Monday, March 9, 2009

As SDot Turns...

On this blog-isode of “As SDot Turns”... I refuse to be your predictable, average, run-of-the-mill garden variety lover. I’m tired of mofos comparing me to other people. I am an individual... period. I am not responsible for your past so don’t try and hold me accountable. Don’t let the past dictate your future, rather, learn from your past because it tends to repeat itself if mistakes are blinded or overlooked. Just some food for thought.

The weekend is over my friends and I barely had one. I worked on Saturday, meaning I had a six-day working week. And then today I was up at 6am... pretty wack I know. But I’m on my grind and haven’t felt this good in a couple of months. Things are slowly but surely coming together. Plus I’m reading this book entitled “Between Life and Death” that has pretty much changed my perspective on life itself. I look at things, people and situations a whole lot differently. But half the people that I talk to about this book give me the side eye. Just because I swim against the current and think outside of the limited boxes that we conformed into as school children? Fools.

So I really tried taking pictures (you know, to try and spice things up) of some of the crazy shit I’ve seen since my last post... but I really couldn’t build up the courage to look so... so... stalkerish. Like, this one morning while driving to work, I was stopped at a stop sign... but it was one by a elementary so there was a crossing guard and a bunch of parents walking their kids to school... and then there was this dog just chillin’ on the corner. Straight up chillin’... lookin’ sad and lonely as hell. And all the kids and parents were just all walkin’ around laughing and skipping to school and shit... and I really felt sorry for the poor dog. And I thought to myself, “Who’s dog is this?”... and I thought, “Maybe it’s the crossing guard’s dog” cause he/she was sitting right next to her chair. Like her mascot or something. But my heart went out to the lil’ fella and I tried taking a picture to share... but I didn’t want none of the parents walking by to think that I was a pervert or something, taking pictures of their kids so that I could come back and kidnap them or something. So I just kept driving.

Then yesterday while working at my other job... there was this lil’ kid playing on the computer and her dad was ready to shake the spot. But clearly the little girl wasn’t. So her dad gave her a couple of more minutes to play on the computer... and then said it was time to go. The girl didn’t budge one bit... so her dad just picked her up and carried her out the store. And as he was doing this, the lil’ girl was yelling, “Noooo! Help! Help me! Help me!”... me and a customer died laughin’. Then this other customer who decides to buy something for himself that he knows nothing about... decides to come in and ask me 3 hours worth of questions. I didn’t want to talk to anybody else the rest of the day.

I also wanted to speak on all of the Facebook gangsters out there. All you people... yes YOU PEOPLE... kill me. Throwin’ shots at people through a status message. I shake my head. All I have to say is, if you got somethin’ to say to SDot... let’s do lunch. Until next time... if nobody loves you... SDot loves you.

Song of my night... “Don’t Do It” - Young Jeezy

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