Thursday, April 30, 2009

My apologies, Maxwell, Sexpo

I know I know I've been on a hiatus and in this hiatus I been neglecting you guys on the heat. So I've decided that instead of backtracking I am going to post all the music that you have missed this week Saturday. I got hella heat for you guys so mark your calendars check back Saturday. Any who if you haven't already seen Maxwell's video for pretty wings you need to do so. I am so happy he is back and looking forward to the album dropping in July. Check the video out.

So last nite I had the pleasure of attending the Sexpo at Excalibur in downtown Chicago. Hey Hey I know what your thinking, don't judge me I can assure you that I was on my best behavior mostly observing the freakishness that is a Sexpo. I had to go check it out, you only live once right. So there was alot of wiping going on, strippers on poles, porn stars, sex toys, sex, grinding and pole dancing. I must say it was hilarious though because ad mist all of this was people dancing and kicking it like a regular club night. Any who enough talking check the photos out. Shouts out to DJ. Moondawg for the pass.

This was def one of my favorite shirts I saw of the nite.

Some random guy who wanted to get in on the bondage experience

Friday, April 24, 2009

BBQ and Foot Massages...

What's hood kiddies?! It's Ms. Bourghetto a.k.a. L-Bourgies. Normally I don't post I just let my presence be known in the comment section, but I came across some shit today that rocked my soul ever so gently. After a coupla minutes of the Holy Dance I got up took that white cloth off my legs and decided to share God's Amazing Grace with all of you. Never say I never gave you anything!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

DyVineDyalogue 1.2

New Relationship, New Start

It’s only natural that we learn from our life experiences. Equally natural, is the fact that we take those lessons and apply it to future situations. We fall off a bike when we're learning; we, then, apply the lesson learned for next time: balance is key (or that those training wheels were actually cooler than we thought). However, I ask this question, is it fair that we apply this logic to relationships? Should your current boo have to deal with the "Niggas/Bitches Ain’t Shit (NAS/BAS)" lesson that you learned from a previous situation??

*Clears throat & rolls up sleeves*

Allow me to state my case....

H*ll no, f*ck no, sh*t no! That is all! Oh and… b*tch, no!

Just joshin’! But for real, my answer is no! Why should you, I or anyone else have to deal with the backlash of some distant memory? I refuse to have to pay for the mistakes of female #6! I’m #7 All day! LOL.
Because this logic works in other situations, we find ourselves applying it to relationships when we really shouldn’t. Let me clarify this: if you learned that the problem was with you, (I don’t know if ya’ll hearin me today church, so I’mma say it again)… if you learned that the problem was with you...... keep that lesson! However, if the other party caused this NAS/BAS attitude, Let that muhfuggin lesson go! At least give em the chance to prove they ain’t shit. We’re not genetically predisposed to being less than shit, ya know! LMAO!
Excess, stale baggage breaks up soooo many relationships when it shouldn’t. When entering a new relationship, grab hold to the concept of "NEW" and not "Relationship"! This should be a fresh start for you and the other party involved. Let that B*ll from the past, be the past and move on! All you are doing is crippling your chances of having a healthy relationship in the future. Think about it. If you walk in the door thinking NAS/BAS, then you gon find yourself waiting for that moment that they prove you right instead of enjoying the time that they proved yo ass wrong? (SN: That was profound! You can pick yo lip up now). So, what have we learned?? Let it go, Let it go!
And the reason we don’t learn to let it go is because we don’t know how to properly end the previous relationship. After the breakup, you and your ex are still mentally attached. They missin what that donk do, you missing what that mouth do and vice versa… LMAO, I’m kidding. I couldn’t resist! But it is true. If this was a long term relationship, this most definitely applies. This is because, when we’re in a relationship, we learn the other’s habit, ways, and tendencies and incorporate them into our lives. For example, yo boo always eats Froot Loops after makin it do what it do, so you buy Froot Loops…. Even when you don’t eat the mofos. Out of habit, once the break-up is over, yo ass will be in Jewel, in the cereal aisle buying Froot Loops cuz you haven’t mentally processed that its no longer a part of your life. You can’t help but carry that old, full Dooney & Bourke luggage into the new relationship because you never put it down. And the only thing that can make you put it down is TIME!
When you break up with a mofo, don’t go runnin to the arms/bed of someone else cuz they’re sayin all the right ish! All you’re gonna do is trade that Dooney in for a bigger, more classy Hermes or Burkin bag and make that new person carry it ten-fold! Give yourself time to get back to home base. Do the things that please you and restore you. Make sure you get back all that you gave that person mentally and spiritually (cuz you know you ain’t get that physical ish back unless yo name on it!). Only then you can walk away without the Dooney and into a fresh new relationship successfully.
So our lessons of the week are simple>>> Let it go and when you break up with someone, give yourself time so that the next mofo don’t have to pay!

