Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As SDot Turns...

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air... yes his hair is gold... yes he has on that same suit Carlton wears all the time... and yes he has a purse and some moccasins on... you can't see them... but they were burgundy.

On this blog-isode of "As SDot Turns..." my birthday came and went, got inebriated, recovered... now back to business. Shot out to all my friends that came out to support the anniversary of my birth. There was like 20 of us hardbody at dinner. I showed up like 40 mins late... but that's allowed since it was my day. After dinner we headed downtown to this one lounge... but found out that racism still exists in this world. They were not tryin' to let my crew in... only bottle service because they were at "capasity". Oh but soon as we turn our backs they let the group of Caucasian people in with no problem. Not only did I have a hook up from a promoter... I had like a group of 20... mostly females... (blank stare) come on now. Word on the street is that they were keeping out asians and blacks... I shake my head. But whatever, I took my party elsewhere. Across the street as a matter of fact. And I'm happy I did. At the end of the night... as we're all walking back to our vehicles, the promoter from the other joint stopped me and apologized and said he was leaving the venue for good. So all in all... I had a good time. Besides the fact that one of my friends attacked another one of my friends... and then tried to fight another... then we proceeded to drop her off at her "boyfriend's" house but he wouldn't answer his phone so she decides to jump through his window. True story. And that's the abridged version. Haven't heard from her since.

Anyway, I got all that I asked for... and more. So I thank you. I especially got to talk to someone VERY special that I haven't talked to in a min... so good lookin'. And to the guy that stopped me on my way out and told me that you'd lick whip cream off of me... you could get it. *Insert Bobby Valentino - "BEEP" here*... but only the remix. Until next time... if nobody loves you... SDot loves you. Next time I wanna hit on the subject of pretenders, swagger jackers (yes you) and simp as simpletons (definitely you).

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