Friday, October 3, 2008

Seasons Vs Relationships

So its gettin colder outside and of course that means that its that time where relationships start to come back together. On the contrary its also the time where guys try to wife up a bussa because they screwed up with they girl beyond repair. Why do you ask, because nobody likes to be alone in the winter, especially here in the Chi where it gets cold as hell. Then there are the dudes who are like man okay I was trippin when it started to get warm, let me go get my baby back. Typically these guys have had there fun for the summer but they know where home is at. Ha I've always wondered how boys act though in states like california where the four seasons are nonexistent. Here in the Chi I watch as relationships dissapate when it gets warm out, and the clothes start to come off, and make amends when it gets cold out. I guess relationships change like the seasons. J. Holiday's new joint Way it Was is exactly on that let me make amends in this relationship, I goofed off and now I wanna be serious and see what's wrong kick, ha perfect timing J. Holiday. I must say this song is Dope.

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