Saturday, May 30, 2009

Candi Corner

I know its Saturday and I'm a day late with this but I got detained yesterday and was unable to post. Anywho as usual another week in the books. I was at the Buddha last nite and it actually cracked. I have never seen a line to go into the Buddha. That just goes to show you how people come out when shit is free.I don't really have to much to say so I'mma just get to the meat and say to hell with the potatoes. Oh if any of you has twitter follow me... isissosnewty...
Anywho the Candy of the week. I was thoroughly shocked to taste this and what shocked me even more than it's taste was the fact that it is an all natural fruit snack. These sale for about a dollar at Whole Foods and come in all kinds of flavors. Again people all Natural, none of the stuff that regular candy has that harms our bodies. I was made a believer you guys need to go try it.

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