Thursday, April 23, 2009

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New Relationship, New Start

It’s only natural that we learn from our life experiences. Equally natural, is the fact that we take those lessons and apply it to future situations. We fall off a bike when we're learning; we, then, apply the lesson learned for next time: balance is key (or that those training wheels were actually cooler than we thought). However, I ask this question, is it fair that we apply this logic to relationships? Should your current boo have to deal with the "Niggas/Bitches Ain’t Shit (NAS/BAS)" lesson that you learned from a previous situation??

*Clears throat & rolls up sleeves*

Allow me to state my case....

H*ll no, f*ck no, sh*t no! That is all! Oh and… b*tch, no!

Just joshin’! But for real, my answer is no! Why should you, I or anyone else have to deal with the backlash of some distant memory? I refuse to have to pay for the mistakes of female #6! I’m #7 All day! LOL.
Because this logic works in other situations, we find ourselves applying it to relationships when we really shouldn’t. Let me clarify this: if you learned that the problem was with you, (I don’t know if ya’ll hearin me today church, so I’mma say it again)… if you learned that the problem was with you...... keep that lesson! However, if the other party caused this NAS/BAS attitude, Let that muhfuggin lesson go! At least give em the chance to prove they ain’t shit. We’re not genetically predisposed to being less than shit, ya know! LMAO!
Excess, stale baggage breaks up soooo many relationships when it shouldn’t. When entering a new relationship, grab hold to the concept of "NEW" and not "Relationship"! This should be a fresh start for you and the other party involved. Let that B*ll from the past, be the past and move on! All you are doing is crippling your chances of having a healthy relationship in the future. Think about it. If you walk in the door thinking NAS/BAS, then you gon find yourself waiting for that moment that they prove you right instead of enjoying the time that they proved yo ass wrong? (SN: That was profound! You can pick yo lip up now). So, what have we learned?? Let it go, Let it go!
And the reason we don’t learn to let it go is because we don’t know how to properly end the previous relationship. After the breakup, you and your ex are still mentally attached. They missin what that donk do, you missing what that mouth do and vice versa… LMAO, I’m kidding. I couldn’t resist! But it is true. If this was a long term relationship, this most definitely applies. This is because, when we’re in a relationship, we learn the other’s habit, ways, and tendencies and incorporate them into our lives. For example, yo boo always eats Froot Loops after makin it do what it do, so you buy Froot Loops…. Even when you don’t eat the mofos. Out of habit, once the break-up is over, yo ass will be in Jewel, in the cereal aisle buying Froot Loops cuz you haven’t mentally processed that its no longer a part of your life. You can’t help but carry that old, full Dooney & Bourke luggage into the new relationship because you never put it down. And the only thing that can make you put it down is TIME!
When you break up with a mofo, don’t go runnin to the arms/bed of someone else cuz they’re sayin all the right ish! All you’re gonna do is trade that Dooney in for a bigger, more classy Hermes or Burkin bag and make that new person carry it ten-fold! Give yourself time to get back to home base. Do the things that please you and restore you. Make sure you get back all that you gave that person mentally and spiritually (cuz you know you ain’t get that physical ish back unless yo name on it!). Only then you can walk away without the Dooney and into a fresh new relationship successfully.
So our lessons of the week are simple>>> Let it go and when you break up with someone, give yourself time so that the next mofo don’t have to pay!

QOTWk: Do men and women really speak a different language????

Peace & Bless
DyVine by Dysign

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AjJanelle said...

Another great blog Ms. DyVine!!! Yes Men and Women speak a different language especially when it come to relationships! I feel that men (for the most part) are not up front about what they want and what they feel. It always seem like its a game and this code need to be broken...cause its too damn confusing!!!

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