Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second Installment of Weekend Randomness

Yes Yes Yes another week another week. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I decided to post this today because for some Monday was a holiday. Let me not beat around the Bush here. This weekend I went on a date of sorts, destination Hyde Park, Bronzeville. So after I got my grub on of course at this fiyyah pizza place, we needed to kill time because we had decided that we'd catch a show at jokes and notes. Thus began our journey in Hyde Park to the neigborhood supermarket. I took one look at the sign and said "pull over this is how we will kill time, I must go inside". I know what you guys are thinking, yes I love food and yes I had just eaten but my reasoning for going inside was not because I wanted to browse the bakery, (strawberry shortcakes yes). No my reasoning was because the sign said " Treasure Island and underneath it read the worlds most European Supermarket". Now of course I thought to myself what the hell is in a European Supermarket, okay nah I thought the shit was kinda racist I'll be perfectly honest. So I go inside and aside from the places dumbass cheese selection it was similar to a Whole Foods. However after going down aile after aile I noticed that every worker on duty was black, the cashiers, the bakery staff, the cheese guys, the produce guys, the nigga with a mop, security. I shook my head like this shit is racist I see now why its the World's most european Supermarket..shakes head and all the customer except myself and my date were pink.

Next stop Bronzeville. So we drive around looking for somehwere to park near Jokes and Notes. I look to my left and there are these kids footworking in the Harold Washington Cultural Center window and behind them are a group of little back boys in KKK atire( no lie). So my something like a date stopped the car. I just had to get a picture of this. I did my best I could considering guys.

Next Stop Jokes and Notes- So we finnally arrive at Jokes and Notes go in to get our tickets and then the lady says it that'll be 40 bucks for two tickets and theres a 2 drink minimun per person. I laughed like ha this bitch is trippin, something like a date grab your wallet let us retreat. Jokes and Notes is ten bucks on Sundays. Just because it is friday and Saturday does not mean you can double the price.

End of the Night Bar Louis on 55th- Is it just me or is that Bar Louis located in Hyde park as well, one of Chicago's most mixed neighborhoods, yet there are no white people, asians, mexicans in sight. Instead it looks like a classier version of Mr Rickys without the juking. Damn shame but hey I ain't gonna lie it definitely cracks on the weekends. So we get up to the bar and I order a Raspberry Mojito. The bartender makes a face at me and is like ugh we aint got that. So I order something else and he like we don't got that either. So in my mind I'm thinking ain't this some TBS(typical Black shit). Come to find out the bartender didnt know how to make shit off the drink menu and preffered to make drinks from his personal drink menu of his mind. So he ended up making me his special long island ( shit taste fruity as hell to( dude was fruity and proud and I couldn't even hate on em cause he was doing his thang)and had hella liquor in it.


SDot said...

I'm mad the place is called Jokes and Notes... sounds like a childrens hang out

L-Bourgies said...

OKay now this shit right here nigga? Pure comedy. teeheehee... And as for Bar Louis all they need to do is get rid of them tables and that shit would be a club. Cuz obviously they say fuck both the dinner and the drink menu. lol. Gon tell me the kitchen closed AFTER I place my order. If that ain't some bullshit?!

Isis said...

S Dot- Lol yop haha yeah well Jokes and Notes be charging grown up prices a

L-Bourgies- Hell yeah TBS man

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