Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Fair 2009

So I don't have any kids but some of my readers might and then some of my readers just may be a big kid like me. I seriously got excited when I saw these toys that are slated to hit the market. Can someone buy me them :)
Fisher-Price My Toon TV Console

My Toon TV lets kids become a toon character and perform on the TV in live cartoons.
Kids can use the built in camera in the My Toon TV console to take a photo and then choose a toon character body to create their customized toon hero. The cartoons shown on My Toon TV are funny dance skits. There are 5 songs pre-loaded, but kids can connect their iPod to play their own songs.
The role play "microphone" lets kids select characters and capture screen grabs.
The Fisher-Price My Toon TV will go on sale in June for $69.99.

Fisher-Price unveiled a cool new interactive TV connected toy dubbed Splatster at the Toy Fair 2009 in New York.
The Splatster lets kids paint with a virtual pen. The Splatster console offers three modes to play. In the first mode kids get to choose to paint with unique brushes in 8 different virtual worlds. The brushes include spaghetti or whipped cream. The 2nd mode lets kids paint colorful works of art that also can be saved on Splatster or printed.
The 3rd mode offers arcade style painting games.
As far as I can see Splatster users a camera to track the movements of the kids in front of the TV. I assume there is also a motion sensor in the paint brush controller as well.
Splatster will go on sale in July for $54.99.

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