Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As SDot Turns...

On this blog-isode of “As SDot Turns”..... I need some money, somebody hit my car, I need some new clothes... F the hoes, I just wanna be... I just wanna be successful (but you gotta sing it to Drake’s “Successful”). That shit knocks.

I was in the nail shop the other day and ol’ girl was doing my eyebrows... and my friend was getting hers done as well... like right next to me. And she said something funny to me... so I laughed. But the lady doing my eyebrows decided to say something that she thought was so funny as she was chewing on... ionno what she was chewing on... and you know how you let out a huge breath when you first laugh... she did that... and a small piece of what she was chewing on came flying out and of course landed on my face. I was so disgusted.

This past Saturday I ventured out to the city of Silverlake to hit up a bar with a couple of friends. The theme of the night was funky soul but we were def thinking something else. When we got inside... why was the DJ playing all 70’s... some 80’s music? On some real shit, I felt like I was at somebody’s daddy’s birthday party with hella people that grew up during President Carter and Reagan. But it was poppin’ nonetheless. This one dude named Jesse was breakin’ it down with his three piece suite and bow tie. In one corner they were break dancin’ and then in my corner, this one bushy head girl with a big ass Coach purse kept invading my personal space. Oh, and I got about three beers spilled all over me... by the same dude... and he didn’t say sorry not once. But I wasn’t ‘bout to let the devil steal my joy (haha). I got that from the building security at my office. She manages to tell me that every time I see her.

Earlier today while I was washing my hands... wait hold on, this is really pissin’ me off. Why can’t people (well actually this one person... yeah I’m callin’ you out) get the f-ing point!! Like fa real... I’ve explained something to you a thousand times already and you keep egging me on by sayin’ the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over AGAIN!!! SDot does not like repeating herself multiple times. SDot does not like people speaking on her behalf. And SDot does not like people thinking that they know her... when clearly they don’t. So when the bitch side of SDot comes out... don’t get mad cause you provoked it. I’m just gonna start ignoring you. Now... back to what I was saying... I was washing my hands earlier today and randomly I started singing, “All my life, I’ve prayed for someone like you...” and I thought to myself, “Wow... KC and JoJo”. Why that song choice? It’s probably my subconscious speaking.

So there’s exactly 18 days until my big day!! Get excited!! And I’ve locked in my plans for that weekend and I’ve also released a pre-birthday statement... blaming it on the alcohol. Thank you.

Song of my night... “Girl It’s Over” - Jagged Edge... but change every time they say girl to boy... it fits perfectly.


Isis said...

Hahaha did you refer to yourself in the third person continuously and then did u go form happy to angry lmao.

SDot said...

Yes I did... and yes I did. Muthaf@#kas be trippin... interrupting my train of thought...

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