Thursday, April 9, 2009


What’s good ya’ll

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is DyVineSoul and I’m here to present to you…


This is the newest addition to the So Snewty Blog. This will be your one-stop relationship advice and info section. This is not strictly limited to couples or those in some sort of “relationship”; this is for singles as well! Each week, I’ll bring you a new topic (chosen by the subscribers) which I will properly research and provide info and, of course, my opinion. So be prepared to discuss! We will also have a question of the week. So be sure to check here and don’t forget to submit any questions or topics that you’d like to discuss to I look forward to gettin' it crackin' on the subjuect matter. HAHA!

**Next week’s Topic: The Side Chick/The Dip** Coming Soon!!!

Peace & Bless
DyVine by DySign

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