QOTWk: Do men and women really speak a different language????

Peace & Bless
DyVine by Dysign

Tierra Marie ft Nikki Minaji- Automatic

I like this song even though Nikki Minaji flow is irritating and hard to decipher at times she still goes hard a bit.


Throwback Thursday

Big ups to my brother it's his birthday today, he's turning 26 so it is only right I dedicate this throwback Thursday album to him and his love of marijuana.

Bone Thugs& Harmony E 1999

Throwback Thursday Song - This of course is my pick though, had to do it man. I dig this song like most people do, but how many of you can weather the storm. I think the unconditional love this song gets at is a beautiful thing. Lol peep New Edition performing live on Arsenio. Hahaha they started beat boxing at the end.


What Happened to all the old McDonalds Characters? Grimace Hamburgaler Ronald Mc Donald Special Guests, Damn Fool, Vanessa Fraction, and Wildcat.

This had me dying, I am now definitely a fan of Allen Ritchey Productions.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joe Budden- Exxxes Video

Yo this video just upped my Joe Budden crush lol oh and I still love this song.

Drake- Overdose on Life

New Drizzy


Family Guy- Weed Song

Hahaha this is hilarious if you didn't catch this episode please check out this song.

New UHB and the Knew Guys

She's going going... goneeeeee lol " Your now dealing with those solid gold rappers wrapped in solid gold wrappers"


Sit yo Ass Down put this in your pipe and smoke it
Smoke It

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Foreign Exchange feat Darien Brockington-Take Off The Blues

The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington - "Take Off The Blues" from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo

Rarely do you come across music that has the abilities to be life changing. This Foreign Exchange album was that for me. You know how the composition of songs in a body of work just seem to correspond to where you are in life. This is one of my favorite songs off the album and it fades into one of my other favorite songs Valediction. Check Phonte out getting his cry on in the Valediction portion as well.

Joe and Tahiry Argue about not giving Joe Buddens Any.. hilarious

Hahaha she told him to go jerk off and Buddens told her what would you do if I went and fucked somebody else. Tahiry was gettin em " whatever comes out in the wash, comes out in the rinse". Hey Budden poses an interesting topic for discussion, How many of you think Tahiry was obligated to give him some because she's his girl?

Snewty Moment

Compactdecks Turntable Deck. I would love to have this in my crib. The Compactdecks is a design for turntable deck, featuring three integrated turntables to play loop or regular vinyl records. Limited to 10 units, the Compactdecks has been produced by the artist and designer Oliver Rubli for Compactlab.”

Candi Corner

So I hope you guys all enjoyed your 4/20. I'm back again for a weekly look at what I call the essence of Candi. It was a weird day for me but I guess it all ended on point. My leg however is randomly killing me when I put it in a certain position ( what the bloody deuce man)After that Elzhi post I had to dig that "Love it Here " track up and put it on repeat... I love that track. Anywho so I'm a random type person and like I seriously wonder or think about of the strangest things at the randomest times.
For example " When a female is driving a male companion of hers home to his house, is she suppose to wait for him to get in the house before she pulls off? hmmm I have always wondered the answer to that question and often found myself much like Ricky Bobby in Talledega nights when he didn't know what to do with his hands during the interview.

