Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LdRs Nike Huarache 2K8

Alright folks i have been waiting on these joints since I first saw them, they are beautiful! Everything about them is perfect, down to the bottom of the shoe which has a mercury look to it. The overall shoe just screams futuristic and since this was a collab with nike, im sure all you hypebeast out there are drooling all over yourselves. Anyway I get a phone call from the owner of Leaders telling me to come get my shoe. I'm thinking like "what shoe?" so I head to the store and what do I see in front of me??????????????? Pure beauty , thats what. I usualy dont kiss the bottom of my shoes but I had to do it to these. By the way this shoe was designed by Mr. Brandon Stretch, the creative mind behind A2C (Addicted 2 Culture) clothing.

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