Saturday, February 28, 2009

As SDot Turns...

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. However this may reach you, I would like to introduce you to myslef... SDot. And welcome to the fascinating episode... or web-isode I should say of “As SDot Turns”... series premiere of course. Yes, yes... it has finally been put into action. For a while now, I would always tell some of my fellow associates that there should be a team of cameras following me in my daily journeys because some of the stuff I see and hear are just ridiculous. My life in general is pretty damn entertaining... if I can say so myself. And every time I would give a life update, I would label it “As SDot Turns”... so there is the history behind the title. Go figure!

Anywho, moving things along... today on “As SDot Turns” (and just imagine some middle-aged white guy that smokes saying that... not so much the movie guy tho). Today I have yet to set out on my journey, even tho it’s just hittin’ 3pm... sad I know. But I figure, I done worked 42.5 hours this past week, I can sit around in my pajamas all day if I damn well please. But since it is 83 degrees outside today... I think I’ll go do some window shopping... run a few errands... take in a few rays. And since this is my first web-isode, I’ll just give a run down on the things to come...

As some of you may know, my birthday will be here in exactly two weeks and six days. So I am trying to plan an eventful weekend. And since times is hard during this whole recession mess... I’ve just decided to keep it simple and just go to dinner and hit a club or lounge. But I’m having trouble with that because all my life I’ve had trouble wit making decisions. I’ve been recommended some suggestions... but then I look at their menu online and I think to myself, “ I don’t wanna eat none of that shit”... so I have yet to make a decision of where to eat dinner. The club/lounge decision shouldn’t be too hard tho... considering I live in L.A. (Los Angeles not Louisiana). Last year I went to Vegas and indulged in lots of alcohol. Just the other day I described it as an escalator of fun. Cause we got to Vegas and we were all like, “Ohhh goody, we’re in Vegas”, then we were like, “Ohhh let’s go here... let’s go there”, “Then we were like, “Ohhh let’s drink...”, then, “Let’s drink some more... and some more!”.... Then on our last night there I drank and drank and finally while on the way back to the condo, the silence in the air of the car was interrupted my the sounds of me regurgitating all of the alcohol I had indulged in that whole weekend... into a lil’ 8 oz. empty water bottle. Yeah, after that it was a wrap. But the highlight of that night was when we were in the drive thru of Mickie D’s and, let’s call her Emcee, turns to me and says, “Here, eat this, it will soak everything up...” and she hands me a french fry. ONE FRENCH FRY!! Not even a regular sized one. It was a small crispy one (even tho those are the best ones). And so I ate the one french fry... and continued my regurgitation out the window. *SIGH* Good times man. I love my friends.

So this year should be interesting... probably won’t beat out Vegas... but I’ll be gone nonetheless. If you have any suggestions of where to celebrate feel free to hit me up. I’m open to suggestions. Well folks, that’s all for today. Stay tuned for next time on AS SDot TURNS... a night out with some NY ladies and the lady Trojans vs. Stanford (shot out to C_Millz).

Song of my day... "The Message" - Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five

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