Monday, March 2, 2009

Ignorance I Have in Rotation

So I know I'm a female and as such I hear I'm not expected to have a music selection as the songs I've listed below playing in my car, but I do. I can't help it sometimes I get in an extra grimey mood and my music is grimey as well.

Killa Cam is back in my good graces, so far so good with the stuff I've heard and if you know me then you know I use to clown Cam'Ron for that slow flow he was stuck on for a while, rhyming bullshit with bullshit..i.e " this straight , I piss on a gate, go sit at the lake, lakee" anywho this Cam' ron that has reappeared is similar to the Harlem World Cam'ron and he's flowing. I'm diggin this track Cookies & Apple juice, the beat is ill and Get it In Ohio is hot to I'm down for any artist who references the Chi.

Cookies & Apple Juice Download-
I Use To Get It In Ohio full version-

Gucci Mane- Stoopid - Download-
Photoshoot- Download-

Lil Wayne- Filet Migone-

Shawty Lo ft Gucci Mane- Dope Boy KNot- download-

Gorilla Zoe ft Young Dro- Break It Down- Download

Rich Boy Hataz- Download-
Drop Top-

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