Shout Out to Issues for the hospitality tonight but ugh about that neighborhood..which lead to another random thought.. if it is hella cops in your neighborhood does that mean that your neighborhood is very safe or that it's hella people on bullshit at the moment in the neighborhood?
Aso I'm considering another tattoo ..any suggestion where I should get it people? The candy of the week is Trolli Sour Brite Octopus. This candy is crack right after intoxication or sex lol. I use to use my damn meal plan up in college on these something serious It is generally more expensive then the 2 for a $1 worms. However I like quality candy and think giving candy is a good way to say you care.

Any comments blogger world..I need your feedback.

Kid cudi- Daps and Pounds

Daps And Pounds

Clipse feat Kanye west- Kinda Like A Big Deal

Ahh the cocaine rappers are back.. I can't front I definitely mess with the Clipse. I must say that I was waiting on them to hop on a Kanye beat after dealing with Pharrell so heavily. I wonder if Kanye be gangstering his way on tracks, like artist be tryna get a beat and he just start ciphering over they beat and they be like aight why not. Clipse new album is called " Till The Casket Drops" so you guys know.
Kinda Like A Big deal


Hey Hey all of you guys who are sleep on Elzhi please wake up. This guy ain't playing no more. He seems to be really going for his solo dolo something serious. If you didn't know Elzhi is working on a project where he will rhyme over Nas Illmatic beats, called the Elmatic mixtape. That ought to be interesting to check out, it's slated to be dropped later this year. Anywho let me give you guys something old and something exclusive that you must have of Elzhi.

Exclusive- Elzhi- Deep

Old But Must Haves- The Preface
Witness My Growth- (One of my fav tracks off of here is Love It Here)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ad appreciation

Check this Ad out for Levis paint. "Brussel's agency TBWA took the concept of a 'splash of paint' quite literally when it created this striking print ad for paint manufacturer Levis. Drawing a parallel between interiors and fashion is nothing new but rarely does it work so well, particularly in a print context. Sexy and commanding. Not usually word you associate with paint". Lisa Evans

Music Balloon/ Furry Outlook

The furry outlook is a speaker suitable for those who enjoys music on the go. The power rating is 7Watts and a full charge will last 5 hours which is deemed as sufficient for daily usage. Check it out at

The Air Yezzy's I need

These have already hit E Bay.. somebody needs to bid on them for me and purchase them. I would greatly appreciate it

Dare to Dream.. Designer Heels

Alexander McQueen Metallic Strappy Shoe

Azzedine Alaia Python & Patent Strappy Heels (yes I said Python lol and these cost an arm and a leg)

Fendi Raffia Platform Shoe- ( notice the zipper on the back of the shoe)

YSL x Puma Sneakers-

So Yves Saint Laurent has joined forces with sister company Puma to create a high-top sneaker melding Stefano Pilati’s design prowess and the activewear firm’s technical expertise.

New Videos

Neyo- Part of The List Video

Mike Jones-Scandalous Hoes ft TPainII

NEw Music Monday

Hello everyone I trust you had a splendid weekend. Anyway it's that time again , New Music Monday. Here you go.. go forth and download.

Mike Jones ft Trey Songz- I know
Reflection Eternal- Back Again- (yes!!!!!!!!!! Hi Tek and Kweli)
Ciara-G is For Girl ( this track is aight, hook is catchy but I dont like the range she sings in on this)
Tyga-Lay You Down ft Lil Wayne-
Trey Songz- Be Where You Are
David Banner ft Ying Yang Twins- Slap That Trick- ( this track is angry lol)
Big Kuntry King ft. OJ Da Juice-Kush, Blunts & Rosea (Aye Aye Okay)
Ryan leslie- Gonna Let This Love-
Mario ft Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane- Break Up
RKelly- Take It To the Hotel

Dorrough- Walk That Walk ( While I was in Texas this song got heavy ass rotation via there radio station and I just heard it here in the Chi yesterday on the radio)
Paper Chaserz-Franky
Dorrough-Ice Cream Paint Job
Dorrough - Caramel Sundae

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Real T@lk - Television

Real T@lk goes in on this one.. check it out . If you haven't already check em out

I'm also killing two birds with one stone with this post...the picture above of course is Real T@lk, poet K Love, and none other than poet J Ivy who most of you remember from Kanye West album. I had to post this picture for Hollywood Snax for the sole purposes of you are truly a fly guy. Look how fashion forward you were when you decided to dig your shirt up and rock it first, yes that is an Emmanuel Christian School T shirt on J Ivy and they were not at any event related to Emmanuel when the picture was haha. This is definitely So Snewty.

