Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

So I has the weekend off for a change, yes the entire weekend Fri- Sun. This blog post is dedicated to the things I heard or experienced this weekend that after review gave me a chuckle.

1) The temperature was 60 degrees this Saturday. The line for the car wash was around the block, niggas and yes I said niggas, were riding around on their rims with their windows down bumping R Kelly and screaming at females..Ya Yah. I understand it hasn't been hoody worthy outside in the Chi in a while, but this does not give you an excuse to act as though it is the summertime. You niggas is Failures.

2) Why is it that fast food establishments are always slow as shit in black neighborhoods. I went to Wendy's today and if I didn't know any better I swear they had to kill the cow just to make my junior bacon cheeseburger. It's like the DMV black folks go in McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's etc with an attitude from jump expecting the establishment to be on bullshit.

3)I took the LSAt this past Saturday morning and will readily admit I was on bullshit. Not only was my mind wandering and I got bored, but I broke all the rules that they read to you via the instructions prior to starting the test. I had my hat on , used a mechanical pencil and was eating an oreo cakester the whole time.

4)I think Im allergic to dudes with kids now. I went to the wild hare for reggae night. Afterwards a guy approached me. We begin to walk down the street and have casual conversation. As I check off things in my head on my "things a guy must have list", Im like okay okay and then he said it... yea I have a child... All kinds of sirens went off and bojangles tapped danced onto the imaginery stage on the sidewalk and caned this nigga out of my vision. ( Cold I know but hey been there done that.. never again)

5) My friend and I went on a mission this weekend. Well she had to curse her guy out and needed me to circle the block since theres no parking downtown. So I found a park of course and killed time. So I'm in Borders downtown reading the Vibe magazine. A guy approaches me sparks up conversation, everythings cool..he seems like a nice guy. We both go back to reading our magazines and he taps me and says hey have you ever tried this sex position and points to a picture in his mens The thoughts that ran thru my mind were as follows. Is this nigga serious, nigga I don't know you, (lowkey I have tried that position but he out his rabbit mind if he think I'll admitt that shit..I'm a lady. He must have saw my right hand cock back in the pimping pre slap flex because he apologized profusely.

6) Chris Brown slapped up rhianna. The new Ike and Tina....Whitney Bobby. Boy is this gonna be interesting if it's true.


SDot said...

LMAO... at a couple things... wow.

L-Bourgies said...

G that shit is high-larious! Hahahahahahahahahhahaha.

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