
$500 prize
5650 S. Wolcott
Time 12 noon
Come out and support

Lil Wayne- Officer/Comfortable Video

Yes this nigga is pierced up now. Watch this video just to look at that silly ass piercing Wayne has now and I swear if I start seeing dudes getting pierced up in that manner, Im clowning.

Freeway- The Revolution

Im always one for soulful beats so I had to post this joint. It was recorded real recent to cause he pays homage to Jennifer Hudson in the song. Big Ups to Freeway for some positivity.

Common Leaks album Material Live

Check these two tracks out from Common he performed live.

Punch Drunk Love-

Sex 4 Sugar -

T Pain ft Kanye west- Therapy

Here's a track off the Thr33 Rings album, the hook is rather comical.

Do I Smell Another Jaime Foxx Album

Heres another track from Jaime Foxx called Closer. Check it out

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rich Boy- Drop produced by Polow The Don

This track is definitely hot, Rich Boy always manages to get on some hot tracks. Check it out.

The Dream ft Lil John- Let Me See That Booty

Im a fan of The Dream, his album was definitely dope, however I'm not sure how I feel about this song, the whole let me see that booty thing is raunchy, can't knock the production though.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jaime Foxx ft T.I- Just Like Me

New Mos Def- Live in marvelous times]Mos_Def_-_Life_In_Marvelous_Times.mp3

Hooper Heat!!

I know ya'll remeber these.. Nike Air Pippen 1 November 15, 2008

Foamposite January 2009

T.I ft Rhianna Live Your Life Video

Arab Money Lol!!

Family GUY

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mase Speaks on Submission in relationships with his Wife

Check this video out I can't hate on what Mase says.

Kelly Rowland- Blaze

This songs beat is nice and I'm diggin the hook. Check it out

Halfway House On the Way

So a few tracks have been leaking which means that the entire album is hours away from hitting the net. I'm not gonna post all the tracks that leaked. In total 5, I'll post two for you guys though and if you not a fan of Joe Buddens become one. I'm definitely in his fan club.


Under the Sun

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hip Hop Sunday

Q Tip - The Renaissance
1 Johnny Is Dead
2 Won't Trade
3 Gettin' Up
4 Official
5 You
6 Fight/Love feat. Raphael Saadiq
7 Manwomanboogie feat. Amanda Diva
8 Move
9 Dance on Glass
10 Life Is Betta feat. Norah Jones
11 Believe Part I feat. D'Angelo
12 Shaka

Bonu Tracks-
13 Work it out (Extended Version)
14 I`m not gonna have it
15 say something for me
16 Feelings
17 That`s sexy feat. Andre3000
18 Where do you go
19 Tambourine
20 Check it out
21 Love
22 Believe Part II feat. D'Angelo
I had to check the album out before I posted it and I ben bumping it all weekend. So enjoy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tracks off Ludacris Theater of the Mind

Here are some tracks off theater of the mind straight fiyyahh

Do the right Thing ft Common and Spike Lee produced by 9th wonder

I Do It For Hip HOp

Last of a Dying Breed ft Ludacris

Beyonce - At Last

So in case you didn't know Beyonce is doing the Etta James movie. I was a little reluctant when I heard this news but she pulls off at last nicely.

Lupe fiasco- Accept the Troubles

Lupe goes hard

Fa Real Pharrell?

So let's talk about how Pharrell has a new line of chairs... yes chairs coming out. And yes, if you look at the legs of the chairs, it's implying exactly what you think it is. And I hear the price tag on one of these ain't cheap. I need to come out with a line of rugs or mirrors or somethin.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Foreign Exchange- DayKeeper Video

Okplayer just aired this.

Calling All Hoopers in Chicago

If you think you got game and are up for making 500 dollars then this tournament is where you need to be. A while back I told you about Snewty the clothing line and how theyd be making major moves towards the end of this year going into next year, well it has begun. They are sponsoring a 3 on 3 tournament in chicago at Henderson Elementary School NOvember 1st and 2nd. First place is $500 and the entry fee is only $125 dollars per team, and that registers 3 players and 2 subs. If you are interested in entering a team please hit up

The IceMan Blazers

These were released to the House of Hoops and limited to 24 pairs. If you got your hands on a pair of these ...woww.

Want To Be Lego'd

So you can apparently snd you measurements to Niemen Marcus and 60K later they'll provide you with a Lego clone. Forget 60K I think I can pull off Lego models for the low.

Throwback Thursday

I love this song and believe it or not alot of people slept on Prodigy's H.N.I.C album. So check out this track "Trails of Love". If I ever get put in a situation where the guy I'm seeing is doing me dirty, I'm goin off just like ole girl on this track in her last verse.

Sophia Fresh- Drop It

Q Tip ft Andre 3000- That's Sexy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keri Hilson- Hands and Feet

Def Jam Electrik Red ft Dream- Drink in My Cup

This track is def hot, check it out

Kindred The Family Soul

Kindred is back with their new album The Arrival. Here is a pretty dope track off the album. The hook on this song is def what makes it a nice track.