New Tracks

Tierra marie ft Kanye West- Diamonds
I like this track, its a nice weather getting warmer track.

B.O.B ft Devin tha Dude-Gettin
Interesting combo and it works. I think the beat is hot and its a mellow weed track

Fuck Boy
Yo I came across this and had to post it. Back in my high school days I was a big 3 6 mafia / gangsta boo fan. Also I must say Rich Boy has been coming hard as of late. The track has dj drops on it of course because its off the new Southern Smoke mixtape but I think you'll still enjoy it regardless. I know I got a few chuckles off this shit, hook alone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twista- The Calm Before the Storm Mixtape

I had to post my boy Dj. MoonDawgs mixtape and from the sounds of it Twista's album Category 5 might be some hot shit. I'm def feeling the track Shawty Got Work ft Shawnna.. download it and check it out. Oh click the picture above for the tracklisting.

DyVineDyalogue 1.1

Question of the Week:

Can men and women truly be friends??

**When commenting, start your answer w/QOTW to differentiate between responding to this question and the DyVineDyalogue

The Professional Side Smash

In today's day and age, cheating is rampant. With all the bussas, sluts, hoes, and grimy individuals in the world (both male and female), how can one stay faithful?? When we look at these scenarios, we often focus on the cheaters and those that have been wronged; but, I'd like to take this week to discuss the individuals in the equation least talked about but obviously prevalent: The Professional Side Smash.

Be clear (SN: Ladies, don't you love when T.I. says that?? Ha-ha), I'm not talking about the female or male that doesn't know that she/he is a side smash. I'm talking about the "flea"male (used interchangeably) who is a willing participant in the festivities. She’s the chick that has your phone number just in case he acts up and doesn't give her the money he promised. He’s the dude that welcomes your wifey with open arms to his bed when you think she's out with the girls. The breezy/brotha who thinks it's perfectly fine to stick her/his narrow ass in the crevices of your relationship.

“The best type of dip is the one that you don’t have to convince to be a DIP/Side Chick - the willing dipper, if I may.”
-Marcus E.

We always wanna give these textbook answers for people like this. Ya know, they don't respect themselves or they don't think they deserve better. Or my fave, oft quoted by my teetee (yes, I said teetee), "when you know better, you do better.” However, I'd like to disagree (and play Devil's advocate, for the sake of discussion). They respect themselves, they just don't respect YOU, the faithful mofo in the relationship OR the dumb ass cheater. Deserve better?? Excuse me while I laugh! They're getting, in a way only T.I. can say, the "CREME de la CREME homie." And they obviously know there are better options, but could care less cuz the other options aren’t as productive or rewarding. Side smashes want it this way and are getting everything they desire. They're getting the booty/d*ck, the money/benefits, enough “reciprocity of need” to keep the situation going, and the ability to still maintain that "single" status. What are you getting besides a headache from all the "where you been at" arguments?? Lol

We all know they exist. Hell, at the moment, we might even be one. I'm just here to point out what I've observed. And what I see is that, professional side smashes have tendencies and characteristics. Most particularly:

1. They prey on those that have a weakness for the booty/d*ck. This is mostly a problem for men who, by nature, are hunters and seek out the side booty! So, as we all know, the side chick is way more popular.

2. They are self-involved individuals. If they aren't coming out on top, the situation is null and void.

3. Side smashes also don't give a f*ck about yo Boo at home! So, please don't confuse them with the dumb ass mofos that are sitting on the side waiting patiently for the cheater to leave.

These are hard core mofos that are all about getting it in and can be seen in the club singing, "f*ck a n*gga, money make me cum!" ha-ha! Or one of my fave Dream hits, "I Love Yo Girl."
"There's a certain level on non-f*ck giving" (I had to include that, I LMMFBO @ it.)
-Nick M.

