Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Somethin for the Ladies

Ya know I'm a firm believer in the thoery that ever female should own a black hoody and a baseball bat. Yes I do have both but believe me when I say I have yet to use the two together against anybody. But I do practice my swings at the batting cages, hey what can I say I use to play softball back in the day and I wanna make sure I got my swing still in tact just in case someone does push me over that line that every female is capable of being pushed over. Anywho Jazmine Sullivan is also a firm believer in this theory clearly. So check out her video to "Bust the Windows". I liked the video but I was shocked you didn't see a scence with a female going at it with a bat to car windows. I can't front the lyrics in the song makes one say yeah well he deserved that shit, now think about how many unstable females out their are going to make this song their anthem. Don't be surprised if busting of car windows go up 10 fold now.

While we're on the female empowerment kick be sure to also check out Ciara new video ft T-Pain for Go Girl. Um Ciara does some ish in this video that had me like wtt. That split off the chair is definitely on my things I need to learn how to do list.

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