If You Leave- Musiq Soulchild ft Mary J Blige

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jenni Fair- Bring It On Down

So check out this song bey Jenni Fair " Bring It ON Down". Support your local independent artist who are doing there thing. I dig this song.

Prodigy- Product of the 80s

Check this album out. The beats are definitely hot and Prodigy delivers. I was shocked I must say.

Game Night Gets Heated Buddens Jumpoff Tv

Weekend Sneaker Pick

Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme - Hajime Tachibana $345

Time to Get Cultured

So I don't know what the hell this guy is saying because I don't speak French but he sounds great. He's the soul singing sensation Rony from France....mannn lol I have a crush I think. Make sure you check him out and

Tried Effen for the First Time

So I tried Effen Vodka for the first time this weekend on sweetest day, I hope everyone had a good Halmark Holiday. Anyway the Black Cherry Vodka is a sleeper. Mix it with some apple cranberry and I guarantee you'll forget your dirnking alchol. It's smoothe to.

WTF Moment Recap

I'm backkkkk.... sorry about the mini hiatus but I kicked it hard this weekend and now I'm back on it. The life of a blogger can be stressful, I had to exhale on some things that I couldn't blog about hence the hiatus lol.

First Up - Montell Jordan is back, check out this video and his new song ft cignature Not No More. Song sounds a bit low budget intially but hey it is what it is.

Second Don Cornelius (Mr. Soultrain) was arrested this weekend for Domestic Violence... shaking my head

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poor Little Tink Tink

Anthony Hamilton ft David Banner - Cool

The home made sock puppet gave me a bit of a chuckle.

Chris Brown ft Keri Hilson- Superhuman

My sister loves this song and it's grown on me as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kanye Heartless Single Full

in the Air Yeezy's

Lupe Signs Hey Champ to 1st and 15th

Lupe just signed these guys check them out. They sound pretty decent. I like the fact that Lupe is signing artist of other move.

Niggas With Purses

Chicago's own JapCity speaking on the state of fashion in Hip Hop. Watch this please and soak it in.

Kanye To Put Out Another Album IN JUne

So Fader had the listening party for his new album 808's and Heartbreak which is suppose to hit stores Nov 25th. Kanye reportedly gave a monologue about the album after he previewed it. This is what he said "If I wanna rap, I'll rap," he said. "If I wanna sing, I'll sing. I told Jay, L.A Reid and everyone at my label that I needed to put this out right now, I'll have another album in June, but this has to come out right now. The way these songs connect with you, God uses me as a vessel- he puts me through pain so that I can go through it, and create..."
I ain't mad at Kanye and Im excited about this album

Kicks Kicks Kicks

I'm in one of those moods today, and what better to cheer me up then shoes.
Nike Blazer-Woods available for pickup now via nike accounts

Nike air Yeezy's summer 2009

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mac Book Pro Q4 2008

I need it asap

Katt Williams on Jay Leno


A little Inspiration

Here's an unlikely combination but nevertheless a good end result. It Twista Joe Buddens and John Mayer on the Wiating for the World to Change track which is off the Yes We Can Mixtape.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Brother-Passion flower

9th wonder produced of course and as usually Little Brother does there thing with presenting a song relishing in relationship drama. This song is suppose to be on the Seperate But Equal(Drama Free Version)

Pleasure P-Yup

Make sure you check this out Pleasure P does his thing.

Buddens Gives Boyfriend Advice

Beyonce- If I Were A Boy Video

I like this video and must say that boys do say stupid stuff like " WHy are you so jealous it ain't like I'msleeping with the girl". Anywho check this video out its to the song I posted last week.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Camron- Come See Killa

Lmao did this dude grrr on his track like a bear..camron never seizes to make me laugh with his raps.Anywho Im lazy so ya'll gonna have to listen to the song via youtube and I'l give you a download link if you wish to download it..didn't feel like z sharing it today.


Jackie Robinson Blazers

GLC -I Ain't Even On Yet

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drake- Sooner than Later

This is a dope track from Drake..he's showing that R and B side off on this one.

Lil Wayne Brings Me Chuckles

Please watch this video I guarantee you'll get one hearty laugh out of it.. nobody tweaks like Wayne.

Who? MIke JONEs

Yes Mike Jones is back with his song cutty buddy. Now I can't front I like this song but I'm mad disappointed with this video. Twista ain't in it and they replaced TPain with Trey Songz...I like the T pain version better I can't front. On another note looks like Mike Jones lost weight. Clearly this video was one of thse low budget jumpoffs..ha.