I will openly admit that the words you are reading are biased (if you can't already tell). I am that faithful mofo! And I abhor the IDEA of a side chick/dip (don't twist my words to say that I hate side chicks/dips. I don't, do your dougie!). Moreover, the song "Boyfriend #2" blows me! So, I decided to open the discussion up to some friends, both single and boo’d up, and here's what feedback I got:

“I hate the side chick!!!!! What kinda woman would allow themselves to be the side chick?!?!? I don't even blame the guy, I blame the girl. If women would not allow themselves to be the side chick, then men would not have a side chick! You see, men only do what we allow them to do. We (women) have the power... or the cookie as Steve Harvey calls it. Lol… But if you KNOW that yo ass is the side chick, then you straight need to be bitch slapped!!!!! No questions asked!!!”
-Janelle W.

”Coming from a man who had no need for a sideline chick, there is no purpose or legitimate reason for a man to use/borrow and toy with another woman's emotions.”
-Drewsean W.

Much as I suspected, there is a general consensus among people that Side Smashes are not a positive thing. But somebody loves it. Unfortunately for me, those ppl who do are not willing to speak up (punks!). So I did one better…

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, admitted to being a side smash and had this to say:

"I guess the best way to describe us is either beautiful with issues, or ugly with low self esteem… I never set out to be a side chick."

Although this adds to that afflicted persons excuse that I totally dismissed in the earlier part of this article, it does need to be presented so you understand that not ALL side smashes are created equal. There are multiple types and as I learned from a friend, where that person is in life can determine that as well (i.e. busy career woman). So, there are some that this quote applies to, but the ones that I'm speaking on are The Professional Side Smashes. No one seems to admit to being one of those. And those three aforementioned characteristics/tendencies apply. So, if you peeped someone with those qualities or you are embodying them yourself, need I say.... SIDE SMASH ALERT!!!

So, what have we learned today?....

- Professional Side smashes have characteristics and tendencies that we can look for
- Most ppl are not fond of the side smash, or won’t admit it.
- There are different types (Later to be explored)

I say all this to inform you, debate with you and inspire you to come back next week!

Peace & Bless

DyVine by DySign

I wanna thank you all for taking the time out to read, and COMMENT!
**Don't forget to answer the question of the week!**

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UHB- Looking At Me

This is by far one of my fav tracks ..I guarantee this will make you a fan. UHB is on the rise ya'll better recognize.

Jordan Competitive OCD

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kanye West Gay Fish - South Park

This is hilarious. South Park went in

Watch the entire thing below

Welp Its the Weekend

I hope everyone enjoys there weekend and stays positive and safe. I'm still in Texas and I'll get at you guys Monday. If anything drops thats hot over the weekend don't worry somebody will up it for you. Anywho if you need something to bump in your car on your drive to the club that has eclectic written all over it ..check out this mix from one of my favorite Dj's .. Issues. I was there when he put this mix together and the brother has skills, get at him for parties, events, etc. Come check him out in person to as he spins for Wa'jee's showcase celebrating the release of FCS at Self Conscious May 1st. Sneakerheads this is also a half off Friday at Self conscious. Don't Worry I'll be posting more about this event , afterall it is gonna be brought to you by Urban Nerd (muahahha).

