Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Letter

Anywho me and my g, daykeeper were talking last nite via instant messenger about your poets favorite subject, love. Shit got real interesting to say the least and before I knew it this is what transpired. ( By the way I lent my pen to this to and tagged in on a couple of lines.. couldnt resist) You may wanna grab your thesaurus and get your read on.

I, her heart, being of unsound mind and broken body do hereby bequeath my contents to the one who's left me bleeding/ all of my worldly possessions/ altruistic acts and good intentions/ are to be left at the feet of the one I intended/ to rock me lovingly/ for eternity/ his ownership of me natural/ my purpose to make his life complete/ his purpose to protect me/ but he's gone/ and my edifice has been vandalized/ by vagabondish lies wandering into his psyche and tagging his mental with graffitti/ colors not of my set and words belonging to another territory/ one with/ locks and prison bars fashioned out of insecurity/ one with balls and chains inscribed with the statement "the baby now please me"/ I am the greener pasture/ the suburb which guarantees drama free living/ he lives here/ and yet he does not think he's earned the right to stay/

how could he when he's been preconditioned to grassless plains and crudy streets..so in my newness lies questionability of the unknown/ hed much rather fall back and let the net of safety fixed from previous affairs catch him and rock him in his contentment/because for the first time his stunt went awry/ and the fans paused/ gasping breathes as they layed eyes to unheard of gestures/ intamacy met with I love yous and babe/ kisses goodbye/ lips locking souls tangling in a progress of romantic bliss/ stuntman to scarred to take the risk/

which is a shame/ cuz for all the songs in the world I haven't heard one sweeter than his name/ more popular that his eyes melodically capturing my gaze/ we harmonize with no notes/ but present, also, are violent chords/ that form nooses that are anchored to trees and he slowly and methodically/ picked one leaned a ladder up to the bark slid his neck into the chosen hole and jumped/ and with a snap that held many degrees of finality/ he hung us/ and, I simply cannot survive without him/ so I lay down and compose this/ give him all of me even though he killed it/ hoping that what he couldn't appreciate in a life/ he can appreciate in the space that lies beyond it./ Sincerely, Her Heart.

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