Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekly Rant

Nuvo Nuvo Nuvo.... If I see one more rapper, correction, one more male rapper with this shit in they video or rather hand, Imma flip out. After seeing the Trey Songz video
( posted below)and prior to that the Twista video( but I respect Twista cause he gave the Nuvo to the girl in the video big ups to Brace Face for pointing that out to me) and any T-Pain video,or Fabulous entity, I decided I had to do my research. Now I can't clown Nuvo because I like the taste. However the bottle is anti-masculine and I can't help but frown every time I see a guy toting the bottle proudly. So in my anger I did some research and it turns out Raphael Yakoby, the owner of hypnotiq who sold it for 30 million dollars, owns Nuvo....Nuvo is literally the new Hypno. However this was indeed developed for the female demographic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I fucks with you on this. Its the gayest drink for a man ever. its not even strong enough to get a man drunk. Men should look at drinking this beverage like drinking another mans ball juice.

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