Here is the mix he put together just because. Got to love the eclecticness. -
1 Gladiator - Common2 Thunder - J Dilla3 What Up - Busta Rhymes4 Tight - Rah Digga5 Real Thang (Club Mix) - Erykah Badu6 Pocketbook - Jennifer Hudson ft Ludacris7 Ridiculous - Musiq Soulchild8 Higher - Q-Tip9 Fantastique - K-Os10 More Mess On My Thing - The Poets of Rhythm11 You Got The Love - Rufus12 Give The Drummer Sum - Black Milk13 Disperse - Consequence14 Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes ft The Black Eyed Peas15 I Am Music - Common16 Magic (Mark Ronson Remix) - Robin Thicke ft Wale & Mary J Blige17 Get On The Good Foot - James Brown18 Egg and I - Yoko Kanno19 Jungle Fever - The Chakachas20 American Gangster (Fela Remix) - Jay-Z21 Uprising - Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra22 Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B. & Rakim23 Agadez - The Mars Volta24 Electric Feel - MGMT25 Dirty Love - J*Davey26 Manwomanboogie - Q-Tip ft Amanda Diva27 Blame It on the Boogie - The Jacksons28 Caveman Boogie - Lesette Wilson29 The Brainwasher - Daft Punk30 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana31 Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) - Lupe Fiasco32 Here I Come - The Roots33 Looking For The Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa34 Universal Mind Control - Common ft Pharrell35 Radio Ladio - Metronomy36 Say Goodbye To Love - Kenna37 Your New Cuckoo - The Cardigans38 Sex Shooter - Apollonia 639 Erotic City - Prince40 White Horse - Laid Back41 Stress - Justice42 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These - Eurythmics43 Gifted - N.A.S.A. ft Kanye West & Santogold44 She Wants To Move - N.E.R.D.45 Lollipop - Snoop Dogg46 Come Around - M.I.A. ft Timbaland

Get Ya Eyes Snewty

So with the weather getting warmer it is definitely essential that your eyewear is on point.

Fresh I know and there carbed out of wood and yes Raydio G from Hotstylz owns a pair with his name carved in the side. These are urban spectacles and u can thank Mr. Rezko for putting the 1st Lady on these.

Check out a few of Linda Farrowsx Jeremy Scott designs

Thursday, April 9, 2009


What’s good ya’ll

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is DyVineSoul and I’m here to present to you…


This is the newest addition to the So Snewty Blog. This will be your one-stop relationship advice and info section. This is not strictly limited to couples or those in some sort of “relationship”; this is for singles as well! Each week, I’ll bring you a new topic (chosen by the subscribers) which I will properly research and provide info and, of course, my opinion. So be prepared to discuss! We will also have a question of the week. So be sure to check here and don’t forget to submit any questions or topics that you’d like to discuss to I look forward to gettin' it crackin' on the subjuect matter. HAHA!

**Next week’s Topic: The Side Chick/The Dip** Coming Soon!!!

Peace & Bless
DyVine by DySign

~Be sure to check the Official DyVineSoul
You Tube!

Gourmet | epi leather sp ‘09

Oliver Wasow

I think this guys work is dope.. check out some of his work and note that these are photographs he took, nothing was staged. Check out his stuff at

Contemporary Thursday

Modern Stripes [2008]
Fred Red
Leather, Cotton, All Down Filling, Metal

Three Sixty Table
Studio Mauerer Hendrichs
German Oak or Walnut, Glass, Trucks and Wheels $1795

Self Shelf [2000]
Ronan and Erwan Bourroullec $1150

Fernando and Humberto Campana for Alessi
Stainless Steel and Glass

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Air Yeezy Doc.

I got this from my mans Davy Greenberg over at Leaders. Its an interesting documentary about the Air Yeezy and the customers that bought them. Check it out. Just copy and paste the link:

Somethin for My Beat Heads

Check out 9th wonder making a beat.. soo soulful

Electrik Red- So Good(Remix) feat Lil Wayne Video

One of my fav songs at the moment

This Years Rock The Bells Line-Up

I was extra excited to see this line up. I was tryna go last summer but my boo at the time wasn't tryna go and it didn't really matter to me because the line up wasn't as serious as it looks to be this year. This year I'm going. I refuse to miss a show with Nas, Common, Slaughterhouse, Reflections Eternal, The Roots, Damien Marley, Big Boi ( damnit no andre 3000), slum village, Buckshot, alchemist, and Tabi Bonney.

AsherRoth Feat Ceelo- Be By Myself

So I'm going on a road trip guys to Texas, if anything interesting happens along the way I'll be sure to post it. However you know it's business as usual so the site will be updated daily still. This week won't have as many music post though. Anywho while I was loading up the Ipod I decided to go ahead and post this for you guys. Asher Roth ft Ceelo "Be By Myself"

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