Leave It All Behind

Very Rarely do I stumble upon an album that takes me to another place. I don't know why but Foreign Exchanges " Leave It All Behind" album has managed to do so. This album is most definitely well put together in the lyrical content and production category. I'm totally in love with the daykeeper track. Check the archives I posted that a while back. Phonte does a nice job with his singing on this album as he pulls his Andre 3000.I even love the imagery on the album cover, speaks alot to the album title. Bottomline cop this album. Don't come expecting to hear your typical R&B sound because you won't get it. I'll leave you guys with some tracks off the album to persuade you.

Leave It All Behind-
Take Off the Blues-
All or Nothing-

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arab Money Dance

This track is dope and the dance is hilarious. Check It Out

download it here-

New Music

Beyonce If I Were A Boy-
Beyonce- Put A Ring On It-
Slim of 112 ft Ryan leslie- Good Lovin-
Timbaland - Talk That sh*t feat. T-Pain & Missy Elliott (Final Version)
Mario- Inside of You-
Plies-Put It On Ya-

Somethin for the Fellas

Check out Lyfe Jennings new video for his song "Will I Ever" and no fellas this video does not have eye candy in it but I figure the song is along the same lines as how alot of good brothers out thee think looking for a good woman to be with. Females definiely can relate to this song as well but as of lately I've been hearing more of my male friends talk about how hard it is to find someone on there same page..interesting

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Somethin for the Ladies

Ya know I'm a firm believer in the thoery that ever female should own a black hoody and a baseball bat. Yes I do have both but believe me when I say I have yet to use the two together against anybody. But I do practice my swings at the batting cages, hey what can I say I use to play softball back in the day and I wanna make sure I got my swing still in tact just in case someone does push me over that line that every female is capable of being pushed over. Anywho Jazmine Sullivan is also a firm believer in this theory clearly. So check out her video to "Bust the Windows". I liked the video but I was shocked you didn't see a scence with a female going at it with a bat to car windows. I can't front the lyrics in the song makes one say yeah well he deserved that shit, now think about how many unstable females out their are going to make this song their anthem. Don't be surprised if busting of car windows go up 10 fold now.

While we're on the female empowerment kick be sure to also check out Ciara new video ft T-Pain for Go Girl. Um Ciara does some ish in this video that had me like wtt. That split off the chair is definitely on my things I need to learn how to do list.

Sophia Fresh ft Kanye West- What It Is

Check this track out its pretty dope.

Why Independent Women Are Lonely As Hell

I saw this this morning on global grind and had to post it for ya'll. It's hilarious but they got some truth in this discussion as well. Do dudes really sit around and conversate like this? I sure hope so.

Song Comes to the Light

Here is the Play Ya cards right track that Tupac and Kiesha Coles recorded. It's pretty hot check it out.

Love Lockdown Video

Kanye gave the exclusive to Ellen. I honestly don't know how I should feel about this video, all I can say is as usual the video is totally the opposite of anything I thought it was gonna be. Kanye definitely knows how to flip the script. I mean I heard the jungle noises in the song but had no clue Kanye was gonna bring tribesmen and woman into this Ha.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ludacris ft T-Pain- One More Drink

This track is dope. its off that "theater of the mind".

Universal Mind Control

A video finnally so perhaps that means the album that got pushed back is on the helm of being released..hmmmm

Change Aint So BAd

Happy Monday.. I'm fresh from the dentist I stop at Osco to get my prescription filled and while waiting I pick up the new issue of XXL with Ludacris on the front. I was very much impressed with the changes. I like the new format. They even have changed the rating system, of course its still XXl for classics etc but now they also rate lyrics, creativity, etc. Good Job XXL for affirming that Change ain't so bad after all. They also have me hyped for Buddens new album after reading the review, of course he got a XXL for lyrics but a XL overall.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

ADD 2 Dating Game Video

Check out this video from Chi towns ADD 2 and if your not familiar with him make sure you get familiar cause he's def doing his thang. The video was drected by Matthew Metoyer and the song produced by Slot A.

Yung Berg Gets Disciplined

Mr. Hi Hater smacked Yung Berg... listen to this it's hilarious

Friday, October 3, 2008

Seasons Vs Relationships

So its gettin colder outside and of course that means that its that time where relationships start to come back together. On the contrary its also the time where guys try to wife up a bussa because they screwed up with they girl beyond repair. Why do you ask, because nobody likes to be alone in the winter, especially here in the Chi where it gets cold as hell. Then there are the dudes who are like man okay I was trippin when it started to get warm, let me go get my baby back. Typically these guys have had there fun for the summer but they know where home is at. Ha I've always wondered how boys act though in states like california where the four seasons are nonexistent. Here in the Chi I watch as relationships dissapate when it gets warm out, and the clothes start to come off, and make amends when it gets cold out. I guess relationships change like the seasons. J. Holiday's new joint Way it Was is exactly on that let me make amends in this relationship, I goofed off and now I wanna be serious and see what's wrong kick, ha perfect timing J. Holiday. I must say this song is Dope.

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