Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DyVineDyalogue 2.6

Hey all!

Forgive the brevity of this week’s DyVineDyalogue! I’m cooking up some good stuff for you all, but enjoy!


Love in this Club.

We all want love. We all want to love and be loved. So, like all other things that we want, we seek it out. When we want food, we go get it. When we want clothes, we go buy them. When we want love… we, somehow, always seem to end up at the club!

Ever been to a club? It’s crowded, dimly lit and has obnoxiously loud music. So, why, of all places, do we head there to look for Mr./Mrs. Right? I’ve asked people, on numerous occasions, if they’d date someone they met in a club. They always say no but, I find that the majority of the people at clubs don’t like being single and are looking for someone to be with. Soooo, you're looking for love, you head to the place where you’d never want to meet anyone?? That’s like saying I want a dope pair of ALDO heels and going to stand in Payless and watch the shoes… It’s stupid. So it’s either stupid or, deep down, people would date someone they met in the club even though they don't want to admit it!

And truth be told, I don’t think it’s anything wrong with it! Why do I think this? Because I go to clubs and I am an amazing person to meet! (*Sorry fellas, I’ve removed myself from the market!*) But, I do believe that there are some pretty dope people to meet in the club. You just have to be careful.

One of the main reasons why a club may not be conducive to meeting someone is the atmosphere. The fact that it is dimly lit, almost dark at times; and the music is too darn loud! Fellas, you know you’ve run across that female that looked so fine in the club but, at last call when they turned the lights on, you realized that shadows work wonders for her. And Ladies… I know you’ve seen that dude that had the body of Boris Kodjoe with the shades on and when he offers to walk you out the club and takes off the shades, you realize that he must be Gucci Mane’s twin brother. And on top of that, you got a headache from yelling and getting yelled at all night! (In my Ms. Sophia voice) Don’t do it… Don’t do it… it ain’t worth it. LOL. Now you got this “ug-a-boo” that just won’t go away! So my advice… stick to well lit places and chill spot lounges. And wait until last call when the lights come on to see if that “Halle Berry” is truly “Halle Beeeeeeerrrrrrry, Halle Berry!” Hahaha

Second, and the biggest issue is that people at the club are not their everyday selves! When I go to the club, I put on make-up and dress a certain way that I probably wouldn’t dress if I was going elsewhere. When I’m at the club, I drink; so, I’m a little bit more social than I normally am. If you met me in a club, I’d still be me; I’d just be the version of me that I want to be that night! Hahaha! And I’m sure this is true for everyone, especially females. Fellas, you come to the club too! You all stunt like you’re all ballers with your big shades and your fly guy swag. And at the end of the night, your boy is dropping you back off at your mom’s crib. Everyone is putting up some sort of front. It’s like we’re all playing this game. We all know the rules and no one ever questions it. This problem, however, cannot be overcome. This is just the club. If you talk to someone in the club, you just have to take the risk that they might not be who they fully say they are. I know I’ve been known to go by Arielle and live in Indiana! Haha!

Overall, dating someone you meet in the club can be tricky. But just like when you meet people in other places, you have to talk and get to know them. So, don’t say it can’t be done! And stop discrediting people because they’re at a club. You’re there too! Duh!

Peace & Blessings


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