Friday, September 11, 2009

Freaky Friday

Well hello my people? Yea yea I know, where have I been? Sorry, last week I got caught up at work and as you all know Freaky Friday usually post at night time and after work time just got away from me so again I apologize, but guess what I'm gonna hold you guys down please believe. I have the Trey Songz Anticipation album playing in the background as I type so things are about to spice up and with that........I'm going in!

Hmmmm, where do we begin, where do we begin, OK there are plenty of people that come up to me and say things like dude you wild, or "boi, you are a mess(women) but those same people seem to love Freaky Friday so that got me to do you know whether you are in fact a freak or not? How do you differentiate between just being into sex and being a FREAK? After thinking that in my sick little head I created:

Ways to Tell Whether or Not you are a Freak(insert evil laugh here)
  • Drinking and fucking goes hand and hand- If you are ever drinking or know you are about to drink and you start getting this itch for sex then u might be along those freak lines. Better yet if you ever left somewhere from drinking and could not get none and went home and pleasured yourself you a freak.
  • If you and anyone you have been with have thrown on a porn and then reenacted scenes out of them, you a freak.
  • Ever had sex on any of your schools campus? Whether high school, college, summer camp, whatever. Ummmm, Freak!
  • Don't you just hate when you are around some people talking about sex and you keeping it cool and as soon as you jump in to speak on it they all look at you in shock like "fareal, huh, that's what you be on", oh you do? well you a freak!
  • If rain is a good thing in your eyes? Freak!!(For all the real freaks they already know what this is about)
  • If the face that you might get caught is good in your eyes? Yea, you a freak!!
  • You are messing around or fucking someone and they do something "freaky" and your only thoughts are "yawn, boring". You a freak.
  • You read Freaky Fridays but don't make comments on twitter, on the blog, or to me personally but when around people and someone mentions it you know all the tips and cosign all the ideas? You in the closet but sorry still a freak!!
Its a few other tell tell signs, whips, paddles, shackles, cuffs, edible panties, edible oils, etc. but they ones above are officially from YourAddiction so they are the real deal.

Now what right? I mean we all know that I am not done, I mean way back when I introduced to the women a position by the name of the Asian cowgirl and I was telling the ladies how this move is that deal and to pull it out on your man immediately!(Even though none of you ungrateful bastards thanked me, YOU WELCOMED FELLAS!, jk!) But you guys remember so tonight I have two more both are variations of rear-entry, doggy style, from the back however you say it.

Courtesy of

First, we have the Ben Dover and I like to call it the "toe touch:. This is the classic from the back but it is standing instead of the classic "on all fours". The female bends over while standing, pretty much touching her toes(hence my name for it) and the guy enters her, grabbing her waist and thrusting. This position allows for deeper penetration and quicker thrust. The likelihood of the female doing that collapsing thing they do fellas is also slim to none(yea ladies it can be cool to get it from the back while u laying flat on your stomach but its preferred u stay up and throw it back lol, sorry). Variations of this can be the women spreading her legs wider, or placing the legs together, remember though that the wider you spread the deeper he can go.

Courtesy of

Next, one is another classic! Fellas this is your time to shine! It's called Pearly Gates ( yea i know its heaven believe me). This move is pulled off by the the male laying on his back and the female straddling him in a reverse cowgirl, but instead of her riding him immediately she leans back with her legs spread and on the outside of the males. From her guys because of the leverage of this position, the female movements are restricted so you get to work her ass out!!!(insert another evil laugh here). With this position also fellas, it creates the perfect angle to stimulate her g spot(as usual I utterly refuse to go into this at all, this is freaky Friday so ummm step ur game up). Also, because of the way the woman is positioned you hands are free to roam, to stimulate her nipples and clit so use that to its fullest capabilities!!!

Whew, that was a lot to take in right!?(or maybe for some ladies later it will be a lot to take in!!! lmao). You know what my people, I owe yall big so introducing


I told you guys that I was thinking of adding a new section to Freaky Fridays so check this out. Above is the bullet, this is a personal clitoral stimulator sex toy. Unlike the rabbit, this one is more for clitoris stimulation it can briefly be used inside of the women but mostly for the clit. The bullet has many varieties, ranging from different head casing and different speeds. The basic one(like the one above) usually has 3 speeds and a solid silver casing. This is another favorite amongst women and works great with partners because of the remote control, which means that the male can control the different speeds as the women controls where the vibrations are delivered. (Plus it could make for a great show, aaahhhh yeeessss!!)

So, I think I will end it there. Hope you guys enjoyed this week as well and stay tuned to the site because sometime this week I have something special for you!! As for now.........

When you seek pleasure follow YourAddiciton.

P.S. You guys know that you can find me and all the rest of the snewty on twitter so hit me up! @SnewtyAddiction


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes Freaky Fridays! A must read. I am surprised there aren't more comments about this week because yes the pearly gates. That position is o so great... We're talking about the position that Ayana Angel put Mr. Marcus in and made him give it up... The same position that lets you feel a woman's ass, hips, and insides do work even if its too much for them. Guys if you haven't tried it your missing out on the finer things in life! Add the toy of the week to the pearly gates and your going to have a female that can't walk, can't talk, but can reminisce!!!

H! Side said...

Can I take the freak test more than once like the ACTs? Chicks are going to think I cheated because I got a 100. They think Mr. Dos Equis gave me the answers

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