Thursday, April 30, 2009

My apologies, Maxwell, Sexpo

I know I know I've been on a hiatus and in this hiatus I been neglecting you guys on the heat. So I've decided that instead of backtracking I am going to post all the music that you have missed this week Saturday. I got hella heat for you guys so mark your calendars check back Saturday. Any who if you haven't already seen Maxwell's video for pretty wings you need to do so. I am so happy he is back and looking forward to the album dropping in July. Check the video out.

So last nite I had the pleasure of attending the Sexpo at Excalibur in downtown Chicago. Hey Hey I know what your thinking, don't judge me I can assure you that I was on my best behavior mostly observing the freakishness that is a Sexpo. I had to go check it out, you only live once right. So there was alot of wiping going on, strippers on poles, porn stars, sex toys, sex, grinding and pole dancing. I must say it was hilarious though because ad mist all of this was people dancing and kicking it like a regular club night. Any who enough talking check the photos out. Shouts out to DJ. Moondawg for the pass.

This was def one of my favorite shirts I saw of the nite.

Some random guy who wanted to get in on the bondage experience

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