Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day off

So Im currently taking a sick day from work. Yes I am at the library right now. You ever got that feeling like you need to stop everything and get your life together, well thats what I decided to do today. I figure I'll clean my room and work on my school applications as well as some Urban Nerd business. But I guess even on my Day off I'm really not off cause I'm still working. Hey no rest for the weary, we only sleep on December the 32nd. On a sidenote I hate filling out these damn school applications and writing essays ughhh... Anywho I hope you guys enjoy your day I think I'mma go check my guy Versatile out at the studio finally and then Im headed to Sub T tonight for a performance. Hopefully I don't go to the crib and fall asleep. Throwback pic I love this pic...by the way cause I definitely was grinding back then.

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