Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wa'Jee FCS has Arrived

So I introduced this artist to the blogging world a little earlier this year, and now his second project is finished. I was definitely surprised when I came home only to find, Food Clothes and Shelter in my email box. This project is definitely worth the wait and download. I get excited when I hear good music from an artist thats on his grind. What's even more impressive is that the production credits on the album belong to another grinding Chi City native, Issues, who definitely did his thing on the beat side. The album cover is also dope. I'm one of those people who buy albums for the artwork. Keep it up Wa'Jee!!

Imma let you hear two of the tracks off FCS and I guarantee you'll download the album.

Rappers Funeral ft Chi City-
See The Sun-

Download Food Clothes and Shelter-

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L-Bourgies said...

yo u GOTTA put Kingpin on here.

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