Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Stick Up Man

Ladies and Gentleman wow...yes yes the kid has been affected by the stick up man and at work on top of that. Allow me to explain. I worked (notice the ed) at the Verizon on 96th and Cicero. This was not a corporate store though so no beef with Verizon here. It was owned by a smaller communications company that resides in the state of KKK(know your history). So anyway Im at work chillin like usual on instant messenger on my phone. The store had been dead most the day and at the time it was only one lady in there and my coworker was helping her. I look up and notice a cat dressed wierd approaching the door and I look over to signal my cowoker thinking in my mind why is this dude...ohhh we finna get robbed. Sure enough in that second the dirt bag ( shoutouts to Oaklawn Police for bringing the phrase dirt bag back)walks in toating his pistol like you get over there. So I politely slid my ass out the chair and followed instructions. Lowkey I personally didnt care what he took as long as he aint take none of my shit. He made my coworker pop the register open, cleaned it out and made me my coworker and the customer all get in the back room before he fled. So after we hear the door slam we come out the back room and look out the door and notice a guy in what looks like the exact same ish the stick up man had on riding on a bike. I of course thought man I know a clown on a bike didnt come in here baring arms at me. Ya girl ended up callin the Boys, who five minutes later swept on the store and made all of us get in the squad car. Oaklawn Police be thirsty for action cause the squad car took us down the street to where they had the guy on the bike heemed up, like five cars surrounding him. (Insert typical racist bullshit ...noww) So one of the officers comes over to the squad car and ask us, is that him. Without hesitation the two pink people in the car with me, my coworker and the customer of course, yell out noo the guy was black that cant be him, he's white...... So I'm thinking how the hell yall know he was black, he had everything covered up and yall aint even get a good look at him...racism I swear. Then i look at the guy they hemmed up and I'm like that guy has a house arrest bracelet on. The Boys say to me yes he does which is why we're asking you guys if your sure thats not him, cause he's a real dirt bag and has a rap sheet thats mighty long. So they ended up containing him anyways and driving us back to the store where they took statements and did all that other CSI shit. Times is hard out here so the stick up man is definitely gonna be making frequent trips to a retail store near you. I just hope that if you work anywhere where the public comes and goes on a daily bases that the proper security measures are being taken for your safety, i.e cameras security guards, shit like that, in which my store had niether of. Yes yes how a store with a dumbass plasma on the wall and thousands of dollars worth of high tech equipment in its inventory had no security baffles me. Hell Mcdonald's employees are safer and they only got bread meat and cheese in they inventory...damn shame. So of course my pro righteous ass took a stance and they pretty much told my ass that they doubt anything security wise will change...letter of resignation only gonna pull a pistol on ya girl Isis once lol. Its gonna take someone getting hurt for them to stop being cheap...won't be me. Oh and to all the stick up men and woman out there learn from the cat that robbed my store, you can get what you want accomplished without going Samuel L Jackson on mofos just try a little tenderness and stick to taking shit from the store and not the people in it. Oh and be on the look out for the stick up man coming to a store near you...It's a recession everybody broke.....shakes head. ( Ya girl is glad to be alive and still blogging.)

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